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Imagine the courage it takes to bloom from the earth as a beautiful flower each spring. This courage to shine as the bright beings we were created to be is at the forefront of our spiritual practice for the month of March. The birthstones of those born in March are aquarius and bloodstone. These gems represents courage. March is a time to use the strength and vitality that has been hibernating all winter long, to bloom forward with our full potential. May you burst forth into the world with all the spirit of a daffodil, and gallop through March with the courage of the wild spring horses.

You’re in one of the most spiritual periods of your year right now. This is a time for making spiritual kinds of breakthroughs - for everything changes when you change your thinking.  This is a wonderful month for yoga, study of scripture, meditation and charitable activities, for these will enrich your inner and outer lives. Watch the dream life during the month of March, and watch for any patterns in your sleep that may be occurring.

March is also a wonderful period for starting new projects. Allow your creative side to shine and stay open to new prospects and ideas. As always, you're socially popular this month, but make sure to keep nourishing your inner self as well as the social ego. Important insights into spiritual healing come to you from the 21st to the 23rd. 

This is a good period to enjoy the pleasures of the body and to get it into right shape- for a sound body means a sound mind. Personal creativity is very strong all month long, so make sure to capitalize on that.  A love opportunity comes after the 20th, so be open to where it can go, but don’t try and control it. 



This is a month of many changes, Taurus. In both your love life and your career. There have been lots of ups and downs, but you are learning how to deal with these, for life is about being at peace during the fluidness of life.

But this month you seem very successful in spite of it. The rules of the game are changing. Yet, you seem to be navigating all this turmoil with courage and grace. You’re on top. You are recognized - and perhaps even honored - for who you are, not just your professional achievements.

Your good work ethic impresses superiors. A raise or promotion at work would not be a surprise. After the 17th your financial intuition sparkles and friends are financially supportive.



This is a month to focus on the career. Give it maximum attention and watch the results blossom. There is much success and recognition this month for you, so continue to put your best.

There is a happy career opportunity coming your way. This past year has been prosperous and this month will continue to be so.  Wealth has been a romantic turn on for you, so be in tune to this love language. This is how you show love and this is how you feel loved.

Singles find love opportunities as they pursue their normal financial goals and with people who are involved in their finances. Overall health and energy are good, but try and get more rest than usual this month. 



If you came through the past few months with health and sanity intact, you did very well. Pat yourself on the back Cancer, for your overall health is much better this month, but make sure to give your health extra attention this month. Maybe spend more time at the spa or schedule more massages during the month of March. Don’t let financial ups and downs affect your health.

Financial fluctuations are normal and should be looked at philosophically. There is much water in the Horoscope this month, and seeing that you are a water sign, it will be beneficial to keep your moods positive and avoid depression by being open and fluid. When Jupiter entered your sign last June you entered a prosperity cycle. This will continue for the whole year ahead. Your intuition is very important financially, and you have the financial favor of bosses, elders and parent figures. Embrace this, Cancer, and see where it takes you.



You’re setting the groundwork for happiness and prosperity that is coming in a few months. So be patient and understand what’s going on. Health is good this month and gets even better after the 20th.

Self esteem and self-confidence soar and others notice you sparkle. Love has been turbulent for some months now, but there are many opportunities, as Venus enters your house of love- but they all seem unstable. Existing relationships are getting tested these days. Enjoy the instability.

The good news is that love and love opportunities can happen at any time, in any place, when you least expect it. Social connections are important financially, so stay open to those in your professional and social circles.



Love is the headline of your month Virgo! Romance is truly blooming, with increase in social popularity and existing relationships being harmonious through the month.

You may be feeling a lack of energy Virgo, and that can simply be because of lack of rest. Make resting, napping, and getting enough sleep each night a real priority this month. You’ve been making many changes to your health regime in the past few months and this trend continues, and you will see positive changes because of them.

If your job situation has been unstable for a while now, there are good job opportunities happening this month, but be wearing of how stable they are. 



Earnings have been unstable the past few months and this is the trend for the month ahead. Sure you will earn but you’re never sure exactly how it will happen and what twists and turns are in store. This is part of the cosmic agenda going on for more than a year now. Try and make better use of the resources you already have, and be grateful for what is in your life already.

Love has been pretty good the past few months.  If you are unattached love is pursuing you, and it is close at hand Libra. Make sure to keep energy

levels high. If you feel under the weather a spiritual type healer will be helpful. 



Saturn in your sign for over a year now gives you a serious outlook on life. But this month, it’s time to lighten up. Inject some happiness into your life Scorpio! Do the fun things, even the smallest things that bring joy to your life. Personal creativity is very strong all month and being in the creative flow is one of the great joys of life.

There is more family harmony happening- at least you have the opportunity to create this. Love is close to home, perhaps an old flame (or someone who reminds you of an old flame) is coming into the picture. Family connections and

introductions are important in love. The family needs to approve of whoever you’re with, which will bring a sense of community and stability to your love interest. 



It is the spiritual dimensions of wealth that are important this month Sagittarius. Intuition is important, but needs verification. Your

challenge is to access the supernatural, rather than the natural, sources of supply. Spiritual wealth is limitless for you, so allow yourself to explore! The only limitation is a person’s capacity to receive. The month ahead is prosperous – especially towards the end of the month. A very good month

to digest your past experiences - to extract the nutrition from them - the wisdom and lessons - and to get rid of the pain and negativity. This will not only help your career but the love life and health as well.



Capricorns are financially oriented, and this brings a sense of pride to your being. So the financial instability and uncertainty of the past few months has been stressful. But there is good in this. Learning to handle the uncertainty will enhance your wealth down the road. Your money house is still strong and this shows focus. We get what we focus on. You’re spending on the home and family but can earn from here as well. If you’re feeling sluggish, try and simply maintain high energy levels, with is always the first defense against disease. Eliminate energy wastage from your life. Focus on what is really important and make sure to get

enough rest. Don’t let financial worries or anxieties affect your health. You respond well to spiritual healers and healing techniques from the 17th onwards. Love has been good all year - but exciting these

past few months. Love awaits you in spiritual settings - at charity functions, the yoga studio, the meditation seminar or lecture.

Physical and sexual chemistry is important in love, but you need spiritual chemistry - spiritual harmony - too. 



This month is all about finding the balance between work and play, Aquarius. The demands of career are strong and bosses might be over bearing, yet, in spite of this, you’re in a happy and prosperous month.

Venus enters your 1st House on the 6th and she brings grace and glamour to the body and image. You are allured to the wealthy and to those who give good material and financial support. Love is practical this month - until the 20th - and is shown in practical ways – through material gifts and financial support. 



A happy and prosperous month Pisces! Enjoy. Once your birthday happens you’re in an excellent period for starting new projects - for starting a new business or launching a new product. Most

of the planets are moving forward, and the universal and personal solar cycles are waxing. If you need a job there’s not much you need to do as job opportunities are coming to you - offering themselves to you. You have a good work ethic this month and employers pick up on it. Finances have been

unstable for many months and the trend continues this month. But in spite of this - the twists, turns and surprises - there is prosperity. Your money house becomes very strong from the 20th onwards and you’re in a period of peak earnings. Love is happy too. It pursues you. Just show up for it.





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