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 Now that Venus is moving forward there is big improvement in your love and financial life. Financial thinking and planning is much more realistic. The Financial Planet in Capricorn shows a good practical sense. You are more conservative financially, which for you, is a good thing. You tend to be a risk taker. This is a month where you get value for your dollar and make good long term financial moves. Your good career reputation is important as it leads to opportunity. Bosses, elders and authority figures are supportive of financial goals. Pay raises can easily happen. Though you are still socially popular, love requires more patience and compromise. Try not to force things. Let love develop slowly. In sexua lmatters too, allow more warm up time. Love opportunities happen at the job and as you pursue your career goals - perhaps even with people involved with your career. You gravitate to (and mix with) people of high status and prestige. Power and status are romantic turn ons at present. Health is much better than last month.The dream life intensifies from the 18th onwards. Psychic abilities too.



You’re working hard and there are a lot of ups and downs and surprises, but in spite of it all career success is happening. Family seems supportive of the career and the family as a whole seems elevated this month. Your love and social life is still being re-organized and re-adjusted. The end result will be very good, but while this is happening there can be disappointments and undue pessimism. You might be projecting coldness that isn’t really you. Make it a point to project love and warmth to others. Those in existing relationships can feel that they’re just “going through the motions” - the spark of romance has to be ignited - and it is up to you to do it. Health and energy are getting much better after the 18th. In the meantime make sure to get enough rest. Avoid major purchases or financial decisions until next month. Or, try to wrap things up before the 6th. On the 18th the Sun enters your 11th House of friends and group activities. It’s a good social period, though not necessarily romantic.



A happy and prosperous month ahead, Gemini. Enjoy! You have so much going for you -success, prosperity, and good health. Its all there for you, but you need to be clear on what you want. Indecision is perhaps your greatest challenge this month. Your confidence could be a little stronger, and this will improve next month as Mercury moves forward again. February is one of the most successful months of your year. Happy career opportunities will also come, either with your present employer or with another one. From the 18th onwards the love life also sparkles. Singles will have many happy romantic opportunities. If you are in a relationship the current love is supportive both financially and in the career. Love awaits you as you pursue your normal financial goals and with people that work in your finances.




 The month ahead is excellent for personal transformation - and many of you are involved in this. February is a great months for detox and cleansing regimes, as well as weight loss regimes if you need them. It’s a wonderful time to do your tax planning and pay down debt. The spouse, partner or current love is prosperous now and seem come in. This is a wonderful time for travel as well as a wonderful for religious or philosophical studies , such as the study of scripture or sacred literature. Metaphysical insight will increase. It is a happy go lucky kind of period. You are in a prosperity year and the month ahead. . Lady luck sits by you this month, so keep your head up and your goals at the forefront of your headspace. 



Leadership is not about pomp, ceremony or ego gratification. Ultimately it’s a service to others.  This is the lesson of the coming month. You are “far away” from yourself, but keep looking inward for answers.The good part is that you’re socially popular. You’re proactive. You go after who you want without game playing. If you like someone, well,  that person knows it. You are creating the social life of your dreams! Like-ability and popularity have good bottom line benefits. Social connections are playing a huge role in finances for you this month. Your Financial Planet, Mercury, will be retrograde almost all month. So this is not a time to make major purchases or important financial decisions. No one has more self confidence and personal trust than a Leo, but this month, these are weaker. A good thing. Best to let others have their way, and see where they take you.



Your month is going to be one of give and take, Virgo. Romance is in the air, but be weary of jumping in too quickly. Time will resolve this love issue. There is another happy romantic meeting from the 22nd to the 24th. This looks like with someone spiritual or someone you meet in a spiritual type setting. Love is dreamy and idealistic these days. You are practical in many matters, but not in love. In finance you are very practical. Your financial judgment are sound and conservative over last month now that Venus is moving forward again. There are financial opportunities in foreign countries and with foreigners. 



Love is unstable but its there for you you this month Libra. Mars, your Love Planet, has spent the past few months in your own sign and is still in your Libra house this month. There is nothing special you need to do to find this love, it will find you. This month will challenge you to use the social genius that makes the Libra so appealing. The good news is that love is not boring. You don’t know what will happen or where you stand from moment to moment, but this keeps things interesting and on your toes. Students need to be more meticulous at school - double check homework and papers. Finances have been tight for the past year, but this month you will see improvement from the 18th onwards. You still need to re-organize the financial life - a long term project. The career however is still very successful - especially from the 18th onwards. Health still needs watching but is much better than last month. Avoid rush and hurry and watch the temper. The good news is that your are focused on health and are not letting little things develop into big things.



It is good to face one’s physical limitations every now and then. It prevents unrealistic decision making and spurs self improvement. And this month, its time to explore the rapture side of life! The money for this will come. There is strong prosperity from the 18th onwards - and luck in speculations. This month, you have a knack for getting on with children, and discover your own inner creative child-side. Until the 18th, your family and home is your spiritual mission. Children and children figures are the main focus in your life for the month of February.  Singles have happy romantic meetings on the 22nd-24th. This seems more like fun and games than a serious relationship, but it will lighten your heart and your mood. Love is close to home this month- In your neighborhood or perhaps with a neighbor. You are rightfully cautious in love and letting things develop slowly, so remember to take your time. Love also finds you in educational settings - at school functions, lectures and seminars. Perhaps at the local library or book shop.



We live in a fast paced society, but these are times to go slow and steady, Sagittarius. Right now, internal activity is far more important than outer activity, so focus on things that are close to home for you. Practice patience this month, as only time will resolve issues in love and career. In order to move forward into a happy and healthy future, it is time to take stock and really digest your past.  This month is the perfect time for working on your goals by internal rather than external methods. Once internal clarity is attained - and there’s no rush - you will be in a good position to deal with life with open eyes and an open heart. Sagittarians are blessed with boundless energy. Like last month love awaits you as you pursue your financial goals.



A happy and prosperous month Capricorn! You’re working hard and things are hectic, but you like hard work and you see the results. You are still in a period of peak earnings until the 18th. There are financial changes, but they seem happy. Capricorn is generally conservative in finances but for the past few years you’ve become bold and adventurous. You’re not afraid to take risks. Pluto and Venus in your own sign gives beauty and sex appeal to the illustrious Capricorn this month. The opposite sex takes notice. Whatever your age or stage in life, you are more physically glamorous than usual. Many Capricorns have married in the past year and marriage or serious relationship is still likely in the year ahead. The whole social life is being expanded. New friends - and good ones - are coming into the picture. Happy job and career opportunities are coming to you and you can afford to be choosy about them. No rush to jump into anything. Your dream life has been very active for the past year and this month, after the 18th, becomes even more active. 



You’re in one of the happiest periods of your year. There is fun, personal pleasure,independence, love and prosperity. You’re very much a “love magnet” this month. Nothing much you need to do,  just be yourself and go about your business. Love will find you. In many cases it has already happened. Those already in a relationship are having their own way in love. The spouse, partner or current love is devoted and attentive. On the 18th you begin a yearly financial peak. The current love is financially supportive, and a lucrative business partnership or joint venture is likely. Job seekers have had good fortune since late June of 2013 and this continues now. There seems to be an abundance of opportunity so study things more carefully. Read the fine print in employment contracts. There is still a need to drive more defensively and to obey all the traffic laws. Health and energy are good, so enjoy this happy month of February!



It’s all about your spirit this month Pisces! You’re in a spiritual period of a spiritual year in a spiritual life. Avoid dreaminess when you’re out there in the world, but when you’re at home you can let yourself go. In the world stay in the body; stay present and in the moment. The love life and career are good overall but this month are more complicated. Both the Love and Career planets are retrograde. There is a lot of career success happening and happy career opportunities are coming, but study them more. Don’t rush into anything - take your time and resolve any doubts. Ask a lot of questions. Love seeks you out early in the month - but how stable is it? The retrograde of your Love Planet won’t stop the love life, but tends to slow things down. The bars and clubs won’t lead to love. Go to spiritual events or gatherings. Love becomes more stable next month. Finances are turbulent with many sudden changes and surprises, so there will never be a dull moment for you this month Pisces!



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