Think back on where you were in your life 3 years ago...1 year ago....6 months ago..... Think about who you were, what your goals were, how you felt, and what your dreams entailed. Now look at your life today, right in this very moment...We are exactly where we need to be, but the way we have gotten here, the things we have learned, the ways we have grown, the people we have met, the tears we have cried, the giggles we have shared.....they have happened in the most unexpected ways. And yet, as far away from where you thought you were going to be at this moment 3 years ago, 1 year ago, and even 6 months ago, you are now exactly where you need to be.
Have the happiest of Mondays.

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  • E Miles: August 27, 2014

    One Love positive vibrations

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