We are entering into a quietly powerful time of the year. A time where every thought has incredible influence and power. November marks the end of the harvest season, and the beginning of the winter season. It is a time to turn inward, to your true purpose and calling. Turn inward to your own energy, instead of focusing outside of yourself and allowing the energies of others to negatively affect you. By staying quite, by being alone and cultivating loving yourself, you will be able to make decisions from the heart, not from the head. 
Things continue to move forward in the world and in your life. The planetary momentum is forward. 90% of the planets will be moving forward from the 18th onwards - an unusually high percentage. The planetary power is “distant” from you this month. It moves towards others and away from you. The message here is to take a vacation from yourself and your personal desires and give more attention to others. The love life is active and happy this month. There is more than usual sexual activity. You are definitely more popular than usual. You go out of your way for others and others appreciate this. Your social grace is not only a factor in love but also in your finances (especially after the 8th). Your ability to get on with others, your personal likeability, is ultra important in earnings. Prosperity should be good this month, but there are some bumps on the road. Venus squares Pluto from the 19th to the 21st - this can bring financial disagreements with the spouse or business partners. Venus opposes Uranus from the 22nd to the 24th bringing surprising financial changes and developments. Health is basically good and you’re focused here. Try not to magnify small things into big things. You might be exaggerating problems.

Health needs more watching until the 23rd. The good news is that you’re on the case, focused here. Thus you’re likely to get through without major problems. If you feel under the weather see a spiritual type healer. You respond well to these methods. Love is still the main headline this month. Your 7th House is still strong and your Love Planet receives nice aspects. You might have to work harder on a current relationship from the 8th onwards. There are some personal disagreements (especially from the 19th to the 21st ) but these are short term problems. Compromise and don’t make matters worse than they need to be. Taureans tend to be hoarders. They like to accumulate, accumulate, accumulate. More is always better. But come the 23rd as your 8th House becomes powerful, you need a different approach. Let go, cut the clutter, get rid of what you don’t need or use. Sell them or give them to charity. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. And you’ll be amazed to learn that you didn’t lose anything. New and better things will start coming to you. Now that Saturn is in your 8th House for the long haul (the next two years) the spouse, partner or current love needs to re-organize the finances - get financially healthier. Generally this brings a “feeling of lack” - but in spite of this feeling the partner is prospering - especially from the 23rd onwards. He or she is learning to build “long term”, stable wealth.



Health still needs watching this month. There’s a lot of action and change going on in your life - especially at home, so be sure to schedule more rest periods. More massages and more time in a health spa would also be wonderful. Review our discussion of health last month. Love is happier this month. But serious committed relationships are still not advisable. You’re much more socially active than usual and this is good. But commitment can wait. Enjoy your relationships for what they are without projecting too much on to them. Things are home seem calmer than last month - especially after the 22nd. The power in your 6th House until the 23rd is also a good thing. It shows that you’re focused on health - giving it the attention it deserves. This will go a long way in preventing serious problems. It would be much more dangerous if you were ignoring things. The fact that you’re very “other oriented” this month, doesn’t necessarily make you a saint. Its just the cycle you’re in right now. This devotion to others is appreciated by them and gives popularity. You’re a good friend to have these days. The career is starting to become more successful. Until the 23rd your career planet receives good aspects. And, on the 18th it starts to move forward after many months of retrograde motion. You have clarity and direction now.




This is a fun kind of month. Enjoy. Foreign lands call to you and travel is good from the 18th to the 23rd . Your travel planet, Neptune starts moving forward on the 18th. Issues involving higher education, post graduate studies and legal matters become clear. Your Financial Planet spends most of the month (until the 23rd ) in your 5th House of children, fun and creativity. This gives many messages. There is luck in speculations. You spend more on the children or children figures in your life - but they are also financially supportive of you. You’re earning in happy and creative ways. Your personal creativity is more marketable. You spend on fun kinds of activities - you’re enjoying the wealth that you have. There is a feeling of “tightness” on the 29th and 30th - perhaps an added expense - but it is short term. Health still needs watching. 4 and sometimes 5 planets are in stressful alignment with you. But you seem on the case. You’re focused on health and this is good. Ignoring things would be the major problem. Mars’ move into your 4th House on the 12th shows that your mission is your family this month. But it would also show that you’re pursuing the career from home.



 Health and energy have been super ever since Saturn moved out of Scorpio in September. But the Sun moved into Scorpio - in adverse aspect to you - October 23 and is still there until the 23rd of this month. Mercury will also be in Scorpio from the 2nd to the 20th. This is nothing to be overly concerned about - you’ve dealt with this many, many times in your life -but its good to understand. Health and energy are not up to their usual levels. If there have been pre-existing conditions, they seem to act up more. But all of this is short term. By the 23rd health and energy are back at good levels. This is not an especially strong career month. The month ahead is about home, family and emotional wellness. This is where the cosmic energy is focused. You’re gathering the forces for a career push next year. We could say you’re in “career preparation” now. On the 23rd the Sun moves into Sagittarius, your 5th House, and its party time. Leos don’t need instruction about how to do this. If its fun (and non-destructive), if it makes you thrill to your core, that’s what you should be doing. Curiously, this fun period will bring happy job opportunities to you. If you’re already employed, you’re enjoying your work more. Its more fun. You’ll be feeling very speculative after the 23rd, but try to rein it in - not an especially good time for speculations.




Venus has been in your sign since October 8 and is there until the 8th of this month. This adds beauty to the body and image. There is more glamor to your image (and also money). So you’ve been attractive to the opposite sex, but love could have been better. Many planets in your sign (including Mars) have made you self willed and overly independent and this can stress relationships. Love should start improving this month. Your Love Planet starts moving forward on the 18th. Mars leaves your sign on the 12th. You should be easier to get along with. Most importantly the social judgement is much improved and you have more clarity about love - a more realistic perspective. Prosperity was strong last month and continues to be strong now. Your Financial Planet moves into the money house on the 8th where she is very strong on your behalf. Mars moves in on the 12th, bringing financial support from the spouse, partner or current love. Like last month it is good to pay down debt or refinance it at more favorable terms. The health needs more watching from the 23rd onwards. Scalp and face massage will be powerful. Heat oriented therapies likewise.




Another happy month. Your two Love Planets, Mars and Venus, are traveling together this month. This would show a love relationship. Someone is pursuing you. This is a month where you have your way in love. If you’re attached, the spouse, partner or current love is very devoted to you and putting your needs above his or her own. If you are single love is coming to you from the 12th onwards. With Uranus in your 7th House (and in opposition to these planets) there will be many ups, downs, twists and turns in the relationship. But it seems to survive the month. The beloved is really trying hard. The Sun is still in the money house so you’re still in a period of peak earnings until the 23rd. Only this month - from the 8th onwards - you have to work harder for them than last month. You and the current love seem out of synch with the money people in your life. There is still great support from family and a parent or parent figure. A great month to buy those new outfits and accessories. Your choices will be good. (Libra always makes good choices, but only after long - and often maddening - deliberations.) Mars in your sign gives energy and sex appeal but can make you rushed - in a hurry. This can lead to accidents or injury. Make haste, as the sages say, slowly.




Saturn moved back into your money house on September 18 and will now be there for the next two years. It is a difficult financial aspect, but ultimately very good. We should never confuse “pleasantness” with “good” - its two different things. There’s a need to re-order the financial life and especially the financial thinking. If you’ve been responsible in your financial dealings, Saturn will make you even richer. If you’ve been irresponsible....well, let’s just say that the bills come due now. It can be quite traumatic. Saturn in the money house can make a person feel tight, even when there is prosperity, Usually this is because the person needs to take on extra responsibilities. This month - especially from the 23rd onwards, you might feel tight, but there is prosperity. That is the actual situation. There can be pay raises (overt or covert), financial grace from bosses, elders and parents. Your good professional reputation brings earnings opportunities too. Basically though the month is happy. There is a lot of support for your personal goals and for who you are. Your health is good and you look good. You’re dressing for success this month. Expensively. High end everything. If you feel under the weather, you respond well to spiritual therapies and spiritual healers - especially from the 12th onwards.




A happy month. Health is steadily improving. Much of the planetary pressure is easing up this month. Venus leaves her stressful aspect on the 8 . Mars, more importantly, stops th stressing you on the 12th. The Sun and Mercury enter your sign - a harmonious aspect - on the 20th (Mercury) and 23rd (the Sun). The career is still successful, but less demanding and much less conflicted than it has been. So you have more energy and thus more immunity, more resistance to disease. For you good health always means good social health (as well as “no symptoms”) and this is especially true from the 8th onwards. If, god forbid, problems arise, restore harmony in the social life as quickly as possible - for that is the likely cause of the problem. Love is good this month, but gets better as the month progresses. Your LovePlanet, Mercury, moves quickly this month (through 3 signs and Houses of your Horoscope). This would make you seem “fickle” to others. But you’re just responding to the planets. From the 2nd to the 20th love happens at spiritual venues - the yoga studio, the prayer circle, the spiritual seminar, the charity event. If you’re going to the clubs and bars you’re wasting your time. Intuition will guide the love life. On the 20th the Love Planet enters your sign bringing love to you with little effort on your part. There is great cooperation between you and the beloved from the 20th onwards.




 Though the Sun left your 10th of career last month. Two other important planets move into the 10th House this month. Venus moves in on the 8th and Mars on the 12th. The career is still very much in focus and very active - perhaps too active. The good news is that the family is supportive of career goals. Your success is seen as a “family project”. It elevates the family as a whole. This also shows that you see your family as your mission this month. The lines between the home and office are very “blurry” this month. One blends into the other. You’re in a very prosperous year, but finances are a bit slow this month. Patience is needed. There is nothing wrong in the long term picture. Finances will improve greatly after the 23rd. Friendships are more important than romance this month. Love seems status quo. You seem content with things as they are and have no need to make major changes. Friendships are happy and fulfilling but some are having surgeries or near death kinds of experiences. With Saturn, the Lord of your Horoscope, spending most of the year in your 12th House of spirituality, you’ve been in a strong spiritual type cycle. The “invisible world” is becoming just as interesting as the visible one. After the 23rd it is even more so.




Career is the main headline this month. It looks happy and successful. Your career planet, Pluto, is moving forward. You’re clear about things. There is confidence. You have all the right social connections that foster the career and that open doors for you. The spouse, partner or current love is also succeeding and seems supportive of your career. You’re meeting just the right people, socially, who can help you. The financial life is also improving. Neptune starts moving forward on the 18th and receives nice aspects until the 23rd . The financial intuition becomes more trustworthy now. Earnings come easier, with less complication. Even the stressful financial aspects from the 23rd onwards are not so difficult to handle now that you have clear direction. These are just bumps on the road. You just have to work harder. The power in the 9th House is good for college level students. They are more focused on their studies and seem to be working hard. There is still strong power in the 8th House which shows the prosperity of the spouse, partner or current love. Though your finances might be slower he or she is picking up the slack. On an overall level the health is good, but in the short term, until the 23rd is less good than usual. This is nothing to be alarmed about. It just shows a need for more rest.



Your 8th House is still very strong this month. A sexually active month, but try not to over do it. Safe sex and sexual moderation are important health wise until the 23rd. Health is much improved over last month, but again needs more watching from the 23rd onwards. This is a great month for foreign travel. Your travel planet is moving forward and receiving nice aspects. Your 9th House of foreign travel is also very powerful. The opportunities are coming. This is also a good month for college students or those applying to colleges. They seem successful. On the 23rd the Sun crosses your Midheaven and enters your 10th House of career. You’re in a strong career period now - the strongest of your year. Your social contacts are helpful, but its your work ethic and the sheer merit of what you do that will bring success. Your Love Planet will also be in the 10th House from the 20th onwards. This again shows the importance of your social skills in your career. You have to be good at what you do, but also likable. The Love Planet in the 10th House reinforces the love tendencies we’ve written about. You’re allured by power and position. You socialize with the high and mighty - power people. You meet people who can help you career wise. In many cases this shows a romance with someone above you in status - perhaps a boss.


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