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A grand trine (loose) in your element, the fire element, shows much zeal and enthusiasm. You

approach life with passion and courage. This is wonderful for your career. Your zeal is infectious and

motivates others. Career is still very successful but by the 20 most career goals are th achieved (the short

term ones, anyway) and you’re ready to focus on friendships and group activities. Health is good, but like

last month get more rest until the 20th. Until the 5th give more attention to the spine and knees. Afterwards

give more attention to the ankles and calves. Health and energy return to super normal after the 20th. In

the year ahead there’s much foreign travel related to the career. Make sure the bags are packed and

ready to go. If your starting a new business or launching a new project, spring is best. But if you’re in a

hurry, this month is excellent. The 1st to the 5th and from the 20th onwards is best. Love is happy and

harmonious this month. You and the beloved are on the same page and more or less interested in the

same things. There’s a lot of togetherness. Singles find love opportunities as the get involved with groups

and group activities. Friends seem eager to play cupid. Group activities (and being involved with

organizations) is good for the bottom line as well.





Career is the main headline this month. 50% of the planets are either in or moving through your

10th House this month. This is a lot of power. Jupiter is making beautiful aspects to your career planet.

Yes, there is much change and instability there, but you are succeeding. These changes work to your

advantage. Career doors are opening up. Love is much happier now than it was last year, but still not

what it should be or will be - Jupiter’s move into Virgo in August will bring the serious love you deserve. In

the meantime enjoy yourself. Now that Saturn has left Scorpio, overall health is wonderful. However after

the 20th watch your energy more. Short term transits impact on the health. You’re working hard in the

career and this too impacts on your energy. Enhance the health through ankle and calf massage until the

27th and foot massage afterwards. If you feel under the weather a new unheard of therapy can be a help.

The dream life is significant from the 16th to the 20th. New spiritual information comes to you then. Try to

wrap up important purchases or financial decisions before the 21st. This is when your Financial Planet

starts to retrograde. Earnings are good this month, but slow down after the 21st. You have the financial

favor of bosses and elders.





Death and Resurrection are normal parts of life. We see it in nature all the time. The caterpillar

becomes the butterfly. The child dies as a child, leaving all that behind, and becomes an adult. An old

year dies and a new one is born immediately. An old day dies and a new one is born. A seed dies and

becomes a plant. This is a month to explore these mysteries and apply them to your life. Do you want

wealth. Then you must die to the state of lack. Do you want health, then you must die (become nonresponsive)

to the state of disease. Death has its good points. Without death resurrection can’t happen.

So if something in your life seems like its dying, rather than mourn, rejoice for resurrection is not far

behind. With your 8th House very powerful now (since the 22nd of last month) this is a good time to go

through your home and belongings and get rid of things that you don’t use or need. Sell them or give

them to charity. This will clear the decks for the new things that want to come in. It is good for physical

detox regimes too. Students, especially at the college level, have had many educational ups and downs

these past few months. This month there is good fortune. There is success in the studies. A good period -

from the 20th onwards to travel. Those of you interested in religion and philosophy will have

breakthroughs there. Health is basically good now.





If you’re single and unattached, this is going to change in the year ahead. Wonderful love

aspects don’t always mean a literal marriage, very often it brings this, but sometimes it’s a relationship

that’s “like” a marriage. Something serious and committed. You can feel the change already. You can feel

the shifting gears of the cosmos. Some magical switch was thrown, and the whole love energy is

different. The month ahead is an active social period. After the 20th it is a sexually active period. Whatever

your age, the libido is stronger than usual. When the your 8th House becomes powerful after the 20th it is

wonderful for detox and weight loss regimes. The body gets polluted with effete material and periodically

needs to be cleaned. The same is true with the mind and emotional nature. Every now and then they

need a good detox. Also a good idea to go through your possessions and get rid of what you don’t use.

Its just clogging up the works - adding to the clutter. Sell them or give them to charity. If you’re in a

relationship the spouse or current love is at peak yearly earnings now. You seem involved there. Make

sure to get enough rest until the 20th.





Jupiter in your own sign since last July gives high spirits and a party attitude to life. But Saturn’s

move into your 5th House last month, shows a need to tone it down a bit. You’re still having fun this year,

but in a more productive way. Many of you will learn to enjoy your work more - make it play rather than

work. Your 6th House became powerful late last month - after the 22nd and is still powerful until the 20th of

this month. So if you’re unemployed this is an excellent period for finding a job. Don’t just look for “any

job” but something that’s fun - enjoyable. The main headline this month is the love life. 50% of the planets

are either there or moving through there this month. This is a lot of power. It shows a hyperactive social

life. Singles will be dating more. There are more parties and social invitations. Your personal popularity

soars. You’re very devoted to the current love and to your friends in general. You’re there for them and

this is appreciated. On the 5th your Financial Planet moves into the 7th House. This shows the importance

of social connections in the financial realm. A lot of the social events seem to be business or finance

related. Love happens in the usual places this month - at parties and gatherings. Serious romance and

even marriage can happen in the year ahead.





Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius for the next two years puts some stress on love. Existing

relationships will get tested. Good relationships survive. It could be that the beloved is not accepted by

your family, or career issues stress him or her out. Be patient. Singles will probably not date as much in

coming months, but the dates they do have will be better quality. Saturn affecting the Love Planet can

make it difficult to express feelings of love. So you will have to practice that in a conscious way. You’re

still in a creative fun filled period until the 20th. Your creativity is very inspired these days. The muses sit on

your shoulder. Don’t hold it in or they will leave you. The family situation is more challenging this month.

You seem to be taking on more family responsibility. Health is much improved over last month. Finances

are good and happen in the old fashioned way - through work. High tech is very important financially.

You’re probably spending on this. With your 6th House very strong all month, but especially after the 20th,

it is good to deal with your health - set up proper regimes, get your check ups etc. The spouse, partner or

current love has a nice payday from the 16th to the 20th. He or she seems generous and supportive after

the 23rd.





Saturn just entered your 3rd House on Christmas Eve. He will be there for the next two years. For

students this shows a need to buckle down in school. They need to work harder at their studies - and if

they do they will be successful. Cars and communication equipment will get tested this year and if not up

to standard will have to be replaced. Siblings and sibling figures in your life have a more serious kind of

year. They are forced to take on more responsibility and get more serious about life. A parent or parent

figure needs to take a more serious health regime. He or she needs to give more attention to the spine,

knees, teeth and skeletal alignment. Home and family are still the prominent focus this month - until the

20th. After the 20th you’re in a party period. A time to enjoy life. Joy itself is a great healing power, as you

will see after the 20th. Health is much improved. Love is still unstable and though there is romance

marriage is probably not advisable. Children and children figures have love this month. It has been good

since July but after the 20th even better. If they are of appropriate age marriage could happen.




A powerful 3rd House this month is excellent for students, teachers, writers, sales and marketing

people. The mind is sharp and clear. The communication skills are greater than normal. Information is

easily assimilated and disseminated. A great month to attend lectures and seminars in subjects that

interest you. If you’re starting a new business or venture this is an excellent time. The planetary

momentum is forward. Both the universal and personal solar cycles are waxing. Jan 1 to 5 and 21 to 31

are best for this. Finances are slower than usual this month. Your Financial Planet is retrograde and

Saturn is in the money house. The financial life should be put under review. Major purchases or

investments are best delayed. If you must make a major purchase protect yourself as best you can.

You’re still in a prosperity period in your life. The challenges this month are short term. On the 20th the

Sun enters your 4 House and it is good to deal with home and family issues. Your mission th is your family

now. If you’re doing serious repairs or renovations, until the 12th is best. But they go OK afterwards too.

Health and energy need more watching from the 20th onwards. As always make sure to get enough rest.





Saturn is now in your sign for the next two years (approx). This is an important headline. By

nature you’re a happy go lucky kind of person. A person with boundless optimism. This is good, but now

the optimism gets tempered with reality therapy. You have to learn to be optimistic in spite of the many

challenges ahead. The good news is that you’re in a very strong prosperity cycle. Earnings and earnings

opportunity seek you out. You don’t need to run after money, money runs after you. You seem very close

to the money people in your life. You’re more involved with them. There will be more travel in the year

ahead. Too much focus on finance can make a person overly serious. Cold. Businesslike. Professional.

This is not how you really are, but others can get that feeling from you. This can affect your love life. Make

it a project to send love and warmth to others. Earnings are soaring this month. After the 20th it might be

wise to invest resources and time to expand your knowledge base. You have the money now. Take

courses in subjects that interest you. Read more. Take advantage of your enhanced mental abilities.

Health is good. 





If you had a birthday last month you’re in an excellent period for launching a new venture or

releasing a new product into the world. The 1st to the 5th is wonderful for this. If you’re having a birthday

this month, the 20th to the 31st is excellent (the 20th is best). This is a happy and prosperous month. You’re

getting your way in most things in life (which can be a problem if the desires are not right). Finances are

still a bit stressful until the 20th, but afterwards earnings soar. You’re in a period of peak earnings in a

strongly prosperous year. You have a good feeling for residential real estate, restaurants, the lodging

industry and a family type business. Money is earned at home. You’re spending on the home and family

too. There is good family support. These have been long term trends. The home is being made “high

tech” - you’ve been installing all kinds of high tech gadgetry there, and will probably do more in the year

ahead. The spouse or partner is in a prosperous year, but his or her finances are a bit stressful after the

20th. This will improve next month. Health is still excellent. The body and image can be transformed by

spiritual means and you will learn a lot more about this as the year progresses.





Saturn is now in your 11th House for the next two years (approx). You have a lot of friends. You

make friends easily. Its your nature to have many friends. But now Saturn is going to test these things.

Saturn is going to weed out the real friends from the mediocre ones. This is not always pleasant, but in

the end its good. Better few friends, but good ones, than hordes of mediocre ones. Saturn is your

spiritual planet. His move into your 11th House, shows a need for more spiritual type friends. People who

elevate and support your own spirituality. Being involved with spiritual organizations is very good for the

next two years. Spirituality is where its at on the romantic front too - especially until the 20th. After the 20th

love pursues you. The Love Planet crosses your Ascendant and enters your 1st House. You won’t even

escape it. The current love will be more devoted and attentive after the 20th. Health is good and you’re in

one of the best and happiest periods of your year - especially from the 20th onwards. The personal

appearance shines. Women look more beautiful and men are attracting beautiful women into the life.

You’re a star in your world and you’re having things your way. Finances are excellent all month.





Saturn is in your 10th House for the long haul and Jupiter is in your 6th House for the next 6

months. A clear message. This is a work oriented time in your life. Buckle down and be productive. If the

boss is paying you $10 and hour give $20 an hour’s worth of service. The demands are hard on you,

work to exceed them. A great cosmic law is invoked when you do this. Your extra effort is like money in

the bank collecting interest. Also it will propel you to success you never imagined. Like last month it is still

good to improve your high tech skills and equipment. You need to be at the top of your game

technologically. This is a very spiritual kind of month. This is so all month, but especially after the 20th.

Pisces are always interested in spiritual things, but this month more so than usual. Your challenge will be

to keep your feet on the ground - to stay in your body and not float off to Nirvana. Nirvana is wonderful,

but not while you’re driving or engaged in worldly activities. Health is good and your spiritual healing

skills are enhanced after the 20th. Financial windfalls come to you from the 12th onwards. Good to spend

on yourself and your image. Love is not at the clubs or night spots these days but at the spiritual seminar,

spiritual retreat or charity event.




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  • Bridge: January 27, 2015

    I really appreciate these astrology posts. blessings, B.

  • jodi: January 23, 2015

    Taurus is so spot on for me this month. Hopeful. Thank you. Love Jodi

  • anita n defazio: January 16, 2015

    You give me courage and hope.anita

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