September Horoscopes

Welcome September….The time of the Harvest Moon and the Autumn Equinox. Through the course of a year, two Equinoxs occur; one in March for the Spring Equinox and the other at the start of Fall in September. This start and finish of cycles dates back to ancient days. The Autumnal Equinox is a pagan ritual of thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth and recognition of the need to share them to secure blessings of the Goddess and God in the coming winter months.

In our modern practice, autumn is a time to reflect on all the goodness, lightness, and change that has occurred since Spring. It is a time of reflection, gratitude, and inner stillness. Summer is full of energy and outward adventures. Autumn is a time to slow down, and venture inward to the adventure of discovering yourself and all the new things that have surfaced since the summer. 


The main headline for you this month is the Solar Eclipse on the 20 . Those of you th born early in the sign of Aries - March 20-25 - will feel it the most. But all of you will feel it. Take a nice, easy schedule that period. Always hyper active, this month you are more so - but tone things down around the eclipse period. Basically this is a happy month. You’re getting your way in life - having things your way. You have superabundant energy and drive. There’s a lot of fun and leisure too. Love pursues you until the 17th. Nothing much you need to do. After the 17th love finds you as you pursue your normal financial goals. Or, with people involved in your finances. The spouse or current love is supportive financially. Social connections are important. Financial windfalls happen until the 17th. Things happen quickly. If you’re starting a new venture - from your birthday onwards is an excellent time - but avoid the eclipse period. Mars travels with Uranus this month. This makes you experimental with your body. This is basically good as this is how we learn, but keep the experiments mindful and non-destructive. Athletes often to their best under this aspect. Career is starting to take a back seat from the 21st onwards. Your career planet goes retrograde on the 14th. Time to focus more on the home and your emotional well being.


Saturn leaves your 7th House of love on the 18th - a happy transit for love. Jupiter is making beautiful aspects to the Love Planet. So the love life is going well - you deserve it. You’ve had a few years of love challenges. Home and family are an important focus this month. Not only is your 4th House very strong, but a Solar Eclipse on the 13th impacts on your family planet, the Sun. This shakes up the whole domestic scene. It can precipitate a move or renovation of the home. There are personal dramas in the lives of family members - and especially with a parent or parent figure. But all these things will turn out well in the end. The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th (in Europe and Asia its on the 28th) brings more family dramas. Also upheavals in a spiritual or charitable organization that you’re involved with. Many of you will change your spiritual practice or teachings. A good idea to drive more carefully that period. Cars and communication equipment get tested.The Lunar Eclipse will inflame the dream life, but don’t give too much attention to that. The eclipse is stirring up psychic flotsam and jetsam. In spite of the eclipses, the month ahead is happy. You’re finding opportunities to enjoy yourself. Sometimes the way out of a problem is just time. You may as well enjoy your life.



Jupiter’s move into your 4th House last month (on the 12th) shows that you are beautifying the home - redecorating, buying art objects and the like for the home. Some of you can go overboard and make the home like the Louvre. But no matter. You want to be surrounded by beauty. The year ahead is going to bring many psychological type breakthroughs. You will have a deeper understanding of why you feel as you do - and why other people feel the way they do. If you are undergoing therapy you should see much progress now. Aside from Jupiter, the Sun is also in your 4th House. So this month (but this will be the case all year) you are undergoing “nature’s therapeutics”. Old, long forgotten memories will come up - seemingly out of nowhere - and you are forced to look at them and resolve them. Since you are now more mature, your observation and interpretation of them will be better than it was when the events happened. They will get “re-defined” and healing will happen. In a sense you’re re-writing history - not the actual facts, but your interpretation. Take a reduce schedule during the period of the Solar Eclipse of the 13th it is strong on you and family members. The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th forces financial changes that long needed to be made. It brings dramas in the lives of friends.



A Solar Eclipse on the 13th brings dramatic financial changes. Events will show where your thinking and strategy has been amiss and you’ll have the opportunity to make corrections. The corrections will be good, but quite disruptive while they’re happening. This eclipse occurs in your 3rd House, so cars and communication equipment will get tested and might need repair or replacements. A good idea to drive more carefully then too. It is good to periodically review your financial strategy and goals. Since your Financial Planet, the Sun never goes retrograde, it is the eclipses (twice a year) that enable you to do this. The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th (here in the USA) seems strong on you. It occurs in your 10th House of career and brings important career changes. These can take many forms. Sometimes you change the career path, sometimes there are shakeups in the hierarchy of your company or industry, sometimes there are shakeups in the government’s rules concerning your profession or industry. You are forced to adapt. Things will work out eventually but in the meantime there can be much insecurity. The Lunar Eclipse also shows a redefinition of your self - your image, how you think about yourself and how you want others to see you. This too is a healthy thing. But when an eclipse is involved the process is usually tumultuous. Health needs more watching from the 23rd onwards.



Every Solar Eclipse - no matter where in your chart it occurs - is significant for you - and strong. This is because, the Sun (the eclipsed planet) is the Lord of your Horoscope. Every Solar Eclipse is a cosmic nudge - and sometimes a bludgeon - to force you to re-evaluate yourself, your image and how you want others to see you. The Solar Eclipse of the 13th is no different. So in coming months (it is usually a process) there will be wardrobe changes and the presentation of a “new look” to the world. This eclipse occurs in the money house showing important and dramatic financial changes. Usually they happen because of some “disturbance” - some unexpected kind of event. Your thinking and strategy hasn’t been realistic and the eclipse reveals this to you. In your chart I feel that you’ve underestimated yourself. You’re richer - have more resources - than you believed and need to make the appropriate adjustments. This eclipse will actually enhance your prosperity rather than diminish it. The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th (here in the USA) is much easier on you. It brings spiritual changes - changes of teachings, perhaps teachers and the overall regime. There are upheavals at the church, synagogue or mosque. College or graduate students are making changes in the educational plans. Take a reduced schedule these periods - but especially around the 13th


Ever since Jupiter moved into your sign last month, you’re in a rosy, prosperous period. But sometimes, in order to get the full benefit of the positive change, things need to be shaken up a bit. Old blockages (that you perhaps thought were necessary) need to get blasted out of the way. This is the function of the Solar Eclipse of the 13th. It is strong on you, so take a nice easy schedule that period. Spend more quiet time at home. Read a book, watch movies or best of all, meditate. This eclipse will show that you were the main blockage to happiness and success. You need to re-think your self concept, upgrade it, make changes and present a new look to the world. This Solar Eclipse will also bring spiritual changes - changes in your attitudes, practice and regime. Generally this comes from new interior revelation. Keep in mind that the eclipse is not punishing you only opening new doors to happiness. The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th is also strong. Avoid risk taking activities. The spouse, partner or current love is forced to make dramatic financial changes. There are life changing kinds of dramas with friends. Your high tech equipment becomes more erratic. Some of it will need replacement.



For a Libra, the most social creature in the universe, shake ups in the love and social life can be quite traumatic. This is what’s happening this month. Understand this is not punishment. In order for new good to happen the old status quo needs to be changed and this is the function of an eclipse. The Solar Eclipse of the 13th brings dramas - life changing kinds of dramas - in the lives of friends. It will also test your friendships. Some will dissolve or change into something else. This eclipse, which occurs in your 12th House of spirituality, will bring dramas in the lives of gurus or guru figures. It will shake up charitable or spiritual organizations you’re involved with and often change your spiritual practice and regime. The 2nd eclipse - a Lunar Eclipse on the 27th - seems stronger on you. Take a more reduced schedule that period. This eclipse tests a current romantic relationship. You’ve been dealing with marital and romantic instability for some years now and this eclipse only adds to it. If the relationship is good it will survive - but it will take more work. A sub par relationship will likely dissolve. This Lunar Eclipse brings life changing events in the lives of bosses, parents and parent figures. There are tectonic shifts in your company or industry. You’ll need to revise your career approach.



Two eclipses this month guarantee much turmoil, disturbance and weird happenings this month. But in spite of all this, many positive things are happening in your life. Saturn leaves your sign on the 18th. Many of you will feel as if a huge lead weight were taken off your shoulders. Your Love Planet, Venus starts moving froward on the 6th clarifying the love situation and bringing more social confidence. Jupiter started to make beautiful aspects to the Lord of your Horoscope last month. There is prosperity and greater self confidence. The Solar Eclipse of the 13th forces you to change your career strategy and thinking. Events show you that previous thinking was unrealistic. There are major changes in your company, industry and profession. Some of you will actually change careers. There are life changing events in the lives of parents, parent figures, bosses and elders - with friends as well. There are major shakeups in a trade or professional organization you belong to. The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th occurs in your 6th House and announces job changes. This can be within the same company or with another one. The conditions of the work place change. Sometimes there are health scares too. But don’t rush into anything, let the dust of the eclipse settle. Overall health is good. The Lunar Eclipse can bring family dramas. Not an especially great period for long trips either


A challenging month ahead Sagittarius, but you’re up to the challenges. Saturn moves into your sign on the 18th. While this is good financially it weakens self esteem and self confidence. Health and energy are not up to their usual standards. And, as if this wasn’t enough we have two strong eclipses on you. So, make sure you get enough rest. Handle each thing as it comes without trying to project too far in the future. All will work out. The Solar Eclipse of the 13th creates disruptions in legal and educational matters. Sometimes the school that one wanted is closed off and another one must be chosen. Sometimes educational plans are changed. Sometimes students change their majors. This eclipse occurs in your 10th House of career. This seems a good thing. The career is successful now, but in order for the fulness of it to happen, changes of the status quo must happen. This eclipse is most likely clearing the obstacles on your career path. The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th is also pretty strong. It would be normal to have dreams of death or memories of it. This is not punishment only helping you to get a clearer understanding of it. Take a reduces schedule all month, but especially around the eclipse periods.



Since the Sun is the Lord of your 8th House, every Solar Eclipse tends to make you pensive, gloomy and perhaps thinking of your mortality. You go through these eclipses twice a year. They don’t kill you, but make you confront the dark angel. The Solar Eclipse of the 13th is no different. It is good to confront the dark angel every now and then as it makes us more serious about life. It tends to put one on the right track. Life on earth is short. Get down to doing what you were born to do. This eclipse occurs in your 9th House. College level students (and those about to enter college) are making important changes to educational plans. Sometimes they change schools or majors. There are dramatic events happening at your place of worship and with fellow worshipers. The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th (here in the USA) occurs in your 4th House and brings more family dramas and shakeups with the family. (This has been going on for some years now, but the eclipse triggers more of the same.) It will also test the love life and a current relationship. Be more patient with the beloved and family members those periods.



The past year has been a love kind of year. Many of you married or got involved in serious relationships. Many new friends came into the picture too. Now the Solar Eclipse of the 13th is going to test these things - separate the wheat from the chaff. This is basically good, though not pleasant while its happening. Good relationships will survive and thrive, but flawed ones could dissolve. The cosmos wants you to have the best. The eclipse occurs in your 8th House which shows drama - life and death confrontations - important changes in the financial life of the spouse, partner or current love - perhaps surgeries. These kind of events test your relationships. The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th brings job changes and changes in the conditions of work. Sometimes the job changes occur with the same company, sometimes with another company. Sometimes the rules of the work place change. If you hire others there is instability in with employees and turnover is likely. The Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 3rd House. So drive more carefully - more defensively - that period. Cars and communication equipment will act erratically. There are dramas with siblings and neighbors. Often there is major change (through construction or new zoning rules) in the neighborhood. Overall health is basically good and you should get through all this with little problem.




A tumultuous kind of month Pisces with many, many changes. By the end of the month you’ll be in very different conditions from when you began. Health needs more watching this month. Do what needs to be done, but let lesser things go. A Solar Eclipse on the 13th is not helping matters - take an especially reduced schedule that period. An eclipse shouldn’t stop you from doing your duties, but things that are elective, voluntary, should be dropped. The Solar Eclipse happens in your 7th House of love. Jupiter just entered this House last month. I feel the eclipse is announcing important (and happy) changes in the marital condition. Singles will most likely decide to marry in coming months. (Eclipses often bring happy things, but always bring a disruption of the status quo. Happy things can be just as disruptive as negative things.) This eclipse also announces changes in the job situation and in your health regime. There could be a health scare these days. The conditions of work are changing. The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th brings financial changes - dramatic ones. You need to re-evaluate your financial thinking and strategy and sometimes it takes a crisis or disturbance to force the issue. There are dramas with children or children figures in your life too. So take it easy this month - especially until the 23 . Maintain high rd energy levels as best you can.

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