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Rooted in Love: Remembering Wayne Dyer


Transform. This word is incredibly powerful, and can be broken down into two ideas. Take the word "form", meaning a place and and physical boundary. Then take 'trans', which means going beyond or past a form and boundaries. Together 'trans-form' means going beyond your boundaries and your physical form…accessing your highest self in the spiritual realm. With the most gentle of touches, the most honest of words, and the most genuine of spirit, Wayne Dyer has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world. He taught us unconditional love, both of the self and of everyone around us. To be fully present in the now, and not to regret the past nor fear and stress about the future.  And most importantly, he thought us to love and be loved, and trust in our divine power; our own divine humanity. 

Wayne passed away last week, and we have been reflecting on the incredible ways that he has touched our lives. His gentle spirit has had an immense impact on shaping the essence of the Spiritual Gangster community. 

Sending love to all divine beings. 

In paying homage to this loving man, we put together our favorite life mantras from Wayne Dyer. We bow our heads in gratitude and love for the goodness and power he has given us. 

In short, he has given us the power and the loving guidance to simply be ourselves, and that is divine enough. 

When you experience a moment of fear or doubt, give yourself a loving thought. 

The wilderness is therapy.

Shed your fault finding tendencies. You are the creator of your life. Your life is the product of all of the choices you have made. 

Love each other. 

Relax about the future and let it go. Relax and enjoy the moment. By being present and relaxed, you will become inspired. After all, Inspiration comes from "in-spirit". 

Allow your higher self to rule. Allow other people to work out their own issues.

Living in the spiritual world having a human experience. 

Make an attempt to tame your ego. Make a conscious effort to cut back on the world "I", and gently inquire about the people around you.

Practice releasing thoughts of fear, anger and guilt. Replace them with thoughts of love and understanding. 

Guilt is a waste of your mental energy. Send guilt out of your life now. It's just a thought away. 

When you have the choice to be right or to be kind, always choose kindness. Choosing kindness over being right is more transformative than anything else you could do. 

Avoid over exaggerating and fabricating stories in order to try and impress other people. It only keeps you from knowing your higher self. Your highest self needs no exaggeration to be good.

Judge not. When you see someone different from you, use your mind to send them thoughts of love. Try not to judge them but instead send them love.

Choose the vocabulary. Absolutely. Certainly. Use words with out any source of doubt. You have within you what you need to manifest what you want in your life. 

If there is someone in your life you love, tell them. Taking action against your fear of intimacy, you invite your higher self, which is your loving self, to replace your unloving ego. Even if you fear it, say I love you. 

Practice giving without receiving. 

Be still and know. When you allow yourself to be still, 

Get a clear picture in your mind of something you want to happen in your life. Keep a clear picture in your heart and mind, and send out energies of love coming from this picture. So as you think, you shall be. 

Use all of your inner strength to create solutions.

Develop your inner faith. 

You don't really need to do you best at everything that you do. Your best leaves no room for improvement. You are better of to just do and enjoy and willingness to learn, than have this pressure to do you best in all that you do. Just do.  

I am more than what bothers me.

We are here for one purpose; to love and to be loved. 

Practice listening to others instead of focusing on yourself. 

You do not have convince others that you divine. Do it indeed.  

Everything that you're for, empowers you. 

Resist the need to be boastful. 

Practice generosity. Come from a heart space of giving and being generous. 

Love is the least threatening of all experiences. It asks nothing, demands nothing, and hurts nothing. 

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  • kausam: January 12, 2016

    I needed to review these words today. Thank you.

  • Alicia McMichael: September 28, 2015

    Beautiful post ladies. I am so grateful for this amazing passage you all created for Wayne. This is a beautiful way to remember him. I love you all. Sat Nam, Alicia McMichael

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