"What you seek is seeking you" -Rumi


Sometimes we want something so badly that we scare ourselves into thinking we can never have it. We want it so much, may it be a person, a job, a lifestyle, that the fear of failing and rejection is so great. This fear drives us to think that we will never have what we want. But trust the universe, for what you seek is seeking you. Let go of your fear of rejection and failure, and hold inside of you the energy that you already have what you want. Hold that beautiful bright golden ball of energy and light inside of you, and breathe in the grateful knowledge that what you want, you already have. you deserve to be blissfully happy, for that is your birth rite. 

Trust the universe. For what you seek is seeking you.






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  • Lizzie Dixon: February 25, 2014

    Hey guys!!
    LOVE your stuff :) Is it worth me purchasing off you [being in NZ], or do you have a stockist here that has a good range?
    Many thanks

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