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We live in a noisy world. Noise from our families, our friends, our work, our neighborhoods. All things that pull us away from our true selves. But what will always remain true for us is our heart's song. We are born with a voice, a light, and a truth that is always within us, no matter what noise is happening outside of us. There is something magnificent in the way that our heart pulls us closer to our true calling, and it is in this fierceness that we are called to meet the ultimate truth of our lives. For it is in listening to our inner voice, that we find our truth, our calling, our purpose. 
Today, take five minutes to find a quite place. Close your eyes, and quite your mind. Breathe in deeply, and listen to your heart. Listen to the words, the rhythm, the movement of your heart. That is where you will find the purpose of your life.

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