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With summer around the corner and temperatures already rising, it’s even more important to stay properly hydrated. So we’re sharing with you our three favorite ways to stay hydrated here at the Spiritual Gangster offices. 



We just can’t get enough coconut water. This is great to drink on it’s own, or to throw in your favorite smoothie instead of milk or almond milk. Coconut water is called “Nature’s energy drink” (move over Gatorade), because not only is it low in calories, fat-free, and has more potassium than four bananas, but it is also jammed packed with electrolytes. Sip on this after a work out for great hydration. Try this delicious coconut peach lemonade. Use ½ coconut water, ½ peach lipton ice tea, 2 peaches (muddled), and a lemon for garnish. 




Kombucha has been around for hundreds of years, but it’s a new addition to the healthy regime of the West. You can find it at all your favorite health food stores, and more and more grocery stores are beginning to carry it on their shelves. That’s because Kombucha is a powerful drink that will not only keep you well hydrated, but naturally detoxifies the body, helps improve energy levels, and aids in proper digestion. We love Kombucha for it’s unique flavor and amazing benefits. Try this yummy Lemon Basil Kombucha from  




We are always on the go here at the Spiritual Gangster offices. That’s why we love Yerbe Mate. Yerbe mate tea is a South American beverage that is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols, and metabolism boosting caffeine.  We love adding a little cinnamon and almond milk to our yerbe mate for the perfect morning pick me up. We also love this yerbe mate green smoothie. Just use one cup of steeped yerbe mate tea, ½ vanilla almond milk, ½ frozen pineapples, juice from one lemon, one green apple, and blend together until smooth.



All pictures are from inspirations on pinterest. You can see more inspiration from Spiritual Gangster here

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