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October 2016 Horoscopes


Love is the main headline of the month. Jupiter entered your House of love on September 9 and the Sun on September 22. So you’re in one of your yearly love and social peaks. In many cases (depending on your age) you’re in a lifetime social peak. So, you’re going out more. There are more parties and weddings to attend. New and significant friendships are being made. Singles have the option for fun and games types of relationships or more serious ones. Perhaps they will do a little of both. Love and romance, for singles can happen at the usual places - parties, gatherings, places of entertainment or resorts. But it can happen in college or college functions, the place of worship or in foreign countries as well. After the 27 as Venus moves “out of bounds” you’re allured to people outside your normal circle. Mars, the Lord of your chart, has been ‘out of bounds” since August 9 and this is the case until the 30 of this month. So you’ve been personally outside your sphere - especially in pursuit of career goals - so it would be natural to make friends outside your circle. Health is basically good, though you need to be more watchful until the 23 . You will see a big improvement in overall energy from the 23 onwards. Mars travels with Pluto from the 18 to the 20 . Avoid stressful confrontations. Watch the temper. Drive more carefully those days. Some of you might be contemplating a cosmetic type surgery that period. Be more patients with friends from the 27 to the 29 th. You don’t seem in agreement. This is a short term problem.




Jupiter is now firmly established in your 6 House. Happy job opportunities are coming (and th may have already happened). If you employ others you’re expanding the work force - hiring more people. Children and children figures in your life are having a banner financial month - and they will prosper even further in the next 12 months. Health is good until the 23 but needs more watching afterwards. Good rd health for you means more than just “no symptoms” it means good social health - a healthy love life and healthy relationships. Strive to maintain harmony here. Career becomes more important after the 23 as rd the upper half of your chart becomes powerful. But Uranus (the career planet) is still retrograde so proceed cautiously. Friends seem in crisis these days. Neptune sits on an eclipse point all month. You seem to be in harmony with them, so the friendships are not threatened. On the 23 the Sun enters your rd 7 House and you begin a yearly love and social peak. You seem very popular these days too. You’re very devoted in love and the beloved feels this. Friends also feel this. You’re on their side - supportive. Be more patient with the beloved from the 18 to the 20 as he or she could be having a health issue. He or she should a more relaxed schedule that period. Finances look good this month - always important to a Taurus. Mercury moves quickly showing fastest progress and good confidence. There is a very nice payday (and opportunity) on the 11 and 12 th.




Getting through September in reasonable mental and physical shape is a major achievement. You deserve a pat on the back. The month ahead is much happier and easier. Health and energy are much improved. It still needs watching but improved. You are in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak. After last month you can use a little fun in your life. Enjoy. The love life also seems better, though singles will probably not marry. There are opportunities for love affair kinds of relationships nowadays. Love opportunities happen in the usual places this month - parties, gatherings, resorts and places of entertainment. Venus’s move into your House of love on the 16 is also helping the love life. Love is still being tested now, but less severely. There is a happy romantic opportunity on the 11 -12 . Children and children figures in your life are having an excellent month (and the year ahead also looks good). They seem prosperous, happy, enjoying themselves. The New Moon of the 1 is an excellent financial day. Also it brings clarity to issues involving children. There is much instability in the career this month - your career planet camps out on an eclipse point all month. So a lot of change is going on in your company and industry. The rules of the game are changing. The health of a friend seems an issue from the 18 to the 20 . Be more patient with friends from the 27 to the 29 . The power in your 6 House from the 23 rd onwards is good news for job seekers. There are opportunities then.




A happy month. Heaven for the Cancerien. Jupiter is in your 4 House and so are two other th planets, including the Sun. The focus is on home and family, your favorite activity. Jupiter in your 4 th House shows pleasure from the family. There is good family support. The family as a whole prospers. Many of you will work more from home too. It’s a nostalgic kind of month. You’re remembering all the good times. A good month to study history or read historical fiction. Psychology is always an important interest for you - and many Canceriens practice professionally. This is a month for psychological kinds of breakthroughs. It is also a very prosperous month. Your financial planet, the Sun, travels with Jupiter, showing increase. You’re spending more on the home and family and probably earning from this as well. After the 23 , the Financial Planet moves into Scorpio, your 5 House. This shows happy money - money rd that is earned in happy ways. It also shows someone who is enjoying his or her wealth. You’re spending on fun kinds of activities. Probably spending more on the children or children figures in your life. Health needs more watching until transit he 23 . Make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health through hip rd massage and kidney cleanses. Back Massage is also beneficial. Health and energy will improve after the 23 . You’re moving outside your normal sphere in career matters - this has been the case for a few rd months now. Parents and parent figures also seem outside their normal sphere. But this is not an especially important career month. Better to focus on the family and your emotional wellness.



Foreign lands are calling to you these days - and not just foreign lands - but really exotic ones. Avoid travel from the 18 to the 20 and from the 27 to the 29 . Your travel planet is receiving stressful aspects. If you must travel schedule around these periods. This is an excellent month for students below the college level. There is much success here. Perhaps even honors or awards. With your 3 House so rd strong - and filled with benefic planets - the mind is sharp and clear. You absorb information effortlessly. Your communication skills are better than usual - but the problem can be in overdoing a good thing. Too much talk is sometimes worse that too little. With the Lord of the Horoscope traveling near Jupiter until the 23 (in the same sign) you’re living high and enjoying yourself. Finances also seem good. Your rd Financial Planet, Mercury, moves unusually fast this month. This shows someone who covers a lot of territory - someone with good financial confidence. Faith is important in financial matters. Some have said that “faith is one’s fortune”. This also shows that earnings - and financial opportunity - can come in many ways and through many people. There is a very nice payday on the 11 and 12 as Mercury travels with Jupiter. There is luck in speculations too. Health is good, but after the 23 try to get more rest. When rd energy is low pre-existing conditions can act up. Also one becomes more susceptible to opportunistic invasion. You and the beloved seem distant until the 23 . You have opposite perspectives on things. If rd you can bridge your differences, love should go well.




If you’re reading this you got through the past month. Congratulations! The month ahead is much easier. Also very prosperous. Jupiter is now in your money house for the next 11 or so months. The Sun in the money house (and Mercury too) adds to the financial power. You’re in one of your best earning periods of your year. There is excellent family support this month. Family connections are playing a huge role in finance. Perhaps more important than any of these is you super financial intuition. Mercury’s move through the money house (from the 7 to the 25 - most of the month) shows personal focus. You’re paying attention. Your good career reputation brings extra earnings. A pay raise - overt or covert - can also happen. Love needs more effort this month. A huge gulf separates you and the current love. Its not easy to bridge the differences - you’re seeing things from opposite perspectives and have opposite viewpoints - but it can be done. In astrology the most opposite is the natural marriage partner. But, as we mentioned, the differences have to be bridged and perhaps even appreciated. Singles don’t seem much interested in romance this month. Finance seems more important. The love life will improve after the 25 th as Mercury moves into harmonious alignment with your Love Planet. There’s another complication in love too - the partner doesn’t seem up to snuff. He or she is dealing with various personal crises. Your Love Planet camps out on an eclipse point all month. Take a more relaxed schedule from the 18 to the 20 and from the 27 to the 29 .



Basically a happy month with a few challenges thrown in just to keep things interesting. The cosmos doesn’t want you bored. Jupiter is now firmly established in your 1 house for the long term (another 11 to 12 months). The Sun and Mercury are also moving through there this month. So you are in one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. You’re living high - eating the fine foods, drinking the fine wines, perhaps traveling - enjoying the pleasures of the senses. Libras of childbearing age are unusually fertile these days. If you’re not careful you can put on the pounds too. On the other hand it is a great month to get your body and image where you want it to be. The month ahead is also prosperous. Finance is a big issue for you. You’re focused here. Venus is in your money house until the 18 - a good th sign. She is the Lord of the Horoscope and always friendly. It shows good fortune in financial affairs. It shows that you’re spending on yourself - investing in yourself - cultivating an image of wealth. The spouse, partner or current love seems financially supportive too. If you have good ideas its good time to approach outside investors to your projects. Good to make, pay down or refinance debt - according to your need. On the 23 the Sun enters your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. You have rd the support of friends. The financial intuition seems excellent. Online activities bring earnings. Love is good this month and will improve further after the 23 . Looks like there is heavy construction or repairs rd going on in your home. Be more patient with family members.



Basically a happy and successful month. Health is good. There are no long term planets stressing you. You can enhance it further through detox, spine, knee and back massage. Your Health Planet, Mars, has been “out of bounds” since early August and is still “out of bounds” until the 30 . This th would show that in health matters you’re going outside your normal sphere - exploring new therapies and perhaps therapists. Another way to read this - and equally correct - is that your job or job search - is taking you into unknown territory - outside your normal sphere. The month ahead is a spiritual type month. Spiritual breakthroughs are not only good in their own right - they change our perspective on life - but will enhance your bottom line. You seem more generous this month (and this will be the case for the next year as well). You’re giving to charities and causes. The financial intuition is very strong - and this is the short cut to wealth. Financial guidance comes to you in dreams or through psychics, astrologers, spiritual channels or minister types. The Divine is intimately concerned with your finances and wants you to be rich. You just have to do things ITS way and not your own. On the 23 the Sun crosses your rd Ascendant and enters your 1 House. Happy career opportunities come. You look and feel successful. st Your main mission from the 23 onwards is to get your body and image in right shape - the way you want rd it to be.




Health and energy are MUCH improved over last month. You got through it and that’s the important thing. Health should further improve after the 7 as Mercury moves away from his stressful alignment with you. The love life seems much happier too. Venus moves into your sign on the 18 giving grace, glamour and beauty to the image. You’ve been much too stern of late and Venus will lighten you up. On the 11 and 12 Mercury, your Love Planet, will travel with Jupiter. This brings happy romantic opportunity for singles. If you’re in a relationship there’s more harmony with the beloved. Happy social invitations come. Venus is also your Health Planet. So her move into your 1 House shows that you’re focused on health. The state of your health reflects almost instantly on your physical appearance. Just being healthy does more for your looks than hosts of potions and lotions. In general the month ahead is more social. Your 11 House is very strong all month. So there is much socializing with friends and groups - this is not necessarily romantic. Finances are also good, though perhaps you should be more cautious in financial decision making. Mars in the money house tends to rush. Speculations should be avoided. Calculated risk taking will work, casino type risk taking probably won’t. Every financial move involves some degree of risk, but you can minimize it. The family situation seems volatile this month. Neptune, your family planet, camps out on an eclipse point all month. There are dramas in the lives of family members and perhaps repairs needed in the home.



Mars in your own sign all month shows a lot of frenetic activity. This is understandable with all the career success happening. Career is happy and successful but keeps you active. Family seems supportive here, but it’s a mixed blessing. They can be overly interfering while trying to help. Your spiritual planet in the House of career shows that you’re success is as much about your charitable and altruistic activities as it is about your professional achievements. Many of you would gravitate to a career in a non-profit kind of organization (and this has been the case for more than a year). Perhaps non-profits are involved in your career in some way. For those of you on the spiritual path (and many are these days) this would show that your spiritual journey is the true mission and career these days. The worldly career is just a “side effect”. Mars in your own sign gives energy and courage - a fearlessness, but it can also cause you to rush - to be in a hurry. Try to avoid this as it can lead to accident or injury. Also watch the temper this month. This can lead to conflict with others. Love doesn’t seem a big issue this month. A kind of status quo situation prevails. Finances are stressful until the 23 . You just have to work harder to rd achieve your goals. Perhaps the career focus is distracting you from bottom line concerns. Also your Financial Planet is still retrograde this month. So avoid major investments or purchases as much as possible. Research these things, but act later on. Finances flow smoother after the 23rd.



There is much turbulence and insecurity in the financial life this month. Your Financial Planet, Neptune, camps out on an eclipse point all month. Changes need to happen. Your thinking and planning needs correction. The good news is that you will see big improvement after the 23 as the Sun moves rd into harmonious aspect with Neptune. Mercury traveling with Jupiter on the 11 and 12 brings luck in speculations and prosperity for children or children figures in your life. Personal creativity can have market value that period. Finances might be troubling, but your career and professional status soars this month. A very successful month. Three benefic planets move through your 10 House this month - Venus (until the 18 ) , the Sun (from the 23 onwards) and Mercury (after the 25 ). You have good family support for your career - it almost looks like a family project. Family connections are helpful. The spouse, partner or current love is also very successful this month and is supportive of the career. In general it is good to attend the right parties and gatherings - your social skills and general likeability are important career wise. (Perhaps even more important than your professional skills.) Health is good this month, but after the 23 needs more watching. There’s nothing serious to worry about, just lower energy levels. If rd you get enough rest and eat right, you should sail through the period. They say that opposites attract. This is certainly the case for you these days. The only problem is being able to bridge your differences.



You’re still very much affected by last month’s Lunar Eclipse of September 16. Neptune, your ruling planet, is sitting on this point all month. Neptune is retrograde to boot. So you know you need to change your image and appearance - to redefine yourself - but you’re not quite sure how to go about it or what needs to be done. Self esteem and self confidence could be a lot better too. Things will improve after the 23 as the Sun moves into harmonious aspect with you. It brings job opportunities - either with rd your present company or with another one. Overall health and energy improve. Your Financial Planet, Mars, has been “out of bounds” since August - and will be that way until the 30 . So you’ve been in unknown and unfamiliar financial territory of late. You’ve felt the need to “think outside the box” - to go outside your normal orbit - in the search for earnings. It seems to be working. From the 18 to the 20 Mars travels with Pluto. This should bring increased earnings. There will be opportunities to borrow or repay debt. There are opportunities to attract outside investors (they look foreign) to your projects. Health and energy are good this month, but better after the 23 than before. You can enhance the health further rd by giving attention to the kidneys and hips (until the 23 ) and to the colon, bladder and sexual organs rd afterwards. Detox regimes work well after the 23 . Love is about appreciating and bridging differences rd this month. If you can manage that, things will go well. Love seems more harmonious (more natural) after the 25 .

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  • Jennifer Borrelli: October 08, 2016

    I came across this sight on Facebook and I am a spiritual Gangster. I’m a Pisces and everything in the horoscope is on point. I’ve been going through changes for a long time and I’m trying to find my place in the world. I’m a survivor of sexual assault. I’m a old DNA case to be precise. My life has been turned upside down since then. In 2013 I found out who my rapist was and fought the judicial system for two long years.
    The full moon in September was powerful. I ended a toxic relationship, quit a job I hated, and started a new journey. These changes have left me in financial hardship but as the horoscope states things are getting better. I’m trying new things and becoming a new person. I read this blog because I was curious about what blogging is all about. I’m going to start my own blog soon. Thank You for the wonderful information. When I have enough money I’m definitely buying the Spiritual Gangster shirt and wearing it with my Timberland boots!

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