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The main headline for you this month is the Solar Eclipse on the 20 . Those of th you born early in the sign of Aries - March 20-25 - will feel it the most. But all of you will feel it. Take a nice, easy schedule that period. Always hyper active, this month you are more so - but tone things down around the eclipse period. Basically this is a happy month. You’re getting your way in life - having things your way. You have superabundant energy and drive. There’s a lot of fun and leisure too. Love pursues you until the 17th. Nothing much you need to do. After the 17th love finds you as you pursue your normal financial goals. Or, with people involved in your finances. The spouse or current love is supportive financially. Social connections are important. Financial windfalls happen until the 17th. Things happen quickly. If you’re starting a new venture - from your birthday onwards is an excellent time - but avoid the eclipse period. Mars travels with Uranus this month. This makes you experimental with your body. This is basically good as this is how we learn, but keep the experiments mindful and non-destructive. Athletes often to their best under this aspect. Career is starting to take a back seat from the 21st onwards. Your career planet goes retrograde on the 14th. Time to focus more on the home and your emotional well being.



The love life is challenging until the 17th. You and the current love don’t seem in synch. You have to work harder on your relationship. It does seem “fixable” though - especially after the 17th. The problems are not with you but more with the challenges going on in the other’s life. You are attractive (especially after the 17th) and magnetic. The opposite sex takes notice. Romance might be tricky early in the month but the overall social life is active. You’re very involved with friends, groups and online activities. It is also a spiritual type month as your 12th House is strong from the 20th onwards. A move in coming months wouldn’t be a surprise. Benevolent Jupiter is in your 4th House of home and family and the Lord of this House gets eclipsed on the 20th. You might be forced into doing something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. The move (it could be a renovation too) is happy. Taureans of child bearing age are unusually fertile these days - especially from the 20th onwards. The career is successful this month - especially from the 20th onwards. There is advancement and happy opportunities. Children figures in your life (of appropriate age) have romance after the 20th. But even younger ones will have more social activity. Finances are good this month. Until the 13th you have the favor of elders, bosses and authority figures. After the 13th trust your intuition.




Rest and relax more until the 21st. The challenge now is to invest your energy wisely. Take a business like approach to it. Invest in the important things - the things that will provide you with the best return. Invest your energy in your career and outer goals which seem successful this month. Your excellent communication skills are noted by the powers that be and advance your career. Mercury, your ruling planet, crosses the Midheaven on the 13th and then travels with your career planet from the 17th to the 19th. This brings happy opportunities and career advancement. You seem “on top of the world”. You get on with bosses and superiors. Love is delicate these days. Saturn in your 7th House is testing existing relationships. Singles are more choosy in love matters and difficult to please. In addition, your Love Planet, Jupiter is retrograde all month. Don’t make important love decisions now. The Solar Eclipse of the 20th will test the car and communication equipment. Some might need replacement. Drive more defensively that period. Health and energy should improve from the 21st onwards. Enhance the health through back and knee massage and detox regimes. Finance doesn’t seem a major issue this month. Career is much more important. Good career moves will lead to more money naturally.


Prosperity has been strong since July of 2014. Benevolent Jupiter occupies your money house and will be there for some more months. This month it is good to focus on your career. You enter a yearly peak on the 20th. The upper half of your chart - the half that controls your career and outer life - is the strongest this month. Your career planet, Mars, makes some very dynamic aspects with Uranus and Pluto from the 9th to the 12th. You can expect change and turbulence in the career (and perhaps in the lives of bosses or in the hierarchy of your company). But this will work out well for you. Just let the dust settle. A Solar Eclipse on the 20th occurs right near the Midheaven of your chart - showing more turbulence and change. This eclipse brings dramatic financial changes in your life - also for the good. You can be forced into your good by events. The month ahead will be prosperous - especially from the 20th onwards. Love is happy but more delicate this month. Your Love Planet is receiving very beautiful aspects. There are happy romantic opportunities for singles. The only problem is that Saturn, your Love Planet. Starts to retrograde on the 14th. Don’t rush into anything just yet - though you will be tempted. Enjoy the love life for what it is. Let things develop slowly.




This is going to be a happy and successful month Leo - and even the Solar Eclipse of the 20th will not mar the happiness. You will be tempted to travel - foreign lands are calling to you - but avoid it from the 9th to the 12th and around the Solar Eclipse period of the 20th (a few days before and after). Health is excellent all month but especially from the 21st onwards. You have the energy of 10 people and with extra energy all kinds of horizons and opportunities open up to you. Students at the college level are succeeding this month - especially from the 21st onwards. Legal matters will go better too. This is a sexually active kind of month too - and for a Leo this is saying a mouthful. The spouse. partner or current love is prospering and you seem very involved in it. The love life has been good all year. Most of you are already in serious kinds of relationships, but if not, the month ahead - especially towards the end of the month - is excellent for romantic meetings. Next month will also be good. Finances will are good all month. Until the 13th the social connections are very important. Good use of technology is important. After the 13th trust your financial intuition. The spouse, partner or current love seems generous with you. Make others rich and your own supply will come to you naturally and normally.



Last month, on the 19th, you entered one of your yearly love and social peaks. This continues until the 20th. You’re very popular these days. Very other oriented. You put others first - ahead of yourself. And others take notice. You’re there for your friends and the beloved. Spirituality has been important in love for some years now, this month even more so. The bars and clubs are not a venue for love. Seek out the spiritual seminars or workshops, the prayer or meditation meetings, the charity events. A very happy romantic meeting happens on from the 17th to the 19th. Your social intuition sparkles. You have the kind of chart where the spiritual qualities of a person are more alluring than the physical qualities. Health needs more watching this month. Your energy is not up to its usual standards. Avoid over controlling events. Flow with life. Allow your good to come to you without trying to force it. Be anxious about nothing. Face, scalp, ankle and calf massage will be very effective. Health energy will improve after the 20th. Most of you won’t feel the Solar Eclipse of the 20th too much. Only those of you born later in the sign of Virgo - from September 19 to September 23 - will feel it strongly. Take a nice easy schedule that period. This eclipse brings important spiritual changes - changes to your practice, regime and perhaps even teachings.



Health and work are the main focus until the 20th. Job seekers have good aspects that period. The focus on health will stand you in good stead for later in the month, when health needs more watching. Long term, health is basically good, but this period - from the 20th onwards - is a short term blip. Overall energy is not as high as it should be. The most important thing is to get enough rest. Low energy opens the door to all kinds of opportunistic invasions. You respond well to spiritual healing. If you feel under the weather see a spiritual type healer. The love and social life is active this month, but becomes more active from the 20th onwards. There are hosts of social invitations and romantic opportunities. The only issue with romance is the stability of it. Love comes suddenly but can end just as suddenly. Perhaps you’re not mixing with serious type people. They just want to play. The Solar Eclipse of the 20th is only strong on those of you born very early in Libra - September 22-24. If you are one of these, take a nice easy schedule then. This eclipse brings life changing dramas in the lives of friends. This could test some of your friendships. It will also test your high tech equipment. Make sure your important files are backed up.




You’ve been taking on extra financial burdens this year and perhaps feel financially tight. But this month there is prosperity - especially from the 20th onwards. There is much you can do to alleviate financial tightness. The most important thing is to re-organize things in a healthier way. With Jupiter retrograde all month, good to plan your re-organization - not yet time to put it into practice. Your chart is interesting in the fact that your financial challenges will actually create more prosperity for you. They force you to make important changes and to seek creative solutions. 2015 is a successful year for you. Your public profile is expanded and you’re elevated in your company or industry. The Solar Eclipse of the 20th brings career changes and shakeups - but they seem to benefit you. Shakeups in your industry or company are actually opening doors for you. Parent or parent figures should take a more relaxed schedule that period. They are going to have some life changing kinds of experiences. The month ahead is basically happy though. Until the 20 you’re in party mode, enjoying life, indulging the leisure pursuits. After the 20th you get more serious and work oriented. A good time for job seekers. You good work ethic impresses superiors. Moves or renovations of the home are likely after the 20th.



Saturn in your sign, since Christmas of 2014, shows a need to take on more responsibility and to get more serious about life. Sometimes it makes a person too pessimistic - giving a tendency to look at the dark side of everything. Often it makes one feel older than their years. On the other hand it enhances your management ability, brings financial opportunities to you, and gives a sense of “gravitas” to the personality. By the time Saturn is finished with (in two or so years). Though you are very ambitious this is a month to focus on the home and family and most importantly your emotional well being. A good month for making psychological progress. An old flame - or someone who reminds you of this person - comes into the romantic picture. This may or may not develop into something, but the real purpose is to resolve old issues between you. Life is serious these days, but this month you’re having more fun - especially from the 20th onwards. Your earnings also increase this period, so there is plenty of wherewithal to enjoy life. Travel opportunities are coming then too - but study them more carefully. Health needs more watching until the 20th. Scalp and face massage are good until the 17th. After that neck massage is beneficial.



Your ruling planet, Saturn, goes retrograde on the 13th. Often this produces a feeling of “aimlessness” - lack of direction. But really the purpose is to review your personal goals (especially those related to your body and image) and see where improvements can be made. Then in a few months when Saturn moves forward, you’ll put your plans into action. You’re in an excellent period for starting new projects or ventures this month. After the 20th (after the eclipse) is best. Your ruler and your spiritual planet receive wonderful aspects all month, but especially after the 20th. This shows spiritual type breakthrough happening for you. Eureka moments. These are wonderful in that this changes the whole attitude to life. The month ahead is not a strong career month, but is wonderful financially. It should get even better after the 20th. You’re spending more on the home and family but can also earn from this as well. Family members seem supportive. Debts are easily made and easily paid - much depends on your need. This is an excellent month for doing renovations or construction in the home. Family relations have been volatile for some years now - but the 9th to the 12th seem especially so. Be more patient with them. Do you best to keep energy levels high from the 20th onwards. Take a reduced schedule during the Solar Eclipse of the 20th (a few days before and after).



Romance has been going great guns since the summer of 2014. It is still good in the month ahead - especially from the 20th onwards. However a Solar Eclipse on the 20th will test your relationship and friendships. You’ve made many new friends of late and a good testing - a good clearing of the air - is healthy. The good relationships will remain but the so-so ones are in danger. Be more patient with the beloved that period too. He or she is experiencing personal dramas. Prosperity is strong this month too. Last month on the 19th you entered a yearly financial peak and this is still going on until the 20th. Business partnerships or joint ventures are likely. The social connections are important - friends seem supportive. The financial intuition is good but should be verified. Psychics, ministers, tarot readers and spiritual channels are good sources of financial guidance. Guidance will come in dreams as well. Drive more defensively from the 9th to the 12th. Career changes are happening behind the scenes. Health is good all month and you can enhance it further by eating right and mood control. You are in an excellent period - especially after the 20th - for starting new projects or ventures.



Career is hectic and demanding. Bosses seem more demanding than usual. You’re earning your success through sheer merit and hard work. But lighten up a little this month. Enjoy yourself. Pamper yourself a bit. Last month you entered a yearly personal pleasure period. This continues until the 20th. So the month ahead is happy. It’s the kind of month where you have things your way. Others cater to you and seek to please you. There is love in the air for singles. Until the 13th it happens in spiritual type settings or charity events. After the 13 it seeks you out, nothing special that you need th to do. The 17th to the 19th seems especially good romantically. A significant romantic meeting happens. The month ahead is prosperous as well. Your money house is powerful all month, but becomes even more so after the 20th. It is one of your yearly financial peaks. There can be some financial disruption - perhaps an unexpected expense - from the to the 12th, but this will only enhance your earning power. Changes will be made that will work out well. The financial intuition is excellent that period. If you were born late in the sign of Pisces - from March 18 to 20 - the Solar Eclipse of the 20th will be strong on you, so take a nice easy schedule. Stay our of harm’s way. Spend more quiet time at home. This eclipse brings shakeups in your health regime and dramas with employees.



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