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Healthy Living & Dessert with Crosby Tailor


Crosby Tailor with Laila Ali


Meet Crosby Tailor, renowned herbalist, celebrity chef, nutritional expert and Wilhelmina model. He manifested his bliss through baking, and after having one of his ketogenic cookies you’ll realize why. Crosby’s goal is to change the world with cookies, one heart at a time. “Eat Dessert Burn doesn’t get much sweeter than that! We sat down with Crosby and learned the ins and out of healthy eating, why refined sugar is the enemy, and what being a Spiritual Gangster means to him.

Spiritual Gangster: You make amazing sugar free super food cookies that have created a huge demand in the health food market. Can you tell us about some of your special ingredients? And the benefits behind them?
Crosby: I use a product called Bulletproof Brain Octane oil in my icings, which deliver a quick and long lasting energy to the body and the brain. Implementing these cookies into your diet as your main dessert will keep your body in ketosis so you still burn fat for fuel instead of sugar. Eventually, your body will burn your own stored body fat as a reserve storage of energy instead of getting low blood sugar and having to each a starch again to keep you going! My cookies will sometimes also contain herbs like ashwagandha to balance your cortisol and keep your stress levels down to mucuna pruriens that will enhance your dopamine levels and balance your serotonin. Healthy, happy, stress relieving, fat burning cookies that enhance your cognitive function essentially….just a few of the benefits : )
SG: These cookies sound amazing! Who would you like to affect the most with these super food sugar free cookies?
Crosby: Eventually I would like to make these cookies available to everyone but first I would like to make a strong push to all the moms out there for their children. So many kids are growing up with way too much sugar in their diets and not enough good healthy fats! I want to make more moms aware that refined sugar is the really the enemy! And their children can still be satisfied by a sweet treat without the detrimental side effects.
SG: What’s your favorite cookie flavor of the summer?
Crosby: My favorite cookie might always go down as my Reese’s Cup cookie. Super-herb packed mucuna ashwagandha chocolate icing, a sweet almond butter middle on top of a soft and gooey cookie. It reminds me of being at the movies with friends once school was out and getting a pack of the Reeses Buttercup for my movie snack.
SG: You’re big into living a holistic lifestyle, how does yoga play into your holistic way of life?
Crosby: I grew up playing sports and played football in college and yoga was never part of my regiment. My go-to workouts were always very intense from high intensity interval training sprints to power lifts to overall weight training with isolated lifts. And after I stopped playing ball and changed some of my eating habits for the better, these workouts were no longer helping my body, but hurting it. They were breaking down my body too much, to the point where I started to notice the inflammation setting in. I began to implement yoga into my weekly routine and the inflammation in my psoas started to subside. It is now part of my healing process to fully recovering my body, mind and soul. 
SG: Do you have a health guru/mentor who has inspired you on your journey to health?
Crosby: I don’t really believe in a health guru that anyone should listen to or be controlled by. Instead, I want to instill the guru in each individual. Training them to have the knowledge and power to make their own decisions on what their body needs because everyone is biologically different and requires different nutrients at any given time. I do have a close friend in Colorado that I look up to though. He would like to remain anonymous as well as he doesn’t believe in the Guru talk either. 
SG: What's your favorite yoga pose?
Crosby: Floor Bow Pose: Dhanurasana it works the entire spine, enhances digestion and also stretches the hip flexors and psoas muscle very well which is where all my problems start.
SG: Favorite mantra of the moment?
Crosby: Om Shreem has been my mantra at the moment to attract more abundance in the form of wealth to grow my business. Its working! I pretty much say it in my head all day long. 
SG: What's your Sunday ritual? 
Crosby: I love Sundays! I like to sleep in a little bit more but get up in time to do something active outdoors. Usually a hike or a workout session at my local park down the street. I always finish my workout with a meditation where I reflect, let go, and give thanks for everything in my life, while also welcoming in new manifestations that I desire for the future. In the evening I’ll bake some cookies for myself and the week ahead and wind down with a good book (I don’t have cable on purpose). At the time I’m rereading some Dan Millman and The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida. 
SG: What does being a spiritual gangster mean to you?
Crosby: A spiritual gangster is someone that walks their spiritual talk. They aren’t spiritual just when they feel like it. They live through their heart and have a certain swagger and certainty of that feeling. They are ok with being vulnerable but also strong in their beliefs. They are a force to be reckoned with in this day of age because they set a standard of integrity and responsibility that not many want to own up to. Its not easy being a gangster.
Crosby has been working on making these cookies available at some local retail outlets in Los Angeles and hopes to expand to NYC in the very near future so keep an eye out on this talented guy! Follow him on instagram and twitter @crosbytailor and be sure to check out his website

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  • Trym: November 30, 2015

    “Oooooh Diana will be so happy. I wonder if she will blog about it.” Hahahha! Okay I only said the first part. I knew you will blog about it. I don’t blame you. I was even proud of your team.COLE! Cole…is that boy hasondme or what!? He is so good looking. The second photo is so darling. Here’s a kiss for Cole. TSUP!

  • Anusha: January 15, 2015

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  • C: July 03, 2014

    His cookies are absolutely amazing! Such a stand up guy, really is true to what he believes. He will change the health industry and peoples lives forever!

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