Into the Mystic: Bali Adventures with The Whole Tara

 Travel blogger The Whole Tara took us along on her magical Bali adventure. In a land of sacred temples, lush rice paddies, incense-scented villages, and some of the warmest people on earth, Tara traveled along the coast line to find true Balinese magic. Spending days nestled in a jungle villa, exploring the fresh produce of the island, and embracing the beautiful and simple way of life, Tara took us along for her journey. 

Tara:  One of my biggest lessons yet? Whatever is meant to be will always find its way. Always. You must let life take you where you need to go and surrender to the adventure. ( Tara in our Indian Hamsa Coachella tank ). 


Whatever you do, wherever you go, be in love. Being in love doesn’t have to mean with a person, but more so with life. Be in love with every single thing you do. Love is an attitude. Embrace it. ( Featuring our Whatever You Do Racerback tank and Lotus Pattern Harem Sweatpant ). 

One of my favorite memory from my trip was wandering around Ubud in Bali to some of the best vegan cafes in the world. This was a spirulina breakfast bowl and dragonfruit smoothie at Alchemy. You never know where a wandering soul will take you.


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