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What does it mean to be a Spiritual Gangster? It means living your life with purpose, honesty, and most importantly courage. These three words describe perfectly the brave and beautiful soul that is Jazmin. After being diagnosed with stage 3 of 4 gastric adenocarcinoma cancer, 15 year old Jazmine set out to make her biggest dreams come true. Thanks to the amazing team at Make-A-Wish foundation, she flew across the world with her family to meet Pope Francis. Read more about Jazmin and her interview with Make a Wish Foundation. 


We're honored to share her incredible story, and are so inspired by the love and courage that her and her family exude.  "We as a family will, "Love the Life We Live & Live the Life We Love"! We chose Quality versus Quantity as we cannot get a balance of both.

The cancer I have is not normally a pediatric type cancer & has not been diagnosed in a child in over 40yrs. It is also genetic. This disease is normally found in patients ovr 60yrs old. Our family is working with geneticists on panel chromosomal gene strand testing & will endure ongoing procedures & testing to aid in prevention for the future of our families.

#JazminsJourney WILL NOT GO WITHOUT PURPOSE so we have chosen to finance this uninsured genetic tests to inform & aid in prevention & early detection of pediactric cancers. Our hope would be that no other families experience this type of difficulty. 

The treatment plan offered to us would involve aggressive chemo & extensive surgery that would include full removal of my stomach, spleen & fallopian tubes, partial removal of my liver & pancreas, along with a feeding tube and kidney damage. 

With all of this being said we have decided on Non-Treatment. Our family will fully enjoy the uncertain amount of time God will allow us to share together here."

To find out how you can get involved, you can visit here!

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  • Ky : September 03, 2015

    Yeah, I’ve been waiting since Sunday for our horoscopes to be up. And, the Virgo horoscope isn’t even listed. :(

  • V. Jayaraman: September 02, 2015

    Is it not time to upload September Horoscopes?

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