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This week, we're all about staying Zen in the face of noise, distractions, and stressful situations. Spiritual Gangster is putting our modern spin on the classic form of mediation known as a centering prayer. Centering prayer blends traditional Christian meditation with Buddhist Zen teachings to achieve what is known as contemplative prayer. It places an emphasis on interior silence, that enables the participant to clear the mind and focus on internal awareness.
Centering prayer is best done upon waking, right before going to bed, or any time you need to collect yourself and center during a busy day. Active meditations help to not only calm the mind, but to calm the body, allowing you to make smarter and more in tune decisions through out the day.



 Can be done either laying flat on your back, with arms by your side, and palms raised, or sitting straight in a chair, with your feet firmly planted on the floor, and your hands resting on your knees, palms up. 


Close your eyes.


Place your right hand just below your belly button, feeling the center of your being.


Inhale deeply, filling your stomach with you breath, and exhale slowly, feeling your breath, and all the worry and pain, leave the body.


Repeat inhale, exhale 5 times.


Now imagine a soft white light emanating from the center of your being. Feel its warm and calm presence.


Imagine this white light traveling from your center to the right side of your body; let it fill you right leg, traveling down your shin, into your foot, and intro all your toes.


Let the light travel from the right side of your body to the left side, entering through the sole of your left foot, up your left leg, into your left torso, and up into your left arm.


Now imagine it is traveling across your collarbone, into your right shoulder and down your right arm, into your hand, and out your fingers.


Let the light settle back in your center. And let it travel up your torso, to the top of your head, and let it emanate into the universe.


Practice this once a day, and see your day transform; leaving you feeling light, positive and you guessed it; centered. 


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