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December 2016 Horoscopes

Your 9th House is very strong this month and the urge to travel is strong. But foreign travel is not so advisable from the 19th onwards. If you must travel, try to schedule before that. Jupiter is in opposition to Uranus all month, but especially from the 19th onwards. This would show that college students are making important changes to educational plans - perhaps changing majors or schools. Your philosophical and religious beliefs will be tested too - probably from the scientific community. There is a conflict between science and faith. Career is the major headline this month, and you have a successful month ahead. The children in your life are also succeeding. Venus in your 10th House until the 7th suggests pay raises and the financial favor of authority figures in your life. Overall, the month ahead looks prosperous. From the 1st to the 3rd, Mars (the Lord of your Horoscope) makes beautiful aspects to Jupiter - suggesting financial expansion and good fortune. When your Financial Planet moves into Aquarius on the 7th, she will also make nice aspects to Jupiter. Love also seems happy - especially from the 7th onwards. The online world, groups and organizations seem the venue for romantic meetings. Friends are likely to make romantic introductions too. Where power and status are the romantic allure until the 7th, afterwards the allure is friendship. There is a need to be friends with the beloved as well as the romantic aspects. Health needs more watching after the 21st. As always make sure to get enough rest. Give the spine and knees more attention.

Basically a happy and prosperous month ahead Taurus. Enjoy. Health is good and will get even better after the 21st. If you want to enhance it further, give more attention to the spine and knees until the 7th and to the ankles and calves afterwards. Your spouse, partner or current love is prospering this year, but from the 19th onwards, faces financial instability. There is a need to make dramatic financial changes, but the changes will be good. Friends should stay out of harm's way towards the end of the month. They should take it easy on the alcohol. Your Financial Planet spends most of the month (from the 3rd onwards) in Capricorn your 9th House. This shows good financial judgement. It shows a conservative approach to finance - a long term perspective. Thus it is a good time to set up savings and investment plans - budgets and the like. Good for organizing the finances. On the 19th, Mercury will go retrograde, so try to do your Christmas shopping before then. Collect all your receipts and make sure your financial transactions are perfect in every detail. If you’re buying big items after the 19th, make sure the store has a good return policy. On the 7th, Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, crosses your Midheaven and enters your 10th House. This shows career success. People look up to you. People aspire to be like you.


Though marriage is neither in the cards, nor advisable these days, your social life is happier and more active than its been in a long time. Your personal popularity is also greater than usual. Your 7th House is strong (both quantitatively and qualitatively) and the Western, social sector of your chart is very strong. The planetary power is in its furthest distance from you - flowing towards other people - and so should you. Let others have their way, so long as it isn’t destructive. Focus more on the needs of others and your own needs will be magically taken care of - the karmic law will see to it. You’re going out of your way for others and it is appreciated, but work on showing more warmth. Mercury enters your 8th House on the 3rd and stays there the rest of the month. This gives many messages. The month ahead is more sexually active. The hormones are strong. A great month for losing weight (if you need to) or for detox and cleansing regimes. Your spouse, partner or current love is prospering (the 8th House gets even stronger after the 21st) and you seem very involved in this. The career also seems very active and hectic. Your career planet is now moving forward, giving both confidence and clarity to career matters, Mars crosses the Midheaven on the 20th and enters your 10th House. This shows a need for aggressiveness in your career. It would also show that friends are succeeding and helping you out. Good use of high tech and all the myriads of apps seems important too. Bosses can be overly demanding and in a hurry this period. On New Year’s eve Mars travels with Neptune. Friends and bosses in your life need to go easy on the alcohol.


Both your 6th and 7th Houses are strong this month. Thus you’re working harder but also socializing more. There are a lot of changes happening in the work place from the 19th onwards. Perhaps there are job changes for you or changes in the conditions of work. Your health regime will also dramatically change. If you employ others, there is great instability in the work force and probably turnover. 50% of the planets (a huge percentage) will either be in, or moving through, your 7th House this month. This shows a super-active social life. It would show mixing and relating with all kinds of different people. In general, this season tends to be more social, but for you, even more so than the rest of the world. Health needs more watching from the 21st onwards. As always its important to get enough rest. Good financial health is important until the 21st. Good social health has been important all year. If there are problems in any of these areas, physical health can be affected. Restore harmony as quickly as possible. It is also good to enhance your health by giving more attention to the kidneys, hips, ankles and calves. These latter should be regularly massaged. Career also seems more active this month. Your career planet, Mars, moves into your 9th House on the 20th. This shows career related travel. On New Year’s Eve, Mars travels with Neptune and moves over an eclipse point. There is some career drama either within your company or industry. Parents or parent figures should take a more relaxed schedule and go easy on the alcohol..


You’re right in keeping with the season. You’re in the midst of one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. It's party time. Though everyone will be partying this time of year, you will be doing it more than most. Love is happy this month - especially until the 21st. Relations with your current love are harmonious. Singles should have no problem lining up dates for the holidays. Your love planet, Uranus, is still retrograde, so go slow in love. Your tendency this month is to jump into things. You’re a love at first sight kind of person in general, but especially now. (Mars is in your 7th House until the 20 .) On the 7th, Venus moves into your 7th House - a good transit for love. It shows that a lot of your socializing is career related (office parties and the like). Look before you leap. On the 21st, the Sun enters your 6th House and you’re ready to get down to work. There’s a lot to do before year end - a lot of minutiae to handle - and this is a good time for it. It would also show neighborhood parties - socializing with neighbors. Avoid foreign travel New Year's Eve and be more careful driving. The power in your 6th House this month shows many job opportunities happening - an especially good period for job seekers. Children and children figures in your life have an outstanding financial month. Your finances are good this month too. You’re more conservative and have good financial judgement. But Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th and this will complicate things. Best to do your holiday shopping before the 19th. Leos are known for being speculators, but this month its not so advisable. Money will come the old fashioned way - through work. You will have many opportunities for overtime or other job assignments to earn money.


A family kind of month. Your 4th House is very strong until the 21st. Your 10th House of career is basically empty (only the Moon will move through there on the 12th and 13th) - career issues can be put on hold for a while. With the 4th House strong, the storehouse of memory is opened. You become more nostalgic. Looking at these memories - they don’t need to be coaxed - from your present state, will heal many traumas from the past. You will not be rewriting your past history, only “reinterpreting” it. But this makes a big difference in psychological health. Your 5th House of fun and creativity is strong all month but gets even stronger after the 21st. So there is a great focus on children or the children figures in your life. In fact, you are a bit of the child yourself. Happy, playful, full of wonder. This is a time for leisure activities - the time for work will come in due course. Now enjoy yourself. Finances are excellent this month - especially from the 7th onwards. Your Financial Planet, Venus, will start to make wonderful aspects to Jupiter. Money will come from work, online activities and family support. Mars enters your 7th House on the 20th. Love can be stormy then. Passions run high. New Year’s Eve seems especially tempestuous. Be more patient with your beloved. Try as much as possible to avoid power struggles in love. Health improves after the 21st. Until then make sure to get enough rest.


A family oriented kind of month. Your 4th House of home and family is easily the strongest in the Horoscope this month, while your 10th House of career is basically empty - only the Moon moves through there on the 14th and 15th. You’re approaching the midnight of your year. (This begins on the 21st.) Thus, the activities of night are emphasized rather than your outer objectives. Night is for dreaming, sleeping, for inner-directed activities. In sleep, the body seems quiescent, but underneath mighty and powerful processes are happening. Cells are being repaired or replaced. Energy is being built up for the next day. The subconscious is digesting the impressions of the day and building it into the body. One of the most important activities is getting into emotional wellness. At night, the storehouse of memory is opened and the soul is free to look and explore. Intuition often happens at night (and manifests during the day). So, this is a month for making psychological progress. Being with family and the holiday season will no doubt bring up a lot of old baggage. It is good to look at these things and resolve them. Health needs more watching from the 21th onwards. Foot massage and physical exercise will enhance the health. The month ahead is prosperous. Pluto, your Financial Planet, is receiving a lot of positive stimulation. Earning power is strong. You’re spending on the home and family, and earning from here as well. Love is about fun and games until the 20th. You don’t seem serious about it. Its just fun. Probably you’re attracting these kinds of partners too. After the 20th, it becomes more idealistic. You yearn for the spiritual soul mate. It can happen too. But marriage is not likely these days.


A prosperous month ahead. You’re still very much into a yearly financial peak until the 21st. Jupiter, your financial planet, is receiving wonderful aspects. But financial change is happening later in the month. Jupiter will be in exact opposition with Uranus - the planet of sudden change. You have to make course corrections in your financial life. Perhaps there are sudden expenses at home - things you didn’t plan for. There seems to be some financial disagreement with a parent or parent figure. With Uranus involved in finances, earnings can go sky high and ultra low - extremes on both sides of the equation. The good news is that your financial intuition is super. You just need to get quiet and tune in. On the 21st, your 3rd House becomes very powerful. So, this is a good time to catch on the phone calls, letters or e-mails that you owe. It is great for catching up on your reading. Students (below the college level) should have a good month. There is focus and interest in their studies. Love is close to home this month. It is in the neighborhood or school type functions. After the 7th, as Venus moves into your 4th House, there is more socializing at home and with family members. Singles can make romantic connections through family introductions and family connections. Health is good, but go easy on the alcohol New Year’s Eve. This goes for children and children figures in your life too. They seem to have some financial windfall that period.


A happy and prosperous month ahead. Christmas gifts are probably more than usual. You’re still very much in one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. So it is a sensual kind of month. A month of physical, carnal delights. Foreign travel is still likely to happen (it could have happened last month). Sometimes people don’t actually travel, but the opportunities come. For college aspirants, it seems that college is seeking them rather than the reverse. On the 21st, the Sun moves into your money House and you begin a yearly financial peak. So earnings are red hot. The money House is easily the strongest in the Horoscope this month. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there - a lot of power - a lot of energy. This shows that earnings happen in many ways and through many kinds of people. Social connections are profitable. Your current love seems supportive. Perhaps a business partnership or joint venture is happening. Investments in foreign countries or with foreign companies seem profitable. Most importantly, your financial intuition is super. The instincts, as they say, are wealth producing. There is some tension with neighbors, siblings or sibling figures this month - from the 19th onwards. You just have opposite perspectives on things. Communication and computer equipment can be more temperamental then too. Children and children figures should stay out of harm’s way on New Year’s Eve. There are a lot of fun things that can be done close to home. Your love life needs more work - more effort - from the 19th onwards. Your love planet goes retrograde. You have to work harder to bridge difference with the beloved.


A happy and prosperous month, Capricorn. Enjoy. The planetary power flows towards you and away from others. You have the support of almost all the planets (90%) for your goals. You can have things your way and have little need to seek consensus. This is the time to make the changes in conditions that irk you. Health is excellent this month. Energy is high. With 80% and sometimes 90% of the planets moving forward, achievement is quick with minimum of glitch. Career is very successful. The only issue (and you’ll feel it more later in the month - from the 19th onwards) is balancing status and prestige with earnings. The status jobs or assignments could entail financial sacrifice. Opportunities that are good for finance don’t have as much status. You have to find the opportunity that gives both. There’s another way to read this Jupiter-Uranus opposition. It could show that charitable activities are stressing the bottom line. Or, you are called to “sacrificial giving”. If you follow your financial interest, your spiritual life seems to suffer. If you follow your spiritual interests, finances seem to suffer. There is a middle point here and you’ll find it. 50% of the planets are in or moving through your 1st House this month. This is a lot of power - a lot of “oomph”. You look good. You have much self confidence and self esteem. You have what is called “force of personality” these days. You get what you want by who you are. Love doesn’t seem a major interest this month. This is probably a good thing. You seem satisfied with the status quo. There is nothing against it, but no special focus.


Mars is in your sign until the 20th. This gives energy, courage and a “can do” spirit. With Mars prominent in the Horoscope, you excel in athletics. In men, the testosterone levels rise. There is a love of combat here, which needs to be reined in. Your temper can be too quick too. But it gives a sense of independence and personal dynamism. On the 7th, Venus moves into your sign which will soften and temper some of this aggressiveness. Mars will leave your sign on the 20th and Venus will be there all month. So the month begins like a lion and ends like a dove. Venus in your sign shows good family support. Travel and travel opportunities come to you. There is grace and style to the image. With Venus in the 1st House, it is always good to shop for clothing and accessories. The choices will be good - stylish. Suitable. There is some tension with friends from the 19th to the end of the month. It will take work to bridge your differences. Computer and high tech equipment can be temperamental that period too. The month ahead is basically spiritual. Most of the power is in your 12th House. So this is a good month for spiritual practice, spiritual studies, meditation, the study of sacred scripture and for charitable activities. This is the time to seek breakthroughs in your life from within. Here lie all the answers. Mars will move into your money House on the 20th and start to travel with your Financial Planet, Neptune. There is a tendency to be risk taking under this aspect - to jump into purchases or major investments with little thought. Try to slow things down.


Basically a successful and very prosperous month. You’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak. Much progress is being made. Even your demanding bosses are impressed with your work ethic. But watch the health until the 21st. Its good to work and succeed, but make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health with thigh massage until the 21st. After the 21st, back and knee massage will be good. Health and energy will improve dramatically after the 21st. Mars moves into your sign on the 20th. Mars, is your Financial Planet. Thus, financial windfalls and opportunities are coming to you and you probably can’t even avoid it. Probably personal items - articles of clothing or accessories will also come. Your financial intuition, always strong, will get even stronger. This is a month where you spend on yourself - on your image and clothing. You invest in yourself. You adopt the image of wealth and others see you this way. Adopting the image of wealth draws financial opportunities to you. Love gets complicated after the 19th as your Love Planet, Mercury, goes retrograde. There are love opportunities - especially in organizations or groups - even online - but you need to go slow. Take a reduced schedule on New Year’s Eve. Try to celebrate close to home. There could be a short term financial disturbance then too. Certain changes need to be made - usually in strategy or planning. The spouse, partner or current love is also prospering this month and seems supportive and generous. If you have good ideas, there are investors interested.

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