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The month of June was named for the Roman goddess of marriage Juno, who was wife to supreme deity Jupiter. She was adorned in pearls, which are thought to be teardrops of the moon. Pearls not only symbolize the power and majesty of the moon, but purity of thought and innocence of mind. Like the different stages of the moon, June is a time to enjoy the little pleasures in life with the innocence and excitement that comes with change. Read what our monthly horoscopes have in store for your blissful month of June.
Wealth and financial security are very important things, but they’re not the purpose of life Aries. Wealth gives us the freedom to grow intellectually and spiritually. And this month (actually it started on May 21) is a good time to grow intellectually and expand your knowledge base. The mind is sharp and clear and you absorb information easily. You communicate better than usual too, something that is important to the fiery Aries. The gift of gab is stronger than usual. Attend lectures in subjects that interest you. If you have expertise in a subject this is a good time to teach others or to write about it. 

You are still very popular socially this month. Friends and the beloved are supporting financial goals - especially until the 23 . Love seems happy. Singles find love opportunity as they pursue their financial goals, and with peopleinvolved in their finances. After the 23rd love opportunities happen in educational type settings - the lecture, the seminar, or school functions. Love is close to home- as close as in the neighborhood. Mercury is retrograde from the 7th onwards. Avoid important decisions in these areas until next month and avoid risk taking activities from the 22nd to the 26th. Avoid foreign travel from the 21st to the 26th. If you must travel, try to schedule around this. Be more patient with the beloved on the 5thand 6th. 



Your prosperity period continues this month Taurus, with your earning power at its peak. If you haven’t gotten that new car yet, now is the time (before the 7th). The only fly in the ointment is Mercury’s retrograde which begins on the 7th. This won’t stop earnings from happening but just slows things down a bit. Be more careful when dealing with financial matters - make sure you do everything perfectly - get your check number right, sign

the checks properly and make sure your balances are OK. Generally its not good to make important financial decisions - i.e. major purchases or investments - while Mercury is retrograde. This is a time for doing homework, resolving doubts and gaining mental clarity. Once this is achieved you’ll be in good shape when Mercury moves forward next month. Things are still stormy on the love front. Try not to make things worse with acrimony or negativity. You weren’t born to be alone and a special someone will come along in due course. Health is good, leading you looking and feeling good. Venus is in your sign until the 23rd.





Your smarts and communication skills are money in the bank these days, Gemini, and they bring big profits. There are happy career opportunities this month but study them more carefully, as well as asking the right questions, for there is no need to rush into anything. On the 21st you enter the most prosperous period of a

prosperous year. Assets you already own increase in value. There is profit in trading and retailing. Good marketing and PR is important in whatever business you’re in. The Full Moon of the 8th brings great financial cooperation with the spouse, partner or current love. There is good mutual support here as well. The New Moon of the 27th brings financial clarity and revelation. The 28th looks like a nice payday. Venus enters

your sign on the 23rd. In a man’s chart this shows beautiful women coming into the picture - into the personal sphere. In a woman’s chart this shows the enhancement of her own beauty. There is more glamour to the image. Yoga practice should go better. Love is good but be more patient with the beloved on the 5th, 6th and 21st to 26th. Chances are that problems are coming from his or her own personal dramas rather than from you.




This is a happy and prosperous month Cancer, enjoy. After what you’ve been through in the past few months you deserve it! Health is much improved this month, continue to eat right though.  Many of you understand the spiritual dimensions of wealth, but this is a month to go deeper into it. Your financial intuition is excellent now, and one true intuition is worth many years of hard labor. You project the image of being wealthy and successful, as well as being viewed as such by others. This in itself draws opportunities to you. From the 21st onward there’s not much you need to

do about money. It seeks you out and you just need to show up. From the 21st onward you’re in a period of personal power. You can have things your way. You can create your own happiness without the need for approval from others. The Sun in your own sign gives you “star quality”, and the opposite sex takes notice. The love life is excellent this month. Existing relationships are more harmonious. Singles have

good opportunities. Love is at parties, gatherings and places of entertainment. Keep in mind that your Love Planet is still retrograde and there’s no need to rush into anything. 



Health and vitality are much improved over last month. Saturn is still causing you stress but all the other planets are either helping or leaving you alone. You have plenty of energy to achieve what you want, and your personal power grows day by day. You can and should have things your way. Happiness is a personal choice and you just need to make the choice and take the actions necessary. Career is still good this

month but winding down. Short term career goals are most likely achieved - and if not completely, good progress has been made. The month ahead is mostly social. You’re allured to groups and group activities. This is a good period to touch base with your friends and to make new ones, Leo. In astrology we have a

good definition for a friend - someone who wishes for you your own fondest hopes. Fondest hopes and wishes are coming to pass this month - and as sure as the sun rises in the morning - new ones will take their place.  While Mercury is retrograde take the time to make sure your financial dealings are “perfect” - make sure your checks are signed and mailed to the correct address. Make sure you’ve got the zip code right and that everything is spelled correctly. It’s these little errors that can complicate the finances.





Take it easy this month Virgo. Overall energy is not what it should be, so make sure to get enough rest. If a surgery is recommended to you don’t be in a rush. Get other opinions. Things might not be as they seem. Health and energy will improve after the 21st. Sometimes one can actually feel the cosmic gears shift when the

Sun moves into a harmonious aspect. In spite of the challenge this is a successful month. You’re successful in your career. Later on in the month pay raises can happen. Sometimes these are overt, but sometimes these are “unofficial”. Business related travel is seen later on in the month. Finances are

reasonable this month. Debt is still a problem, but earnings will cover it. There is still good financial cooperation between you and the spouse, partner or current love. Continue to enhance the career through charitable activities. Career opportunities will come this month but with Mercury retrograde on the 7th don’t make any quick decisions. Study the matter further. Ask questions. Resolve doubts. Better to postpone a decision until next month when Mercury moves forward. Love improves after the 21st. But with

your Love Planet going retrograde on the 9th the social activity slows down. Neither you nor the beloved are sure of what you want, but stay patient and genuine in your dealings with loved ones.





Slow and steady this month Libra! You need to guard against impatience , for Mars, in your own sign, which makes you want everything, and in a hurry. There’s a sense of rush here. But with many planets in retrograde motion now,  events move more slowly - there are more glitches and delays. If you try to rush things you only make them worse. “Make haste slowly” as the sages say.

There’s a lot of power in your 9th House this month. Many of you are traveling or planning trips. The month ahead is very successful career wise, beautiful progress is made, as you advance and are you’re elevated and even promoted! Professional achievements are recognized, so keep up the good work. Drop inessentials from your life after the 21st, as health will be delicate and energy levels will be low. To help balance that, focus only on priorities, and try working more rhythmically with your own body and the universe at large. Take a little me time this month Libra, and schedule a message or see a spiritual healer. 

With Mercury retrograde you might want to reschedule for another time. If you must travel, protect yourself. Insure your tickets and try not to schedule connecting flights too closely. Allow more time to get to your destination.





This month turns up the heat for you Scorpio! The month ahead is sexually active, finding joy in primal magnetism. Sexual allure is important in love, but its not enough. Good communication is also very important and you need some of that too. Your personal finances are wonderful and will get even better after the 21st. Health and energy are good and you can enhance it even further with more attention to the kidneys and hips. There is upheaval in the work place that period too. After the 21st foreign lands will call to you. Travel opportunities will come, and you should take them with an open heart and an open mind! College students do well in their studies. They seem successful in school. When the 9th House is strong there is often more interest and joy in a good theological discussion than a night out on the town. Try spending time who inspire your intellectual side.






Hey social butterfly! Your hyper active social life is the main headline this month, Sagittarius. The only glitch is the retrograde of your Love Planet until the 7th. No need to jump into anything too serious just yet. After the 7th the social judgement is better. Singles have all kinds of opportunities and seem to be attracted to a variety of people. There are intellectuals and teachers. There are co-workers and health professionals. There are mentors, professor types and ministers. Foreigners - the more exotic the better - are also in your 7th

House of love. It can be a little confusing, but that’s a good problem to have. In spite of the retrograde of you’re Financial Planet, you’re still in a strong prosperity cycle. Strong earnings are happening, but make sure you handle the details of finances as accurately as possible. Did you date that check? Was the zip code right?  Little things like this can cause all sorts of delays (and be expensive too). Earnings are good all month,

but will get even stronger after the 21st . Career matters clarify after the 7th as well. Until the 18th your ability to “cost cut” and to see value in apparently dead things is a career plus and noticed by superiors. After the 18 likeability becomes an important factor. Career is furthered through social activity. Make sure to get enough rest until the 21st.





A lot of financial changes have been happening this year, but you’re still prospering, Capricorn. You have good financial intuition and the current love interest or partner seems very supportive. The retrograde of your ruler, Saturn, weakens the self confidence and self will, but this might be a good thing this month. 

  • If you’re in a serious relationship this is a good month for a marriage. If you’re not yet in one, this is a good month to begin one. Health becomes more delicate after the 21st , another reason to avoid too much self assertion or power struggles. You need all your energy this month. Vitality will be better than in April, but still needs watching. Make sure to get enough rest.







    It’s an exciting month, Aquarius, filled with prosperity and love. You’re in a prosperous year and the month ahead will be prosperous, but your Financial Planet goes retrograde on the 9th. This will go on for a few more months. No need to panic. Earnings will happen, but a bit slower and probably with more delays involved. You don’t need to make matters worse by being careless in finance. Don’t assume that a contract is what its presented to be - read the fine print- ask questions. That service contract the company is offering? Sounds good doesn’t it? But how timely and reliable are they? That insurance policy that promises all kinds of things - what’s in the fine print? Get the facts. Nail down the details. Nevertheless, in spite of all this, you have all the resources to enjoy your life this month. There are many people with money, but how many are enjoying their wealth? This is a month to spend on fun things. As you enjoy your life, love comes to you. Love is at the resort, the sports arena, the theater or places of entertainment. This is not a month for serious love, but for “fun and games” kind of love. You have a good feeling for children this month. You get on with them. You understand them. They take to you. Good to deal with children’s issues now.






    Slow down Pisces, for events of the world are moving more slowly this month with 40% of the planets in retrograde. So, you might as well take a more relaxed schedule. With health and energy not at optimum, use the opportunity to get more rest, spend time with the family and see to your emotional health and well being. Good emotional health translates to good physical health this month. After the 21st eating right seems important. This has been a year of financial instability and change. And this continues in the month ahead - especially after the 21st. You need to think on your feet, learn how to handle surprises and sudden change, flow with the changes rather than resist them. Earnings can spike very high at times and ultra low at other times. Try not to be affected by either. These erratic moves are all short term. On the 21st as the Sun enters your 5th House the focus is on fun and leisure. With all this retrograde activity going on, you might as well enjoy yourself, you won’t be missing much. When you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself happy career opportunities will come. Children and children figures in your life are also succeeding this month. Health and energy will be much improved after the 21st.



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