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She's a model, she's a world traveler, she's a yogini, and now she's a Spiritual Gangster. We sat down with the adorable Anna Herrin and talked about what she loves about her life as a jet setter, yogi, and a healthy life style guru. 
Spiritual GangsterDescribe your yogi style. 


Anna Herrin: I like to do all different types of yoga so choosing one yogi style is hard! I'd have to say that lately I've been into bikrim yoga which is a series of the same 26 yoga poses in a hot room. I find this class to be not only insanely physically challenging but also very mentally challenging.  The first time I took the class I really felt like I would die in the middle of it but by the end I felt beyond amazing.  Going into the second, third, or thirtieth class after completing the first one regardless of how hard it feels, I know that it is within my power to complete the class. While my brain may be telling me to quit, run out the door, figit with my pony tail, etc...I know that I can do it and using my body to beat my brain is a fun and interesting challenge. 

SG: Can you share any tips for yogis just getting started on their yoga journey?



For people just getting started on their yogi journey I would first say congratulations and you made an awesome decision..I would then say yoga is usually as hard as it looks and to never judge yourself for not being able to do something on your mat.  I always make sure to tell myself that making it to my mat is a victory in its self and anything that happens after that is just the cherry on top. Some days I can bring my toes to touch my head and other days I can hardly bring my hands to touch my toes.  As in most things, it is so important not to judge yourself negatively or to compare to other long as you're pushing yourself what ever you're doing is awesome!
SGYou travel the globe for modeling. What has been your favorite place and why?
AHI've been able to go to such awesome places for modeling and feel so insanely lucky for that but I have to say my favorite trips are usually not work related. Over this past summer I went to a small Greek island called Amorgos with my mom and one of my favorite yoga teachers Sianna Sherman for a yoga retreat that was a little over a week...I had never been to Greece and had been DYING to go since I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (I'm a dork, I know) but getting there lived up to every dream I had created in my head for years.  I loved all the turquoise and white buildings (was seriously out of a movie) I absolutely loved the food, found the people to be absurdly warm and open to sharing their way of living on the island, the sun was so strong and delicious, the landscape was out of control, and there were a ton of a adorable little goats at every turn.  We did yoga twice a day over looking the water and spent the rest of the day at the beach in the sun and just relaxing like it was a job.  Safe to say it was pretty epic and I highly recommend checking it out if you want a ton of beauty without the crazy parties of some of the other Greek Islands. 
SG: What’s your favorite mantra of the moment?
AH: While I do love chanting mantras when in big groups as to hear the collective vibration, my favorite personal mantra for a while lately has simply been to love myself.  I went on a yoga retreat at a center called kripalu where we learned  a ton of mantras and their meanings and then we're simply told to find one that resonates with us.  Mine may not be an original Sanskrit mantra but it has meaning to me and brings me to a positive place.  I try to be my own best friend and always be kind to myself so reminding myself that I am someone worthy of love is a great personal practice. 
SG: If you had to choose your favorite pose, what would it?
AH: I'd have to say my pose of the minute is Salamba Sirsasana or much more simply headstand. I love this pose because while it appears pretty difficult once you get yourself upside down the first time and figure out the weight balance you feel like a rock star and can pop into it anywhere! Its been really fun teaching it to my friends who never thought they could balance on their heads and getting to see their smiley faces when their legs are in the air. Lately I've been getting into a headstand and using that as my ab workout by lowering and lifting my legs.  Fun way of feeling cool while also killing your lower abs upside down! 
SG: When you’re not traveling the globe modeling, what would your ideal day look like?

AH: When I'm not working my dream days always seem to include getting to hang out with my dog Grace, getting to a hot yoga class with my mom (who conveniently has an apartment in the same building as me),  getting Sugarfish which is the worlds most amazing sushi, and then laying in the sun whether that be at the beach (ideal) or at home on the porch. Sprinkle in some friend time, some boyfriend time, an episode of law order, and a nice glass of wine, and I am the happiest girl on earth.



SG: What's your favorite go-to snack?
AH: My favorite healthy go to snack of the moment is without a doubt roasted seaweed.  May sound ridiculous but they're my (almost) fully successful replacement for potato chips.  You can get them in a ton of flavors, their super low in calories, they're crunchy, and you can eat a ton of them and not feel guilty. Awesome movie snack if you're seeking a healthy slightly addictive substitute for your current snack fix.
SG: What’s your favorite go-to juice blend?


 AH: My go to juice is a mix of sweet and green.  I like to mix kale, pineapple, mint, ginger, apple, and cucumber. It makes my stomach feel good, it's easy and light to drink, and gives me a ton of energy without needing a big meal. Makes me want one now! 



SG: Are you a moon or a sun girl? And why?


AH: I'm a sun girl all the way! I've been caught far to many times doing a human form of photosynthesis. I can seriously bask in the sun all day and it gives me the happiest energy out there.  I love being warm, I love the way everything looks when it reflects light, and I personally think the sun being out makes everyone happy and who doesn't like happiness?  To be honest though  I'm such a grandma and  I go to bed so insanely early that it may be safe to say I simply haven't experience enough moon time.  I'm sun bias but I'm not complaining whatsoever! 

SG: So what's next for Anna?
AH: I live my life in terms of when my next vacation will be so next on my agenda is a trip to Morocco and South Africa with my family.  I'm going to start by  doing a week long bike trip with my dad through Morocco then meet the rest of my family in Cape Town where we are going to tour for a little and then go on a safari.  Words seriously cannot describe how excited I am it doesn't feel real but I absolutely cannot wait, and don't know if ill ever come back! reality I will but always fun to dream! 

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  • Kaitlen: October 01, 2014

    The raddest chick on the block. Great interview. Even better inspiration.

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