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September 2016 Horoscopes



It might feel like the world is rocking and shaking all around you, but this only the cosmos “re- arranging the furniture” - setting the scene for the next act in your life. Many, many changes happening this month - and you’ll see the effects in future months too. Jupiter makes a major move (this only happens once a year) into Libra on the 9th. This is your 7th House of love. So, for singles this is announcing a major (and serious) relationship in the coming year. For those already in a serious relationship, it shows new friends and a more active social life. (The month ahead is unusually social as well as the Sun enters your 7th House on the 22nd.) There are two eclipses this month too. This is causing all the apparent havoc. The Solar Eclipse on the 1st (and you’ve been feeling it late last month as well) occurs in your 6th House bringing changes in your health regime and at the job. Children and children figures should be kept out of harm’s way this period. They are having personal dramas - perhaps a re- definition of their personalities and image. Sometimes it shows a detox of the body. This eclipse is strong on you personally too - as Mars is affected. Take a nice easy schedule that period. Mars has been “out of bounds” since August 9 and for the rest of the month ahead. So you’re in unknown territory these days - outside your normal sphere and this can be stressful. Since this eclipse impacts Saturn there are career changes also happening. There can be dramas with parents or parent figures too. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th also brings dramas with parent or parent figures - and with family in general. The changes will work out well over time.



Two eclipses this month shake up the status quo - always uncomfortable for a Taurus. But sometimes its necessary. The good news is that these eclipses are relatively benign to you. (It won’t hurt to take a reduced schedule anyway.) The Solar Eclipse of the 1st occurs in your 5th House and impacts on children and children figures in your life. The family as a whole has some kind of crisis. Sometimes flaws in the home are discovered and need to be corrected. A parent or parent figure has to make some dramatic financial changes. Not such a good time to be traveling. If you must travel, schedule around this day. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th occurs in your 11th House and impacts high tech equipment - computers, satellite systems, software etc. Since the Moon rules your 3rd House the phone system is also being affected. These things will get tested and replacements are often necessary. Drive more defensively this period. The car could act up too. There can be life changing kinds of dramas in the lives of friends too. Jupiter’s move into Libra on the 9th shows a change of attitude. The party is over. You’re in the mood for work. If there have been health problems - pre-existing conditions - you should hear good news about them in the coming year. Very happy job opportunities - dream jobs - are coming to you. You will become a more productive worker and thus, worth more in the market place.



Let’s not sugar coat things. The month ahead is unusually stressful. You need to bear down and deal with all kinds of crises. You need all your energy and can’t afford to waste it on frivolities. You’re capable of a lot more than you know and the events of the month ahead will show you. First of all, there are many planets in stressful alignment with you until the 22nd. Add to this two eclipses that seem strong on you. Handle each thing as it comes. Stay in the present moment and don’t project into the future. You will get through. Take a reduced schedule until the 22nd but especially around the eclipse periods. Spend more time in health spas or schedule more massages. The Solar Eclipse of the 1st occurs in your 4th House of home and family bringing dramas in the family. Sometimes unexpected repairs are needed in the home. Since Mars and Saturn are affected here, there can be dreams of death or psychological encounters with it. (Generally, it is not physical death - just encounters.) There are dramas in the lives of friends and siblings or sibling figures. Cars, communication equipment, computers, software, and high tech gadgets seem very temperamental - perhaps repairs or replacements are needed. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th is also strong and brings financial changes - a course correction in your financial life. There is good news here too. On the 9th, Jupiter moves into Libra - a very harmonious aspect for you. It will bring pleasure, fun, more personal creativity, and opportunities for love affairs. Getting through the month with health and sanity intact should be considered a success.



The two eclipses - the main headline of the month ahead - are relatively benign for you. Dramatic changes are happening in your life, but they will be for the better. The Solar Eclipse of the 1st happens in your 3rd House and will affect siblings, sibling figures, and neighbors. There are dramas in their lives. Sometimes there are disruptions in your neighborhood - new construction and things of this nature. Students are likely to change schools or educational plans. Every Solar Eclipse affects your finances - you get two every year - and this one is no different. Time to make some course corrections. The financial events that happen are “love messages” from the cosmos to that effect. Mars and Saturn are impacted by this eclipse but this seems to impact more on your beloved, bosses, and parents - not so much you. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th occurs in your 9th House. Not so good to be traveling this period - if you must, schedule around it. While the last eclipse affected students below the college level, this one effect college level students. There are changes of educational plans. Every Lunar Eclipse forces a re-definition of your image, personality, and self concept - this one is no different. This is actually a healthy thing. We need to do this periodically. So, in coming months you will dress differently, change your hair style, and look - your presentation to the outer world. Jupiter will make a major move into your 4th House on the 9th. He will be there for the next year. This often brings a move or renovation of the current home. It expands the family circle - usually through birth or marriage. There is the fortunate purchase or sale of a home.



Financial goals have more or less been achieved. You’re on the road to prosperity and you can turn your attention to other things. Jupiter moves out of your money house on the 9th (where he’s been for a year) and into your 3rd House. This is a period for mental and intellectual development. A wonderful period for students below the college level. There should be success in their studies and perhaps even honors in the coming year. (Jupiter will be in your 3rd House for the next 12 months.) This a great year for teachers, writers, journalists, and sales people. If you have expertise in a subject, this is a good year to give lectures or seminars on it. We have two eclipses this month, so there is tumult and disturbances happening. The Solar Eclipse of the 1st occurs in your money house and signals important financial changes. Course corrections in strategy and planning. It impacts the job situation and perhaps health - you need to make long term changes to your health regime. Every Solar Eclipse is powerful on you as the Sun is your ruling planet. So take it easy this period. This is a time to once again (it happens twice a year) to update your personality, image, and self concept. You’re going to be presenting a “new you” in the coming months. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th occurs in your 8th House and seems more benign. This can bring encounters with death (generally on the psychological level) or dreams of it. It shows that your spouse or partner also needs a financial course correction.



A stressful and hectic month, but a very prosperous one. Jupiter moves into your money house on the 9th and will be there for a whole year. On the 22nd, the Sun will move in there too. You enter a yearly financial peak. The main issue for you are the two eclipses - both of which are strong. You need to create a relaxed schedule those periods. The Solar Eclipse of the 1st (the month starts off with a bang) occurs in your own sign. Thus, there is a need to re-think your personality and self concept. This is a healthy thing to do every now and then, but here the eclipse forces the issue. Either you define yourself for yourself (always best) or others will define you - and this isn’t so pleasant. This eclipse impacts Mars, the Lord of your 8th House - another message to lay low this period. It can bring dramatic financial changes for your spouse, partner, or current love. It can bring encounters with the dark angel - dreams of death and the like. Children and children figures also seem affected, so keep them out of harm’s way as much as possible. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th is also stressful on you as it is your opposite sign. This will test the current relationship and friendships. Good relationships will survive. Flawed ones are in trouble. Computer equipment, high tech gadgetry, software etc. are likely to get tested this period too. Make sure important files are backed up.



Two eclipses this month cause much disturbance, shakeups, and inconvenience, but they should be seen as the cosmos’ way of “clearing the decks” for your happiness and success. In order for the good things that are scheduled to happen, blockages and obstructions need to be cleared out. This is the function of an eclipse. The cosmic wrecking crews tear down the old and effete. Jupiter will enter your sign on the 9th and this will usher in a multi year cycle of prosperity and happiness. The Solar Eclipse of the 1st occurs in your 12th House of spirituality and brings important changes to your spiritual life - changes in teaching, teachers, and approaches. Generally, this happens because of new revelation. (There is more revelation happening from the 25th to the 27th as your spiritual planet travels with Jupiter.) There are shakeups in spiritual or charitable organizations you’re involved with too. This eclipse impacts the love life. A current relationship gets tested. Perhaps there are dramas in the life of the beloved. Your Love Planet is “out of bounds” all month - you’re in unfamiliar territory in love (psychologically or physically) and this can stress things out. The family seems all abuzz too. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th occurs in your 6th House and signals job and career changes. This can be within your present situation or with a new one. Health is good this month, but take it easy during the eclipse periods. You’re entering a period of personal pleasure and indulgence, so watch the weight more.



Every problem you face - whether it be financial, romantic, or health - is never what it seems. At its root the issue is always spiritual and theological. This lesson is going to be driven home in the coming year as Jupiter moves into your 12th House on the 9th. All the solutions you need are there - if you know where to look. And this will be shown. The month ahead is very spiritual and so is the coming year. Two eclipses this month - the major headline of the month - shake up the world but leave you relatively unscathed. The Solar Eclipse of the 1st, occurs in your 11th House and will test friendships and high tech equipment. Make sure your anti-hacking, anti-virus software is up to date. Friends are likely to have life changing kinds of dramas. There are dramas in the lives of bosses, elders, and parents or parent figures too. Career changes are likely and you will need a course correction here. Since Mars and Saturn are impacted by this eclipse, job changes are likely (either with your present situation) or with another one. Sometimes there is a health scare, but your health looks good. It is probably no more than that. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th occurs in your 5th House and affects children or children figures in your life. A parent or parent figure had to make dramatic financial changes. Your theology gets tested. College students make changes in educational plans. Not a good period to be traveling either. 



 This is a successful month in a successful year. Most likely career objectives - especially the short term ones - are being attained. You have less of a need to focus here. Gradually the emphasis shifts to the social side of life - to friendships, groups, and group activities. On the 9th, Jupiter - the Lord of your Horoscope - moves into your 11th House. On the 22nd, the Sun will move in there. A Solar Eclipse on the 1st occurs in your 10th House of Career and also signals career changes. A new strategy and approach is being born. In the coming year you seem to take a more group oriented, team oriented approach to business and management. Its not all “me, me, me”. This eclipse impacts both Saturn and Mars. Thus, there are financial changes - they will be good, but disruptive - happening. The eclipse forces a course correction for you. Children and children figures are impacted here too. They should stay out of harm’s way this period. Not such a good idea to be traveling either. College level students change their educational plans. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th is also strong on you. It occurs in your 4th House, so there can be family dramas or repairs in the home. It can bring near death experiences - or encounters with death - to family members or you personally. The most important thing this month is to watch your health. Many planets are in stressful alignment with you and the eclipses also stress you out. Do your best to maintain high energy levels.



Your involvement in spirituality, charity, and altruistic kinds of activities catapults you to career success this month and for the next year. Your spiritual planet, Jupiter, crosses the Midheaven on the 9th and enters your House of Career. Thus, these activities bring more honor and status than your professional achievements. There are two strong eclipses this month and much disturbance in the world. Thus, charity is very important. The Solar Eclipse of the 1st is the stronger one for you. It occurs in your 9th House - so its not such a great time to be on the road or up in the air. If you must travel, schedule around this. College level students make important changes to educational plans. There are shakeups in your place of worship. Since the Sun rules your 8th House, there will be confrontations with death - generally psychological types of confrontations. This is to help you understand it better and live better in the now. Saturn, the Lord of your Horoscope, is affected here too. Thus, the eclipse will force you to re-define yourself - how you think of yourself and how you want others to see you. Generally, this results in a “new look” - a new presentation to the world. This will happen over the next 6 months. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th occurs in your 3rd House and will test cars and communication equipment. Some might need repair or replacement. Siblings and sibling figures in your life have life changing kinds of dramas. Students (below the college level) change their educational plans. Be more patient with the beloved that period too. He or she seems more temperamental.



You’re entering a very happy kind of period in life this month, but before this happens, obstructions - psychological or physical - need to be removed. The two eclipses this month will take care of that. The Solar Eclipse of the 1st will test your current marriage or love relationship. Good ones will survive this. (These testings happen twice a year and you’ve gone through it many times). Good relationships will get even better - as the dirty laundry - the suppressions - come up and get cleansed. But the flawed ones are in trouble. This eclipse affects many areas of your chart. It occurs in the 8th House showing the important financial changes for the beloved. It can bring encounters with death - generally of a psychological nature. It will bring spiritual kinds of changes too. Saturn, your spiritual planet, is affected here. Thus, over the next 6 months, you will change your practice, teachings, or teachers. Spiritual attitudes get tested. There will be shakeups in spiritual or charitable organizations that you’re involved with. Cars and communication equipment will get tested and students below the college level, will make changes in educational plans. Sometimes they change schools. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th occurs in your money house showing a need for a financial course correction. Events will show that your thinking or strategy hasn’t been realistic. This eclipse can also bring job changes. Perhaps a health scare happens - though you seem healthy. You will need to change your health regime in dramatic ways. If you employ others, there is instability in the work force.



Two eclipses this month are felt strongly by you, so take a nice easy schedule. (There are many planets in stressful alignment with you as well). Make sure you get enough rest. Give more attention to the heart and circulation all month. Until the 22nd, give attention to the small intestine (right diet seems to be an issue). After the 22nd, give attention to the hips and kidneys - regular hip massages will be good. Also detox regimes are good after the 22nd. The Solar Eclipse of the 1st occurs in your 7th House of love and will test your current relationship or partnership. Often this happens as a result of dramas in life. But sometimes old repressions come up for cleansing. Job changes - changes in the conditions of work - are also happening. There will be long term changes to your current health regime. There are financial disruptions too. Mars, your financial planet, is impacted here. Events will happen that will force you to make the appropriate course corrections in your financial life. Computer and high tech equipment will tend to be more temperamental too. Some will have to be repaired or replaced. The Lunar Eclipse of the 16th is also strong on you. It occurs in your own sign. (Those of you born from March 11 to 17 will feel this the strongest - but all of you will feel it to some degree). A parent or parent figure has to make financial adjustments and changes. Children or children figures in your life have life changing dramas (some of these things can be good, but disruptive). Avoid speculations that period.



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