July Horoscopes

The main headline this month is the financial life. It is very strong. Two powerful and important planets are here - the Sun and the Lord of your Horoscope, Mars (until the 12 ). So there is focus here. And, by the spiritual law, we get what we focus on. Prosperity is happening. Financial goals are being achieved. Money (and financial opportunity) comes in “happy” ways, perhaps as you’re out having fun. Also you’re enjoying your wealth more - spending on leisure and fun kinds of things. By the 21st the focus changes. Your money house is empty. There can be some financial disruptions - sudden and unexpected changes - from the 21st to the 26th. But these are short term problems. By next month they pass. The retrograde of your career planet, Saturn, all month is perhaps a good thing. You’re not in a very strong career period now. Best not to make important moves or decisions this period. Focus on your home, family and emotional wellness. Your 3rd House becomes powerful on the 12th and even more powerful on the 21st. So this is a period for taking courses in subjects that interest you and catching up on your phone calls, texts and e-mails. A good period for teachers, writers and marketing people. Mercury’s retrograde (beginning the 14th) won’t stop your communication activities, but might slow things down a bit. Health is good all month.
A happy and prosperous month ahead. Enjoy. The focus this month is on your body, image - and finances. A Taurean Nirvana. Love seems improved over last month - especially now that the dust from last month’s eclipse has more or less settled. The main issue now is the retrograde of your Love Planet, Pluto. Opportunities are coming, but go slow. Let love develop and don’t rush into anything. Love gets tested from the 21st to the 23rd. You seem very distant with the current love. This is a short term problem. Differences can be bridged. Career is still very successful, but is beginning to wind down from the 21st onwards. It is a pause that refreshes. The planetary power moves to the bottom half of your Horoscope, showing a need to focus on the home and emotional issues. If these are right, the career will be right. Taureans of childbearing age are more fertile until the 21st. (They were very fertile last month too.) Mars in your sign until the 12th (it was in your sign all of last month too) shows energy and vitality. You excel in sports and exercise regimes (more than usual). Be more mindful on the physical level and avoid rush and hurry. Your Financial Planet starts to retrograde on the 14th. This won’t stop the prosperity only slow things down. If you must make important financial decisions, do so before the 14th or wait till next month (after the 11th).
You are always the consummate communicator, but now you’re very inspired - almost poetic. Pay attention to the ideas the come to you in dreams or seemingly “out of nowhere”. A spiritual book or lecture can also spark the creative juices. The month ahead is happy and prosperous. 50% of the planets are either in your sign or moving through there this month. This shows good health and energy. It shows a lot of cosmic support for your personal goals - especially the goals involving your body and image. It gives independence. You can have things your way. The cosmic energy moves towards you rather than away from you. So this is a great month - especially after the 21st - to get the body and image in shape - the way that you want it to be. You have the power this month to achieve any reasonable goal. If the goals are very big, you have the power to make good progress towards them. The only problem is the retrograde of Mercury - your ruling planet. You need to know what to go after. You need mental clarity about this. It is worth taking the time to achieve this. On the 7th Venus enters your money house. Earnings should increase. The financial intuition is good but needs verification - especially from the 21st to the 26th. Health is good.
Venus moves into your sign on the 7th. This brings beauty and glamor to the image. In a man’s chart it shows involvement with young women. In a woman’s chart it shows more personal beauty. If there are clothing or accessories that you need, this is a good time to get them. A good time for the ladies to schedule beauty treatments or have their hair done. You are more attractive to the opposite sex, so there are more romantic opportunities. But your Love Planet, Saturn, is still retrograde, so go slow in love and let relationships develop naturally. Career is going well (though there are some problems from the 13th to the 16th). Enhance the career through networking and being involved with groups and professional organizations - until the 12 . After that it is good to be involved in charities and altruistic kinds of causes. It burnishes your public image and brings good contacts. When Mars enters the 12th House on the 12th, those of you on a spiritual path should focus more on your practice. If you’re spiritually in attachment, the career (and most other things in life) will fall into place. This is a prosperous year and the month ahead is even more prosperous than usual. Money is not a problem. Health is also good.
The career, like last month, is going great guns. You’re in your rightful place - on top - in command. But don’t let ambition interfere with your health. If you feel tired, rest. Its as simple as that. Overall health and energy improves after the 21st . Your career planet, Venus, moves into your 12th House of spirituality on the 7th. Thus, being involved in charities and altruistic kinds of projects will enhance the career. Career guidance will come to you in dreams or through psychics, astrologers or spiritual channels. Intuition will guide you to the career heights. The love life doesn’t seem a major focus early in the month, but after the 21st there is much improvement and opportunity. From the 12th onwards the major action in your chart is in the 11th House. Thus it is a good social month. Good to be involved with groups and group activities. Good to increase your knowledge of high tech, science and astrology. Group travel seems very interesting after the 12th. (But avoid foreign travel from the 13th to the 16th). You’re in a prosperous year right now, but with your Financial Planet going retrograde on the 14th, avoid major financial decisions or major purchases from the 14th onwards. This is a period for financial review rather than overt action.
The career is hectic and busy this month - very, very busy. Its demands are great. Even the retrograde of Mercury (your ruler) will not stop it. But you need to slow down and make sure you’re perfect in all the things you do - especially in how you communicate with bosses. Take the time to make sure you get their message and that they get yours as you intended it). A little time spent on this will save a lot of heart ache down the road. The demands of the career are stressing your health and energy. So you need to work smarter. Drop the inessentials from your life from the 21st onwards. Focus only on what’s really important. Don’t let trivial things get you down. Focus on the big picture and not the little annoyances on the road. Your Financial Planet has been in your 10th House since April 11 and will be there until the 7th of this month. This shows the financial favor of bosses and elders. Often it shows a pay raise (official or unofficial). Your good professional reputation brings new financial opportunities. This is not your best love month. This is nothing to fret about, there will be big improvement next month.
The Lord of your Horoscope enters your 10th House on the 7th. This shows career success and an elevation of the status - both personally and professionally. There is recognition for who you are and for your professional achievements. Success is only going to grow in the next two months. Enjoy. The downside here is that you seem involved with death and death issues. A part of life, but not very pleasant. Finances are solid - especially until the 21st - but with your Financial Planet retrograde there can be glitches and delays. Pluto will be retrograde for some more months, so work for mental clarity - a clear direction and strategy - in your financial life. Review things. When Pluto starts moving forward you can put your plans into action. Love is interesting this month. Someone is pursuing you, but you keep running away. There are love opportunities in strange places this month - at funerals, wakes or memorial services until the 12th. Afterwards there are opportunities in religious and educational settings - in your church or school or at these kinds of functions. The only issue - and this has been the case for some years now - is the stability of these relationships. Love can find you on a trip outside the country too.
You’ve been in a highly active love and social period since April 21. This is the case until the 21st . Love seems successful for singles. There are opportunities at work, with co-workers or with bosses. The classic office romance is very likely. I see you mingling with high people these days - people of power and authority - people of status and prestige. This is a romantic turn on. The only problem is that you could be tempted to a relationship of convenience rather than real love. You’re in a very successful career period this year and this month you can advance it by social means. By all means attend the right parties or host them. Finances improve greatly after the 21st. They are OK before then, but nothing special. After the 21st they zoom ahead. A very good month for paying down debt (or borrowing) depending on your need. The spouse, partner or current love, is having a banner financial month - especially after the 21st. He or she is likely to be more supportive. Your Financial Planet is still in the 10th House - where he has been all year. This shows pay raises and promotions (official or unofficial). It shows the need for a good professional reputation as this is what brings financial opportunity. Health and energy improve after the 21st.
You’re entering one of your strongest love and social periods of your year this month. There are many parties and gatherings - many people in your social circle. The only problem - and we have discussed this in previous months - is Saturn in your sign. You can be seen as too cool and aloof - to distant. This will hamper many wonderful things that want to happen. So, as we’ve written, practice sending love and warmth to others. Prosperity is happening this year, but this month it’s a bit slower than it could be. There are many delays. Your Financial Planet (Saturn) is still retrograde and receiving stressful aspects. So be patient with the delays. Try not to make matters worse by being careless or slip shod in financial matters - this behavior will come back to haunt you. The social life might be distracting you from financial goals. Health needs more watching this month. Make sure, as always, to get enough rest. The body will tell you when it needs rest - there are no rules about this. Until the 7th enhance the health with shoulder and arm massage. Hand reflexology will be powerful. After the 7th enhance the health by eating right and keeping the emotional life stable and constructive.
You’re still in a “fun and games” period until the 21st. Take advantage of it. The work schedule gets very hectic from the 21st onwards. There aren’t a whole lot of unemployed Capricorns, but if you happen to be one, or are in between jobs, the month ahead is excellent. But do more homework here - especially after the 14th. Offers might not be what they seem. Ask questions. Resolve your doubts. Health becomes a major interest after the 21st. A good time to schedule check ups and the like. Serious tests are probably better off re-scheduled as Mercury is retrograde from the 14th onwards. This would give a tendency to error and all the heartache and anxiety that comes with that. The love life heats up this month. Venus enters your House of Love on the 7th and stays there for the rest of the month. This shows more glamor in the love life, more romance - especially for singles. For marrieds this shows business related parties and gatherings. A good idea to attend these things as they will foster the career and give you opportunity to meet helpful people. Finances are excellent all month - but especially after the 21st.
Watch how your energy starts to soar after the 21st. Perhaps you will give credit to that new supplement or pill, but the reality is that the planetary power has shifted in your favor and so you feel better (even the supplements are side effects of the shift in energy). Basically a happy month - especially from the 21st onwards. Joy - fun - is a great rejuvenator. And this is what’s happening. There’s more fun in your life and that makes all the difference. We all have to work, but with the 5th House so strong this month make your work fun. With a little creativity it can be done. You’re more speculative this month, but this is not so advisable from the 14th onward. The main danger from the 21st onwards is that you might over spend on leisure. Have fun by all means but don’t destroy your budget. The financial challenges this month are short term. You will see improvement next month. In the meantime, you just have to work harder to achieve your goals. If you put in the work, you will prosper. This is a great year for love, and the month ahead is good too. Until the 21st love is close to home. Romantic opportunities come through the family and family connections. After the 21st, love opportunities happen in the normal places - the night spots, parties, resorts and places of entertainment.
The demands of the career are still very strong on you. Saturn is right on your Midheaven showing a need for more responsibility and discipline. But with 80% of the planets at the bottom half of your chart and your 4th House supercharged, you need to focus on the family and home. This is where the action is. Many happy things are going on career wise, behind the scenes - you will see the outer results later on. In the meantime, get the home and family in right order. Health needs much more watching from the 21st onwards.50% of the planets are in stressful alignment with you. Things that you easily did a month ago, suddenly can’t be done. The energy is not there. So rest when tired. Focus on the really important things in life and let the trivia go. Enhance the health with neck massage until the 21st. Cranial Sacral therapy should be powerful too. After the 21st arm and shoulder massage will be powerful. Also Hand Reflexology. But more important than any therapy or pill is energy. Get enough rest. The social life seems more home centered this month. You’re socializing more with the family and entertaining from home. Family members are playing cupid.


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