Blood Moon Rising

We have
entered an incredibly powerful time in the year with the Fall Equinox, Blood Moon Rising, and Lunar Eclipse. It is a time of letting go of what no longer serves you, and stepping into your own magnificent power. Blood Moon has the capacity to catapult us into unknown territory, giving us a prime opportunity to reinvent ourselves and completely rewrite the script. Let go of any habits, thinking patterns, and ways of life that are keeping you from reaching your highest and truest self. Take time to ask the questions - Are you serving me? When did this habit begin and why? This will allow you to fully embrace letting go of things and stepping into healthy habits, relationships, and allow room for things that will help you grow into your happiest and fullest self.
Last night, we basked under the Blood Moon, watching it from the shores of Santa Monica beach. We wrote down our fears, things holding us back- parts of our old story, and burned them…letting them die with the ashes. We wrote down our dreams, our wants, and our desires, and gave them up to the universe - knowing the universe's divine knowledge will allow our manifestations to work their way into our lives in ways we never thought possible. 
May this Blood moon bring you happiness, love, and light. 

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