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A happy month ahead Aries. Enjoy. A great period - until the 18 - th to bone up on your technological expertise and learn about science in general. If your computer or software or networks need upgrading this is the time to do it. Also very good for going deeper into astrology and astronomy. Children and children figures in your life are socially popular these days. You are enjoying fun activities with friends and groups. But the month ahead is mostly a spiritual month. Your 12th House is powerful all month but especially after the 18th. Its normal to want more “alone time” these days. Its normal to gravitate to scripture or sacred writings. Spirituality is not only good for its own sake but will have practical bottom line effects. The financial intuition is super until the 20th - and especially super from the 1st to the 3rd. You have a special ability to access the supernatural sources of supply. So as you focus on your spiritual practice you find that your financial needs are taken care of very naturally. On the 20th your Financial Planet crosses the Ascendant and enters your 1st House This shows a financial windfall and that financial opportunity seeks you out. Very good to buy clothing or personal accessories after the 20th as the sense of style is excellent. Love pursues you this month. After the 20th it finds you.



Career is still very successful until the 18th. Much forward progress is made. Family seems supportive of the career and the family as a whole seems raised in status. A parent or parent figure is prospering these days. Mercury moves forward on the 11th and this improves earnings and the overall financial judgement. Money can come from promotions or pay raises. If you have financial issues with the government this is a good month (especially until the 18th) to deal with those things. Money can come from government payments too. High tech is very important career-wise and its good to invest in the latest and the best. More online activity boosts the bottom line. Online kinds of businesses are favorable now. This is more a friendship month than a romantic one. You’re socially active - involved with groups and group activities - and it seems happy. There’s nothing against romance, but there’s nothing fostering it either. There’s a lot of free will here. Health improves dramatically after the 18th. 90% of the planets are either helping you or leaving you alone. You have plenty of energy - and this spell success. You can make the health even better through foot massage until the 20th and scalp and face massage afterwards. Spiritual healing is powerful until the 20th.



Career is the main headline in the month ahead. Your 10th House becomes strong on the 18th. There is success now, but you’re working hard for it and earning it. Home and family are always important to you, but you can shift attention to your career and outer goals. From the 11th onwards 90% of the planets are moving forward. The universal solar cycle is waxing and so is your personal solar cycle - a great time to launch a new business or product. The 18th to the 28th is best. In love, slow, slow, slow is the watchword. Your Love Planet, Jupiter is retrograde and Saturn is in your 7th House. There’s no rush for romance or relationship. Enjoy relationships for what they are without putting too much expectation on things. If love is real it will grow naturally. Health becomes more delicate after the 18th. You’re busy now. Career is demanding. But allow for rest periods - allow for R&R. Working rhythmically, alternating activities, conserves energy and allows you attain your goals. Love might be slow this month, but the social life is active and happy. Its more about friendships than romance. Finances are not a major focus this month. I read this as a positive. You’re basically satisfied with the status quo and have no compelling needs to make changes. Your strongest earning periods are from the 1st to the 3rd and from the 18th onwards. The 3rd and 4th are nice paydays.



Health is much improved this month and will get even better after the 18th. Saturn’s move into you 6th House this past December also brought changes to your health needs. The stomach, liver and thighs are always important to you. The heart has become important since last July. But now (and for the next two years) the spine, knees, teeth and skeletal alignment is also important. It might be a good idea to see a chiropractor regularly. Yoga ananas that strengthen the spine will be good. Problems in love could impact on the physical health as well. Work to keep harmony here. Finances are a bit stressful early in the month. But the spouse or current love is picking up the slack. Personal earnings improve after the 18th. The Full Moon of the 3rd and the New Moon of the 18th are powerful financial days. Your 9th House becomes powerful from the 18 onwards. Travel opportunities will come th and you should take them. College students will do well in their studies - they seem very focused and that’s 90% of the battle. When the 9th House is strong theology becomes more interesting. The visit of a guru or minister is more enjoyable than a night out on the town.



 The love life continues to sparkle this month - especially until the 18th. After the 18th you enter a sexually active kind of month. Age is not an issue. Whatever your age libido will be stronger than usual. Money and financial opportunity still happen through friends and social connections. You like to do business with friends and you like to socialize with the people you do business with. Your Financial Planet went retrograde on the 21st of last month and is retrograde until the 11th. Avoid major purchases or financial decisions until after the 11th. Good to review your finances and see where improvements can be made. After the 11th you can make these improvements happen. Earnings happen even during the retrograde, but with more delays involved. The 18th onwards is good for detox and cleansing regimes. Very good for weight loss if you need it. It is a time for getting rid of the extraneous and useless from your life, whether it be possessions or negative emotional or mental patterns. The spouse, partner or current love (whoever is playing that role in your life) is having a banner financial month. Health still needs watching until the 18th but there’s nothing seriously wrong. Overall energy is just not up to par. This is caused by the cosmic weather. Health will improve dramatically after the 18th. Until then make sure to get enough rest.



The main headline this month is the love life. On the 18th you enter a very active social period. There are all kinds of romantic opportunities for singles. There are money people, spiritual people, athletes and artistic types. You have a nice menu to choose from. The spouse, partner or current love is generous this month but especially from the 1st to the 3rd. Your own financial intuition is very sharp that period too. There is wonderful financial cooperation with the beloved - and with friends in general. Good mutual support. Love is idealistic and romantic this month, but no need to rush into anything. Let love develop as it will. Health needs more watching from the 18th onwards. Good emotional health will be a help. Continue with head, face, scalp, ankle and calf massage. Good emotional health - emotional harmony - will not only help the body, but the love life as well. Be careful of tendencies to depression. Be more patient with children or children figures in your life - they too seem more stressed than usual - more temperamental. Your 8th House is powerful from the 20th onwards. Next month it will be even more powerful. This is a time to work on your personal transformation - work to become your ideal you. These activities are favorable and successful.



The good times are still rolling. Joy and leisure activities are still dominant this month - until the 18th . Life is to be enjoyed. Joy is a signal of Divine Favor. You have time to get more serious after the 18th. Many Libras are in the creative arts, and this is an excellent month for these things. Being in a creative flow is a pathway to joy. It is like being drunk, but without having taken anything. It is also a good period to be more involved with children, your own or other people’s. You get on well with them these days. You are a little bit of a child yourself. On the 18th you enter a work oriented period. Those of you who are unemployed have excellent job prospects - especially from the 23rd to the 27th. But prospects are good afterwards too. A very good period to deal with health issues - planning your diet, getting those check ups and screenings you need, shopping for health insurance or doctors. Health is good. Foot massage is always powerful for you, but this month even more so. Love is idealistic this month. Tender. Love opportunities happen at the work place, with co-workers and as you pursue your health goals. You have a special attraction for health professionals and creative types until the 20th. After the 20th as Venus moves into your 7th House. You become more socially popular - even more than usual. You and the current love seems especially close.



This is a great month for those of you in therapy. Major insights and breakthroughs happen. Career problems are really psychological in nature and these new insights will open doors in the career. You’re still in a great period for launching new ventures or products. The 18th onwards is best. Health is still delicate until the 18th but improves dramatically after. This is a fun, party kind of period from the 18th onwards. As you let go and enjoy your life, career doors open up naturally. This is the kind of month where you can meet an important contact at the theater or golf course - as you’re having fun. Children or children figures in your life are successful this month - especially from the 23 to the rd 27th. Career can be enhanced by getting involved in charities and causes that period. You’re in a risk taking mood financially, but its not advisable now. Next month will be better for that. Love is more about entertainment - fun and games - rather than serious commitment. Existing relationships can be improved by just doing fun things as a couple. Singles are allured to the people who can show them a good time. After the 20th as Venus moves into your 6th House there are romantic opportunities at the work place or as you pursue your health goals. Health professionals are very alluring then. You’re in a “love at first sight mode” from the 20th onwards. Might be advisable to look before you leap.



The lack of energy you feel is not a trend for the life or even for the year. It’s a temporary thing caused by the transits. The main thing is to get more rest, especially after the 18th. You’re going to be very successful this year, but this month pay more attention to the home and family. A solid domestic life is the foundation upon which career success rests. You need a good foundation now. Until the 18th the focus is on communication and intellectual interests. Local travel is more important than foreign travel. After the 18th you’re traveling, but not to some physical space but to regions of the subconscious mind. You’re exploring the past. Many of you will enjoy past life regression this month. In many cases there will be no need to dig up the past, it will come up spontaneously - for no apparent reason. You’ll feel more nostalgic. This is nature’s therapeutic system. You confront the old memories from your present vantage point and re-interpret them. Many old traumas get dissolve in this way. There can be a sudden expense in the home, that stresses you financially, but you have the wherewithal to handle it. Love becomes more delicate after the 11th as the Love Planet starts to retrograde. Love is close to home this month - in the neighborhood.



This is still a great month for starting a new business or venture. The solar cycles - both personal and universal - are waxing (growing) and most of the planets are moving forward (90% after the 11th ). You have a lot of cosmic support for anything new. Your Health Planet is retrograde until the 11th so avoid making major changes to the diet or health regime until then. Job seekers too, need to study opportunities further. Things may not be as they seem. Health is good this month and you can make it better through ankle and calf massage. Give the ankles more support - especially when exercising. Your home seems in a constant upgrade. Every time you think you have it right - a new idea or concept comes to you. Renovations go better after the 20th. Neptune has been in your 3rd House for some years now. Thus your taste in reading is more refined - you like spiritual and inspirational kinds of books. Poetry is more appealing too. You have a good feel for sacred literature. This month these trends are even stronger. After the 18th its good to catch up on all those e-mails, letters and phone calls that you owe. If you’re selling something this is a good period for it. Prosperity is still excellent. You’re working on financial health perhaps more than on your physical health. Love doesn’t seem a big priority this month.



Another happy and prosperous month Aquarius. Enjoy. Personal and financial power are at their maximum this month. You can have things your way, do more or less what you want to do, and the wherewithal for it is there. Love is still wonderful. Serious love is in the air and you can’t escape it. This would be a good month for a marriage for those of you in a serious relationship. The unattached might not marry but will meet marriage material these days. The financial intuition, always good, gets even stronger from the 18th onwards. Its especially good from the 1st to the 3rd and from the 23rd to the 27th. A business partnership or joint venture could materialize from the 18th onwards. Friends are financially supportive and provide opportunity. You’re more generous and giving than usual. Charitable. Almost any hard luck story is enough to make the wallet open. Psychics, astrologers, spiritual channels and minister types have good financial information and guidance for you. This is an excellent month - after your birthday - to start a new business or launch a new venture. After the 18th is best. Health and energy are excellent. On the 20th Mars enters Aries and starts to aspect Uranus. This can make you experimental with the body. You want to test its limits. Basically a good urge, but do it safely and mindfully.



You’ll have to work harder keeping harmony with your friends this month. A friendship is getting tested. This will ease up in future months, but now it seems more intense. In spite of this the month ahead is happy and successful. You might not be having your way in your career, but you are in most areas of life. Many planets are moving through your sign this month (50% are either there or moving through there). This shows high energy, good self esteem and self confidence. You believe in yourself and in your abilities - and it shows. A very happy job opportunity comes from the 23 to the 27 . rd th But the aspects for work are good from the 18th onwards. You don’t need to be looking for work. Jobs - and good ones - are seeking you out. A happy sexual opportunity comes from the 1st to the 3rd. Your overall sex appeal is very strong from the 18th onwards. Financial opportunity still seeks you out until the 20th. Nothing special that you need to do - it just comes to you. Spiritual healing ability was strong last month and gets even stronger this month. Try some experiments from the 23rd to the 27th. You’ll be amazed. Your money house becomes powerful after the 20th , so there is prosperity. But this is only the beginning. Next month the money house becomes even stronger. Enjoy. Love is still in spiritual milieus this month. Spiritual compatibility is more important than all the other compatibilities.











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