What makes a yoga studio special? Is it the teachers, the ambiance, the fellow students? Or is it something more? Spiritual Gangster sat down with YogaWorks, and explored the ins and outs of what makes this studio such a success. 

The first YogaWorks studio opened in 1987 on Montana Ave. in sunny Santa Monica, California. With students like the radiant Seane Corn, this humble studio has grown into an amazing community of 27 studios in California and New York.  YogaWorks founders wanted to create a place where authentic yoga was accessible to as many people as possible, adapting the slogan, “Yoga works for everybody!”


Each yoga studio has a different personality, and YogaWorks truly embraces the lighter side of practicing. Keeping with the community feel, YogaWorks teachers practice the simple beauty of yoga, while keeping it  bright, simple, and fun. The teacher training at YogaWorks is the back bone of the yoga community, beautifully described as “unique, therapeutic, and knowledgeable”.

When you’re apart of the YogaWorks community, you’re apart of a larger family, one that is built upon common values, unique teachings, and an open support system. We love that YogaWorks is the studio for the modern yoga; someone who is making time in their busy lives to concentrate on the health of their mind, body and soul. It is truly a place that believes that “Yoga works for everybody”. 



This Friday March 23rd, come explore the healing powers of Urban Zen at the Yoga Works Westwood location. Experience yoga therapy, essential oil therapy, reiki, guided meditation and more with four of yogaworks' urban zen integrative therapists. For more on this event, visit their webpage


For more information on teacher training programs, visit the Yoga Works website

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