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You’re still having fun but since the 23 of last month you’re working hard too. rd You work hard and

you play hard. Job seekers have good fortune now. Foreign lands are calling to you and many of you will

travel this month - especially after the 14th. The overall health is vastly better than it has been most of the

year. With extra energy all kinds of possibilities open up to you - things that were “impossible” when

energy was low. Love is tricky this month. You seem more perfectionistic about it - and perhaps you’re

attracting partners who are like that. Beware of destructive criticism and judgement - nothing kills

romance quicker than that. There is some conflict with the beloved, but its short term. No need to make

matters worse through destructive criticism. After the 5th you’re attracted to healers or health

professionals. Office romances are likely too. Until the 23rd its good to achieve those boring routine tasks

- accounting, book keeping, filing etc. You have more energy to achieve these things. Finances are

reasonable. You earn money the old fashioned way - through work and productive service. You are much

more careful shopper and will get value for your dollar. The financial judgement is sound, but don’t forget

to look at the big picture when making important financial decisions.





Health and energy are much better than last month, but you can enhance health even more by

giving more attention to the heart (until the 5th) and the small intestine (from the 5th onwards). Career is

vastly improved over the past months. This is not your strongest career month but very nice

developments happen from the 23rd to the 30th. The year ahead will be successful - and you deserve it for

what you went through early in the year. This is a fun kind of month, but for Taurus, work is fun. And they

like to work even on vacation or parties. Love is still conflicted and stressful. Keeping harmony here will

be a quite a challenge. You can do it, but you’ll have to work harder at it. Two difficult planets occupy

your 7th House - Saturn and Mars. Avoid power struggles where possible. Those who are unattached are

probably dating less lately, but they’re still dating. The social life hasn’t stopped, just more caution is

needed. The good news is that love is better than it has been the past few months. Its not what it can be

or will be in the future, but improved. You have good financial confidence this month and make decisions

quickly. You cover a lot of ground and make rapid progress towards your goals. A short term financial

disturbance from the 20th to the 23rd is just that - short term. It passes quickly. Singles find love

opportunity on the 14th and 15th. But as we mentioned don’t rush into anything.





Make sure you’re getting enough rest until the 23rd. There’s nothing seriously wrong, just low

energy. Pre-existing conditions can feel worse, also because of low energy. By the 23rd this will pass and

health becomes outstanding. Your 4th House of home and family is still strong until the 23rd. Give more

attention to the home and family. Your real job now is to get into a state of emotional harmony. Anything

that disturbs this should be looked at and eliminated - in a spiritual way. Keeping emotional harmony is

easy to say but not so easy to do. But its worth it. With emotional harmony prayers are answered very

quickly. Intentions manifest speedily. The Law of life is harmony. On the 23rd the Sun enters your 5th

House and you begin a party period. A time to enjoy life and leisure activities. There’s nothing special that

you need to do - the opportunities will come very naturally. Finance is not such a priority these days. But

earning power will be strongest from the 1st to the 8th and from the 24th onwards. The 4th 5th and 24th are

powerful financial days. Right now you’re building up the forces for your next career push which will

begin in a few months. Leisure recharges your batteries. If there’s something contsructive you can do for

you career, by all means do it. If not, enjoy your life.






 Health needs watching from the 23rd onwards. However it won’t be nearly as stressful as it was

in April. If you got through that, this will be a breeze. Still, make sure to get enough rest. Give more

attention to the liver and heart. Thigh massage will be a help. Detox will be especially helpful from the 23rd

to the 30th. Also a new kind of therapy seems helpful that period. This is a wonderful period for students,

teachers, writers and marketers. The mind is sharp and clear. You easily absorb information and

communicate it well. Salesmen make more sales. Overall energy could be better, but there is prosperity

this month - especially after the 23rf. Money is earned through sales, marketing, PR and good

communication skills. After the 23rd you earn money from home and through family connections. You

spend on the home and family but earn from there as well. This is not an especially strong career month.

You seem more interested in the career of children or children figures than in your own. You’re in a cycle

where you need to enjoy - have fun - on your career path. The love and social life sparkles until the 23rd,

but after that becomes more challenging. There’s nothing seriously wrong, you only have to work harder

on your relationship.






You’ve been in a prosperity cycle ever since July 17. Last month, on the 23rd, the cycle grew

stronger. And this continues in the month ahead - until the 23rd. Financial goals get attained now - and

more than you expect. The important benefics of the zodiac - the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter - are

all favoring you now. It is said that money can’t buy happiness. But can happiness buy money? For you

this answer is yes. Leo is one of the most creative signs in the zodiac. And now, with Jupiter in your own

sign your personal creativity is greatly increased - this is marketable these days. Those of you in the

creative arts will really feel it. Perhaps Leo’s biggest financial weakness is his freewheeling spending

ways. But this month, this is very much toned down. The financial judgement is practical, sound and

conservative. You analyze things more. You get value for your dollar. The financial decisions will be good.

The focus is more on money than love, nevertheless, there are happy romantic experiences from the 23rd

to the 30th. There are big differences between you and the beloved that period, but you seem able to

bridge them. Health is still good.





A happy and prosperous month Virgo. Enjoy. Last month on the 23rd the Sun moved into your sign

and this is the case until the 23rd of this month. Venus moves into your sign on the 5th and stays there for

the month ahead. You look great and have plenty of energy and charisma. The opposite sex takes notice.

But, as was the case last month, you have to bridge the differences with the beloved. You’re seeing life

from opposite perspectives. You’re having your way in life. You have unusual personal power now. It is

said that the only thing worse than not getting what you want, is getting what you want. Unwise choices

can wreak more havoc than not getting what you want. But this is how we learn. Venus’ move into your

sign brings financial windfalls and opportunity. Expensive personal items come to you. A great month to

buy clothing, jewelry and accessories as your sense of style is excellent. This month, your body and

image is your personal work of art. Children or children figures in your life have wonderful social aspects.

If they are or appropriate age, there is romance from the 23rd to the 30th. Your personal creativity is very

strong that period too. There is luck in speculations. Prosperity intensifies from the 23rd onwards. Heed

the financial intuition.





Last month on the 23rd you entered a strong spiritual period. It is even stronger this month. Those

of you on a spiritual path will make much progress. Spiritual studies and spiritual practice go well. Libras

are legendary social creatures. But this month less so than usual. There is a need for solitude, for your

own space, for getting in touch with your own aura and vibration. No, there’s nothing wrong with you. Its

just a strong 12th House energy. You have a birthday coming up soon. With some its this month, with

others in October. Your birthday is your personal new year. So it is good right now to review your past

year. See what’s been accomplished and what’s left to be done. See where mistakes were made and

make the corrections. Then set your goals for the year ahead, which begins on your birthday. This way

you start your personal new year on the right foot. On the 23rd things start to change. The Sun crosses

your Ascendant and enters your 1st House. You’re in a period of maximum personal power. You’re

generally not a selfish kind of person, but these days a little bit is good. Its time to create your own

happiness. You have the power to do it.





The career is still dazzling, but short term goals are more or less achieved. The interests are

more social this month. The fruits of career success are the kind of people you meet and the new

friendships you make. You meet and mingle with successful people and they in turn help the career.

Good networking abilities help the career. For those who are unattached romantic opportunities happen

through groups and group activities. Your Financial Planet is the most elevated in the Horoscope this

month. This is a good wealth signal. You look up to the rich. You aspire to be like them. Financial goals

are high on your priorities and you pay attention. Your personal creativity is marketable this month and in

the year ahead. Those of you in the performing or creative arts are having a banner financial period.

Health and energy are much improves this month. You can enhance it further through thigh massage and

liver detox. The liver seems hyper active this month - especially after the 18 . There are th opportunities to

move or to buy an additional home. These aspects have been good since July. A parent or parent figure

prospers. Being involved in charities and causes will help the career after the 23rd.





You’re working hard and playing hard this month. The demands of your career are strong

and there is much success happening. Next year at this time the success will be even greater. There is

career related travel happening. Your good work ethic is noted by those who count. Yet, you’re managing

to have fun. Mars moves into your sign on the 14th. This gives enhanced energy, courage and optimism. It

gives excellence in athletics and exercise regimes. It makes you more fun loving and more involved in

leisure activities. Sagittarians of appropriate age are more fertile. It also brings romantic opportunity -

however it doesn’t seem serious. More like a love affair than a committed relationship. More serious love

is found as you involved yourself in groups and organizations and as you pursue your career goals.

Finances are much better than in the past two months. Your challenge, as has been the case for the past

two years, is to access the spiritual dimensions of wealth. Miracle money is where its at for you. Natural,

humdrum money, is just boring these days. The main health danger this month is haste and impatience.

Avoid rush. This can lead to accident or injury. Watch the temper - especially after the 14th - and avoid

confrontations. People can take you as more “in your face” this period - even when you don’t mean to be.





A happy and successful month Capricorn. Enjoy. Sure there are some challenges, but you

have all the energy you need to overcome them. With your 9th House very strong until the 23rd, foreign

travel is indicated. Happy opportunities will come. It also brings happy educational opportunities. It might

be good to take them especially if they relate to your career. Your willingness to travel and to educate

yourself (or others) is a plus for the career. Earnings are very strong this month. The only problem is the

retrograde of your Financial Planet. Your Financial Planet has been retrograde since July. Earnings are

high but happen with delays. Don’t make matters worse by being careless or slipshod in financial

dealings. These “little” mistakes can be costly. The financial intuition is great, but the results can happen

down the road. On the 23rd the Sun enters your 10th House of career. You’re in a peak career period.

Money alone can never satisfy a Capricorn, they need status as well. And this month you get it. Health

and energy become more delicate after the 23rd, but nothing serious. Just make sure to get enough rest.

Hip massage and a kidney cleanse will do wonders.





The love life still sparkles these days, but now you seem more focused on the sexual

magnetism. A sexually active kind of month. Whatever your age or stage in life, the libido is stronger than

usual. However, when the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd, the romantic side of things becomes more

important. Sex is not an end in itself but just an extension of the romantic feeling. Finances are a bit

stressful this month. Neptune, the Financial Planet, is retrograde and receives stressful aspects. There is

much financial uncertainty that needs to be dealt with. It pays to gain clarity before making important

financial moves or decisions. Rest assured that these issues are not trends for the year or for the life - just

temporary things caused by the transits. You should see improvement from the 23rd onwards. You seem

very busy with the career. It seems hectic. You’re fending off competitors. Happily you have family

support. The family as a whole is raised in status. Also your career planet, Pluto, starts moving forward on

the 23rd, bringing clear headedness to the career path. You’re successful this month, but will be even

more successful next month. Next year will be even more successful. Foreign travel is interesting after the

23rd - and singles have interesting love opportunities in foreign lands.





The retrograde of your Ruler, Neptune, makes you feel uncertain. There is a lack of confidence

and self esteem. But sometimes this is good. With the planetary power distant from you this month, the

focus should be on others. Personal self will is not the way to go. Let others have their way so long as it

isn’t destructive. Only time will resolve your personal uncertainties, now it is time to enjoy the social life.

Your low profile is appealing to the opposite sex these days. The love life shines. Intellectuals and health

professionals are very appealing now. But sexual magnetism is the main turn on. It is a sexually active

kind of month - especially from the 23rd onwards. Finances are good, but be careful of over spending.

There are profits outside your normal sphere towards the end of the month. After the 14th you have the

financial favor of bosses, elders, parents, parent figures and the government. Pay raises at work could

happen. Very important to keep a good professional reputation. Health and energy will improve after the

23 . In the meantime give more attention to the small intestine (until the 23 ) and to the rd rd kidneys and hips

afterwards. Your liver seems over active this month - especially from the 14th onwards. The demands of

the career are hectic after the 14th.




 All images are from pinterest and tumblr.


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