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Inspired by the effervescent energy of the sun, and the power it has to promote growth, change, and health, Spiritual Gangster's Spring 2014 line is inspired by the power of light and positivity. Blending together ancient motifs, like the hamsa hand and the sacred yantra, our Spring line infuses the best of ancient practices and modern energies with our super soft tanks, muscle tees, dresses, and hoodies.

Be the light in all that you do. 

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  • Bianca Alexander: February 20, 2014

    Love your designs and brand! We’d like to feature several looks on our award-winning TV show about sustainable and ethical fashion, Threads. We are shooting on-location in the carribbean during a conscious eco-tour March 1-8th and would love to include you if you are able to send us samples by then of several of your tanks and hoodies, including the Spiritual Ganster, Yantra Racer, Salute the Sun, and Karma Made me Do it, etc. Feel free to contact me asap with any questions!



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