In honor of Men's Health Month, our Spiritual Gangster spotlight features a man who's mission is to spread health and awareness to his amazing community.
Spiritual Gangsters come in all shapes and sizes. They come from a thousand different backgrounds, with a plethora of different talents and passions. This week, meet our Spiritual Gangster Spotlight, Martin Perez. He's the guru for the top polo players in the world, and brings his Spiritual Gangster mentality with him as he travels the world.
What does being a Spiritual Gangster mean to you? 
Spiritual Gangster stands for everything that I promote to my clients and so it means a lot to me to be an ambassador for the brand.
How did you become involved in the Polo world? And what has it taught you about life and living it to the fullest? 
I first got involved in polo about 7 years ago. I used to train people for fitness and one on my clients had a relative who played polo. She introduced me to him and we started to workout. 
Polo is a fast paced, explosive and exciting sport. The game is all about energy, the players cannot let their energy levels drop for a minute or the game will pass them by, this has taught me the importance of grabbing every opportunity and making the most of it. This is of course helped by the fact that polo allows you to travel all over the world, bringing people together in some of the most unlikely places through a joint passion for the sport. 
Does yoga and spirituality play a role in the Polo community?
What I promote through my training programs is a deeper understanding of ones body that allows you to push yourself further, however, I find that yoga can really help players not only physically, in terms of flexibility, but also spiritually.
Nowadays there are more and more people doing yoga alongside their sport specific workouts. There are also more trainers who are adding yoga postures to different workouts. I think there are a lot more people believing in the power of it.
You travel the globe teaching about the art of fitness for Polo. What has been your favourite place to travel and why?
I have been lucky to travel to many different places around the world, all of them are amazing and all of them have their own vibe that you can feel as soon as you get there. In every single place I’ve experienced great things and had some great times, but if I had to choose one, I would probably say Bali. I had the opportunity to go there a few years ago, and it was sensational. The way they live, the happiness, the colours, the spirituality, the hospitality, everything in one great place. If I have some spare time during my tour around Southeast Asia next year, I will definitely go back.
How do you raise your vibration and live a high vibration life? 
I try to live everyday to the fullest. I wake up every morning and get myself ready with a nice and healthy breakfast. I know that there is a reason why I'm so energetic all the time, and I know for certain that the first meal that I have a day is the one that gets me going. I live my life with no regrets and I'm always optimistic. I take good care of my body, with proper training and food intake, as well as my mind, always looking for new research and studies about health and fitness, both for athletes and non athletes.
What’s your favorite mantra of the moment?
There is a phrase that I say all the time, "Everything happens for a reason". 
Whether I do something right or wrong, there is always a reason behind it even if it is not obvious at the time, and so there is always something to learn. That is why I'm so optimistic and I'm always looking forward to the next step even while I'm enjoying the present one.
When you’re not traveling the world for Polo, what would your ideal day look like?
When im not travelling or working, I like to spend my time with the people that I dont get to see very often because of my job. I would go on a walk with my lovely dog Mecha around my neighbourhood ending up at my friends pet shop store Pichichus, having some mates (traditional argentine infusion, like tea), and talking about life and its mysteries. I would also meet my family, have lunch with them and then head back home to play some guitar. After that I always like to do something active, so I would probably plan some sports related activity and get together with a few friends to have some fun. That day will end with a nice dinner with the woman I love, enjoying time together. 
What’s your favorite way to decompress after a long day?

I have different ways to decompress after a long day, but playing the guitar always works. It's a moment when I get to think about everything. I love jamming, finding a nice blues backing track and letting my mind wander. Sadly I can't take it away when I travel, so I try to meditate and spend some time focusing on my breathing. This is something that I started doing two years ago, and I'm having great results. This is a good tip for all of you that spend long hours working, and come back home late. Breathing along with proper hydration. Never underestimate the power of water.
What’s next on the agenda for Martin?
My next big step will be to take my fitness for polo philosophy to South East Asia. Throughout January and February I will be giving seminars in the luxury polo club Polo Escape. I hope to bring fitness and well being to polo people on a bigger scale and teach them the advantages of living a high vibration lifestyle.
Follow Martin on all his Spiritual Gangster adventures on instagram http://instagram.com/fitnessforpolo

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