January 2016 Horoscopes

2016 marks the year of an incredible shift....a shift in the way we relate to our environment, how we relate to each other as human beings, and most importantly, how we relate to ourselves. We have learned, through great leaps and bounds, that to create lasting relationships based on love, trust, and understanding, we must first, love, trust, and understand ourselves. It is hard to let go of old habits and old ways of protecting ourselves. But therein lies our biggest downfall; we must let go of what is no longer serving us and embrace the goodness of growth and change.  For the only way that we can live is if we grow. The only way we can grow is if we change. The only way we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way we can be exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. This new year, commit to throwing yourself into the brilliantly beautiful light of life with love, trust, and understanding. 


An active fast paced kind of month - the way you like things. With Saturn in your 9th House for the coming year, foreign travel needs more study. You need more selectivity on this issue. This is especially so after the 9th as your travel planet Jupiter starts to retrograde. For college students this means bearing down in your studies. Working harder. For every one it shows a testing of your religious and philosophical beliefs. They need to be put in right order. Some will have to go, some will get modified. The month ahead is successful. The focus is on the career as it should be. Children and children figures should take it easy and kept out of harm’s way from the 5th to the 7th. No need for them to indulge in high risk activities. Health and energy need watching until the 20th. Back, knee and thigh massage will be a good preventive to problems. An herbal liver cleanse might also be good. But most importantly maintain high energy as much as possible. This is a year for great job opportunities and the month ahead is especially good. Finances will be good this month. The problem can be over optimism and overspending. Financial judgement becomes more realistic after the 24th. Love is at the place of worship or school this month. After the 24th the office - your company - your career path - leads to love. Mercury retrogrades from the 5th to the 25th so be more careful in communication - especially with bosses and parents - authority figures.



A happy month in a happy year. Jupiter will be in your 5th House until September 9. Magically, without much need for planning or personal manipulation, you’ll find yourself having more fun in life, being more involved in leisure and play. If you’re of childbearing age, fertility is very great right now. The 5th House is the House of creativity. A living child is perhaps the greatest act of creativity there is. But personal creativity will also be strong and you’re in a good period to explore and develop it. Your 9th House is very strong this month. So many of you will be traveling - long distance travel. Those of you in college should be successful in your studies. If you’re involved in legal issues they should go well. On the 20th the Sun crosses your Midheaven and enters your House of career. So the month ahead is successful too. Family (and especially a parent or parent figure) seem supportive (a great help). Your success elevates the family as a whole. Its almost like a “family project”. The love life is much improved over last year. The 8th and 9th seems especially good romantically. But go slow in love. Let things develop naturally. There is no rush. Your Financial Planet is retrograde for most of the month - from the 5th to the 25th. Avoid major purchases or investments. Work for clarity in the financial life. It will come.



 Love is challenging this year. Existing relationships are getting tested. The cosmos is applyingthe stress test to your relationship. Its getting road tested now. The good thing about it is that flaws are more easily seen and thus more correctable. On the negative side, relationships that can’t handle the stress, will most likely end. The Lord of your chart, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 5th and your Love Planet goes retrograde on the 9th - adding more chaos to the situation. But don’t make any major decisions - one way or another - just yet. This is a time for clarity and review of the love life, not for action. Neither you not the current love are sure of what you want. Health is basically good this month. It will improve even further from the 20th onwards. Mars’s move into your 6th House on the 4th shows that you benefit from vigorous physical exercise. Good muscle tone is important healthwise. This is a month for pursuing projects of self transformation. When the 8th House is strong we grow by “letting go” - not through acquisition. We get lean and mean - emotionally, mentally and physically. Certain things in our lives need to die - problems, poverty, blockages - and this is a good month to apply the coup de grace to them. Certain things in our lives need “resurrection” and this is a time for that too.




Like last month, the love and social life is the main headline now. It basically seems happy. Sure, there are a few challenges (your Love Planet is squared by Jupiter) but you have plenty of help in dealing with the challenge.. Generally you’re cautious in love, but ever since your Love Planet (Saturn) moved into fiery Sagittarius (Christmas of 2014) you’ve been more of a risk taker. You jump into relationships more quickly. The New Moon of the 19th is going to clarify love issues as the month progresses. All the information you need for a good decision will come to you. Your Love Planet in the 6th House (for the rest of the year ahead) shows that the work place is a venue for love. It would also show an appeal for people in the healing professions or with people involved in your health. A visit to the doctor or health professional’s office can become much more than that. Job applicants are as much interested the social opportunities as they are in the job itself. Many of you would take less money for a job with better social atmosphere. Your career planet moves into your 5th House on the 4th. This would show that the children or children figures in your life are your mission this month. Jupiter will be in your 3rd House until September 9. Students below the college level are succeeding in school.



Speculations were much more favorable last year (early in the year) than this year. You’re prospering, but no need to be reckless or speculative. If you do gamble, it is the well thought out, well hedged risk that pays off - not the wild casino type risk. This month especially is not good for speculations. Your Financial Planet, Mercury, is retrograde most of the month - from the 5th to the 25th. Financial judgement is not up to par right now. It’s a time for review and for resolving doubts - for gaining clarity on the direction of your finances. Financial judgement improves after the 25th. Love is challenging until the 20th. You seem in conflict with the beloved. Singles seem out of synch with the opposite sex. This is because, what you’re finding now is not right for you. Love will improve very dramatically from the 20th onwards. The social life heats up. There are more parties, gatherings and social invitations. You’re much more popular as well. You go the extra mile for your friends. You devote yourself to the current love. You’re there for them. Self esteem is a wonderful thing, but too much of that can hamper the love life. It is good to be “distant” from yourself this month. It makes you much more likeable. Health needs more watching from the 20th onwards.




A happy month in a happy year. Even Saturn’s adverse aspect to you will have little effect right now. Enjoy your life. Let go. Have fun. Drop the worries and cares. Take a vacation from problems. You’ll have the wherewithal to enjoy life - have no fear of that. When its time to get serious - from the 20th onwards - you’ll be refreshed and ready for work. Love is challenging this month. The problems aren’t yours. The beloved seems stressed and this is causing issues. The retrograde of Mercury, your Lord, isn’t helping matters. He or she feels you’re confused. Health is reasonable this month, but will need more watching in the year ahead. The good news is that your 6th House becomes powerful from the 20th onwards and you won’t be ignoring things. Scalp and face massage and cranial sacral manipulation are excellent therapies - this month and for the rest of the year ahead. From the 20th onwards you can also give more attention to the heart. Your Financial Planet has her “solstice” from the 25th to the 30th. Venus pauses and then changes direction. And so should you in your financial life. Before she pauses, Venus will be in your 4th House. This shows spending on the home and family and earning from this as well. You are supportive of the family and vice versa. Overspending can be a problem until the 24th.



The love life has been good - though unstable - the past month. Love pursued you rather than the other way around. On the 4th, your Love Planet moves into your money house and this gives many messages. The current love interest is now active in your financial affairs - very supportive. This can also bring partnership or joint ventures. Your social connections in general - friends - seem financially supportive and provide opportunity. Those who are unattached can find romantic opportunity as they pursue their financial goals or with people involved in the finances. Lovewise, wealth is a turn on these days. The good provider, the one who can help you achieve financial goals seems most alluring. The month ahead is prosperous. Your Financial Planet is receiving much positive stimulation. Health needs more watching until the 20th. Overall health is good, this is a short term issue caused by the transits. Enhance the health by maintaining high energy levels, through foot massage and through spiritual healing techniques. Power in your 4th House until the 20th (and even beyond) shows a need to attain emotional wellness. When this happens many other issues will fall into place. Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, pauses in the heavens this month and then changes direction (in her latitudinal movement). This signifies the same for you - a pause in your affairs and a change of direction. This occurs from the 25th to the 30th.



Mars moves into your sign on the 4th and spends the rest of the month there. This has good points and a few difficult ones. On the one hand it gives more physical energy, courage and a “can do” spirit. You make rapid progress towards your goals. Things get done quickly. You excel in sports and exercise (at your personal best). It shows a good focus on health, which becomes important after the 20th. Job seekers don’t need to do much to get work - the opportunities come. Just go about your business and it will come to you. The same is true for those of you who hire others. Job applicants will come to you. Mars in your sign often makes for rush and impatience. Be careful of this. It can lead to accident or injury. Also, though you might not realize it, you can be seen as overly aggressive by others. This can lead to conflicts. The month ahead is prosperous - much more so before the 20th than afterwards. The Sun’s trineto your financial planet on the 13th and 14th brings a nice payday. On the 5th and 6th there is career success. Love doesn’t seem a major interest this month. Your 7th House is basically empty (only the Moon moves through there on the 17th and 18th). However, love opportunities come as you pursue your financial goals or with people involved in your finances. Material wealth is definitely a romantic turn on. Your social connections are important financially and Venus in the money house (until the 24th) shows opportunities for partnerships and joint ventures.



Saturn was in your sign most of last year and will be there for the year ahead. It is great financially, but can make you seem too cold and businesslike to others. As we have mentioned in previous months, the need is to lighten up and project more love and warmth to others. Happily this is happening this month, with little effort on your part. Venus, the planet of love and grace, is in your sign until the 24th. People feel your love and warmth with little effort on your part. It helps the love and social life. Since Venus rules your 5th House it shows an element of playfulness and good humor - something you’ve been lacking of late. Personal popularity should increase this month. In love there are other complications. Your Love Planet spends most of the month in retrograde motion - from the 5th to the 25th. So love opportunities need more study. Time will resolve the love situation. Finances are super this month. People see you as a “money person”. You dress the part. Your money house is powerful until the 20th. So you’re in a period of peak earnings. Venus’ move into the money house on the 24th brings luck in speculations. Children and children figures are prospering and motivating you to greater income.



A very happy and prosperous month. You look good. Health and energy are good. There is a lot of sex appeal - sexual magnetism - to the image. You feel this and others see you this way. Love doesn’t seem a major priority this month, but there is much appeal to the opposite sex. Your lack of interest is the major issue. Often when we see this, it shows that you’re satisfied with the status quo and have no need to make dramatic changes. Jupiter in Virgo (since August of 2015) is making fabulous aspects to you. It shows a more optimistic attitude to life. Lucky things happening to you. It shows more travel this year (and this month too). It also shows much spiritual growth - an important interest this year. The intuition is excellent - though after the 9th it needs more verification. Jupiter, your spiritual planet, starts to retrograde. Your spiritual growth involves some sacrifice of personal desires and you must be willing to make them. On the 20th the Sun moves into the money house and you enter a period of peak earnings. Earnings are bit slower until the 20th. There are more challenges and conflicts involved. But these will resolve after the 20th. The Sun in your money house shows that taxes are influencing many a financial decision. In other cases, estate issues are important. Money can come from tax refunds, insurance claims or the largesse of the current love.




Ever since Saturn moved into Sagittarius (Christmas of 2014) you’ve been attracting spiritual kinds of friends. These may have conflicted with your regular friends. The values are very different. But these friends are helping you on your spiritual path and you’ll see this in the month ahead. A very spiritual type month. Your spiritual practice and understanding will resolve love, financial and family issues. Until the 20th love and love opportunity is at spiritual type settings and events - at the medication seminar or spiritual lecture, or charity events. When the Love Planet is in the 12th House it shows a need to surrender the love life to the Divine. This, if done sincerely, will straighten out the most knotty and complicated situation. Love becomes very happy from the 20th onward as your Love Planet crosses the Ascendant and enters your 1st House. Social and romantic opportunities will seek you out. You get to have love on your terms. It is also a wonderful transit for the physical appearance. You shine. You have star quality. You have a sense of style and grace. You become like a “love magnet” drawing it to yourself easily and effortlessly. It will also improve your sense of self esteem and self confidence (this is stressful until the 20th). There are happy love opportunities even before the 20th - the 13th and 14th look especially good. A business oriented party on the 5th or 6th (or gathering) also brings love opportunity.



Ever since Jupiter moved into your 7th House (August 11) the love and social life has been active and happy. Jupiter will in your House of love until September 9. Many a Pisces will marry or be involved in a relationship that is “like a marriage” - something serious and committed. But life never moves in a straight line. There are always twists, turns and bends on the road. And this is so in love this month. Jupiter will go retrograde on the 9th and Mercury, your Love Planet, will be retrograde from the 5th to the 25th. So love is more complicated. There is more indecision in a current relationship. New relationshipsrequire time to gain clarity. There is a sense of “uncertainty” and “doubt” about love. Only time and events will clarify this. Your social grace has been important in your career since August 11. And this is even more true this month as Venus is in your 10th House until the 24th. So attend the right parties and gatherings. If possible host them too. Your ability matters - for sure - Saturn is in your 10th House. But like ability is perhaps equally important. Your Financial Planet moves into your 9th House, the sign of Scorpio, on the 4th and spends the rest of the month there. This is a nice financial aspect for you. There should be prosperity - and happy prosperity. The 9th House is considered a “good luck” House. It show expansion of earnings and more earnings opportunities.



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