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Do you want to feel more creative, positive, and compassionate? Do you want to focus better and be more productive? How about feeling less anxious and stressed? If any of these questions rang true for you, David Romanelli’s new course Meditation Vacation on the Happier app is the place for you. 

David Romanelli aka “Yeah Dave” blends together music, fashion, technology with ancient wellness practices, and has created Yoga + Chocolate, Yoga + Wine, Yoga for Foodies, and his bestselling books Yeah Dave's Guide to Livin' the Moment,. He is now focused on making meditation accessible to everyone, making these personal meditation classes feel like little inner vacations. And we all need a vacation every one in a while.  


Each day you’ll get a prompt from Dave to help you slow down, appreciate simple pleasures, and live in the moment.


Dave will guide you through a short, sweet 5-10 minute meditation set to soothing music created by East Forest. The combination of music and meditation is a new, fun, modern approach to meditation that is the perfect addition to a busy life.



Our favorite parts of Meditation Vacation are the daily tips, advice, quotes, and stories that will keep you mindful and motivated to make meditation part of your everyday life. We love how this app allows you to stay positive and present even after using the Happier app. 



As Spiritual Gangster is the brand for the modern yogi, Happier Meditation Vacation is the modern zen escape you’ve been craving. 


In the celebration of David Romanelli’s and Nataly Kogan’s collaboration, we’re teaming up with our friends at Happier with an awesome twitter contest. Win prizes from Happier and Spiritual Gangster during our three day challenge, today through Friday. For more details, check out the Happier blog post http://bit.ly/1gnJKSS.

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