With Jupiter in your 5 House since July Aries of childbearing age are very fertile th - more so than

usual. Health and vitality are still excellent like last month. Until the 22nd the main health danger is “burn

out”. You can be pushing the body beyond its limits. Its all go-go-go. But enjoyable and exciting. Career

was wonderful last month and this month its even better. A lot of success - a lot of advancement - is

happening now. A little creativity enhances the career. Money can come from pay raises and promotions.

Bosses seem pleased with your work ethic and are supporting the financial goals. Your good

professional reputation enhances earnings. The financial judgement is sound from the 10th onwards. You

have a long term perspective on wealth and it might be a good time to start a savings or investment plan.

Generally you’re a financial risk taker, but this month you’re more conservative - a good thing. This is a

month (especially after the 10th) where you socialize with the high and mighty - people of power and

prestige. In fact status and power is a romantic turn on and singles are very allured to these kinds of

people. Singles have opportunities for office romances this month. Overall health is good but after the

22nd best to pace yourself more and get more rest. A good back massage will do wonders for your

energy. Yoga asanas that strengthen the spine are good too.





The main headline this month is the improvement in the love life. You’ve gone through much

testing and turmoil here in the past year and the worst is over. Saturn, which has been in your House of

Love for the past two years, is moving out of there on the 24th. Whatever love lessons that needed to be

learned have been learned. Serious love will come in 2015. Whatever the love problems have been, you

still seem sexually active - perhaps overly so. You may have to moderate some of this in the next two

years. Finances look excellent this month - always important for Taurus. You seem optimistic and

confident. You spend freely and earn more. If you have good ideas there is outside money available. A

good month to pay down or make debt - depending on your need. With Saturn moving out of Scorpio

overall health will be better over the long term. Health is good this month and you can make it better

through thigh massage (until the 17th) and back massage afterwards. Your 9th House becomes ultra

powerful after the 22nd. This shows foreign travel and happy educational opportunities. Religious and

philosophical type breakthroughs are there for those who want that. Career is still in turmoil and much

change is happening. All of this helps you. You’re succeeding this month.





The social life is still active and happy this month - perhaps it is a bit too active. Perhaps you’ve

accumulated too many lukewarm or fair weather friends. Perhaps the quality of the social life is not what it

should be. Saturn is making a major move into your 7th House of love on the 24th. Saturn will be there for

the next two years. It is time to bring a good order to the love life, marriage or current relationship.

Existing relationships will get tested. Pressure will be brought to bear on them. We never know if love is

real when the times are good - we only find out in the tough times Flawed relationships will probably

dissolve in coming years. Singles will date less but the quality of the dating will be better. And this is the

agenda now. Fewer friends, fewer dates, but quality ones are much better than hordes of mediocre

relationships. All of this is going to help the love life. You’ll start to attract more serious and stable people

into the life. From the 24th onwards there’s no rush to marriage. Let love develop slowly and naturally.

Health and energy are much improved after the 22nd. In the meantime get plenty of rest. Financially you’re

OK but the spouse, partner or current love (whoever plays the part of the spouse in your life) is

prospering. He or she takes up the slack.





Overall energy isn’t what it should be and you should rest and relax more, but in spite of this the

month is happy and many nice things are happening. Your Love Planet makes a major move out of

Scorpio, where its been for the past two years, and into Sagittarius. It is starting to make fabulous aspects

to Jupiter. These will become more exact next year. So, for singles love is in the air. A special someone is

on the horizon. And, even before you meet this person the social life is going to be active and happy.

Saturn’s move into your 6th House shows an allurement to health professionals - especially if they are

involved in your health. There are also happy opportunities at the job, with co-workers or through the

introduction of co-workers. The work place is as much social as it is business. On the 22nd you enter one

of you’re your yearly social peaks - one of the most active in your year. Singles have many options this

month - wealthy types, techies, intellectuals and just fun and games relationships. Earnings are still high

and probably you’re spending more too. On the 22 the financial judgement nd becomes more

conservative. You want value for your dollar - before that you don’t seem to care.





This is a party time of the year, before the holidays, and you are in a party period until the 22nd. A fun

filled period. The love life has become super since the 22nd of last month. There is harmony in the existing

relationship (though the spouse partner or current love, seems stressed out) and singles are connecting

with good romantic prospects. But none of this seems very serious - just entertainment - fun and games.

Serious romance is not likely for singles. But it is fun. Enjoy it for what it is. Late last month your Financial

Planet entered your 5th House. The Sun entered on the 22nd of last month. So speculations are favorable

now. Lady luck sits besides you. But the cosmos has other ways of supplying you too. Your personal

creativity - which is unusually strong - is marketable. Money is earned in happy ways - perhaps as you are

out enjoying yourself. This is a month for “happy money”. Be careful of reckless spending though. Health

and energy are excellent all month - and this makes all the difference in the world. Things that were

impossible when energy was low are now eminently possible. Saturn’s move into Sagittarius on the 24th

can make liver action more erratic. Sometime it races sometimes its sluggish. Liver detox is good idea in

the year ahead.





In the natural order of things as depicted in the zodiac first the emotional life has to be put in order.

Harmony needs to be maintained. Once this is accomplished, the fun and good times roll. The 5th House

of joy and creativity comes after the 4th House of mood and feeling. Now that Saturn is moving into your

4th House (on the 24th) getting the emotional life in order is going be a long term project. But progress is

made this month and this is what counts. The fun and games - the reward of emotional well being -

begins on the 22nd. Health needs more watching until the 22nd. Face, scalp, ankle and calve massage will

be wonderful. And, as always, make sure to keep high energy levels. Finances are good this month. Until

the 10th earnings are high and spending is high. Perhaps you’re too optimistic about finances. But after

the 10th as your Financial Planet moves into Capricorn, the financial judgement is sound - conservative -

measured and proportional. This will be a good time (after the 10th) to create budgets, savings and

investment programs. Wealth is a certain discipline that must be followed and you’re in the mood for it.

Love is more challenging this month. Its most likely not your fault. The beloved seems stressed out.

Singles are probably meeting stressed out people. The job situation seems unstable - but more after the

22nd than before. Job changes shouldn’t be feared, you have excellent aspects for work. Not only now

but for many months to come.





Health and energy could be better, especially after the 22nd, but still some very nice things are

happening. For one thing finances are much, much improved. Your Financial Planet has been moving

forward since September 23. So there is more financial clarity and confidence. But more important than

that, Saturn, which has been in your money house for over two years, is moving out on the 24th. This is

like a big lead weight being lifted off your shoulders. The financial lessons that it had to teach -

consolidation, good financial management, making good use of the resources you have - have been

learned. No need for additional pressure. A prosperous month ahead - and next year will be even more

prosperous. Family support should have been good this past year and will get even better this month.

There is also good fortune in real estate, restaurants and family businesses. Family connections also

seem cooperative. A good month to earn money from home. Career is more or less in abeyance this

month. This is temporary. For now focus on the home and family and get that in good order. Make sure

to get enough rest after the 22nd. Make sure the feet are warm and well massaged.





You’re still prospering strongly until the 22nd. Very strongly. But don’t fritter away resources

impulsively. Saturn is making a move into your money house on the 24th. With wealth comes

responsibility. Saturn is going to teach you this over the next two years. You’re responsible for how you

use your resources. They’re given for a purpose. The theme for 2015 is good financial management. Its

not so much about earning more - and you will - but about making good use of what you have. This is a

great month to prepare for Saturn - to set up savings and investment plans - to make long range financial

plans. If you want a happy retirement, you need to begin now. Many of you will be thinking along these

lines. Though the planetary power has left your sign, you’re still in a period of maximum personal power -

especially after the 22 . Pluto, your ruler, gets much positive stimulation. You can and nd should have things

your way. Personal confidence and self esteem are strong. Love and career opportunities pursue you.

Singles find happy love opportunities in educational settings after the 10th - at school functions, lectures,

seminars and perhaps at the library or book store. Now that Saturn is leaving your sign on the 24th watch

how the health and energy soar.





You’re still in a happy and prosperous period now. Life is good. There is optimism and

enthusiasm. There’s nothing you can’t do, nothing you can’t have. Still with Uranus being camped out on

an eclipse point since October, you need to drive more carefully and are perhaps having dramas with

siblings or neighbors. Sometimes there are disruptions in your neighborhood - construction, road

closings etc. Health is wonderful these days. With high energy, the sky is the limit for you. Prosperity was

good last month and is getting even better now. On the 22nd, the Sun moves into your money house and

you enter a period of peak earnings. Your money house will be the most powerful House of your

Horoscope. Earnings will soar. You have a lot of financial cooperation from others - the beloved, the

parents or parent figures, bosses and even the government. On the 24th sober Saturn moves into your

sign. Generally this is not the happiest aspect, but in your case it could be very good. It keeps your feet

on the ground, makes you more realistic. It also brings some financial windfalls. Saturn’s entry into your

sign might make you more serious for the next two years, but it will also enrich you.





Saturn, the Lord of your Horoscope, makes a major move on the 24th. It moves from your 11th

House where its been for the past two years, into your 12th House of spirituality. Thus, spiritual interests

are dominant for the next two years. This is a bit strange for the down to earth Capricorn, but its healthy.

Many, many solutions to perennial problems lie in this realm. The month ahead is spiritual too. If you are

not yet on a path this is a time to start. Those already on a spiritual path will make much progress now.

The supernatural kinds of events that happen this month (and which will happen over the next two years)

will show you that there’s more to life than what you see with your 5 senses. This is a happy month

Capricorn. Enjoy. On the 22nd the Sun enters your sign. You are filled with energy. You look good. You

have beauty and star quality this month. If you need clothing or personal accessories this is a good

month to get them - the purchases will be good. With many planets in your 1st House from the 22nd

onwards, you’re in a good period for getting the body and image in right shape. Finances get more

turbulent from the 22nd onwards, but these are short term problems. By next month things will straighten






A happy month ahead. Health and energy get better day by day. You’re in a strong social

period, very involved with friends and group activities. You’re already a high tech wiz, but this month your

abilities increase. A good month to buy or upgrade your software and equipment. The love life is super

too. For those unattached, love awaits you as you get involved with groups and organizations. There are

love opportunities in the online world too. Friends are playing cupid these days. Those already in a

relationship can enhance things through travel to exotic places. There’s a lot of optimism this month. The

career is improving as well. Saturn leaves your 10th House and enters the 11th on the 24th. Career should

go easier - be less demanding now. Though your 10th House is not strong this month, there is much

career success and opportunity happening from the 10th onwards. Mars enters your 1st House on the 5th.

This has many good points - it gives, energy, courage and sex appeal. However, it can also make for

rush, impatience and a short fuse. Mars in the 1st House doesn’t suffer fools kindly. But be careful with

this. Mars in the 1st House can create enemies unconsciously. Finances are much improved after the

22nd. A prosperous month.





The career is still the main headline this month. It is very successful - though you’re earning every

bit of it. The reward of career success is more responsibility - generally more work. This happens on the

24th as Saturn moves into your 10th House of career. This transit shows earning success the hard way - by

being the best at what you do. Merit and ability are what matters. Seems to me that Saturn’s entry into

your 10th House shows a new boss coming into the picture. He or she seems very demanding. Exacting.

You will be stretched in various ways but you can handle it. High tech and online activities are important

this month (especially from the 22 onwards) and for the next two years. Your career nd success is highly

dependent on your high tech skills. It is good to invest in the latest and best. This is wonderful month to

improve your high tech skills - to upgrade the software or hardware - to take lessons or seminars on

technology. It is going to be a challenge to have a successful career and still be able to follow your

personal inclinations. Continue to get as much rest as possible until the 22nd. After that health and energy

should improve. Your Financial Planet moves into your 12th House of spirituality on the 5th. This shows

various things. You’re more generous and charitable than usual. You go deeper into the spiritual

dimensions of wealth. You spend on spiritual books, music, CD’s and seminars. Also high tech.

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