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June Horoscopes


. Your career planet, Saturn, is still retrograde and most of the planets are at the bottom half of your chart. The planetary powers are supporting the home and family life right now, not the career. Its as if you’re in the midnight hour of your year. The deepest part of the night. Time to sleep and dream, to work on your goals inwardly, to build up the interior forces for your next career push which will begin in a few months. It is the pause that refreshes. Health is good until the 21st but afterwards you need to rest and relax more. Until the 13th neck massage is powerful. From the 13th to the 30th arm and shoulder massage will be good. Mantra chanting is healthy until the 13th. After the 13th health affirmations are powerful. Mars in your 8th House makes this a good month for cleansing and detox regimes. Also good for weight loss programs if you need them. Your 3rd House is very powerful until the 21st. So this is a good period to catch up on your reading, take classes (or give them) and make those calls and send those e-mails that you owe. This is a good month for students, writers and teachers. Sales and marketing people should also do well as your communication skills are much enhanced. After the 21st focus on the home, family and your emotional wellness. A great period for gaining psychological insights and making breakthroughs. Love and financial opportunity is close to home this month.



A happy and prosperous month ahead, Taurus, enjoy. There are a few challenges thrown in just to keep things interesting. You’re still in a yearly financial peaks (it began May 20 and continues until the 21st of this month). Earnings are strong. What more can Taurus ask for? A Grand Trine in Earth (your native element) until the 13th is also fostering prosperity. You find it easy to manifest your desires. Love is good, but complicated. Pluto, your love planet, is receiving beautiful aspects. So singles have good romantic opportunity. But Pluto is also retrograde. And Mars is in your 7th House of love. If you can take things slow and steady and avoid power struggles with the beloved, the love life should go well. You’re a very practical kind of person, but in love (especially this month) you gravitate to more spiritual types. Your place of worship or meditation seminar or prayer meeting is venue for love these days. Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, spends a good part of the month “out of bounds” - from the 13th to the 29th. So you too seem to be hanging out in strange and unusual places - outside your normal sphere. On the 29th and 30th, your Financial Planet goes “out of bounds” - thus you need to think outside the box financially. Venus will “pause” in the heavens from the 19th to the 23rd. Don’t be alarmed if things seem to slow down - its good and natural - for your benefit. Health is good this month.



 Another hectic and active month. Take some time every now and then to catch your breath. Like last month you’re involved in some BIG undertaking. Many, many factors have to be balanced. These kinds of projects are always delicate and stressful, but the rewards can be great. Happily you seem to have the energy to handle it. However, you can’t afford to fritter away energy on inessentials. Keep your eye on the prize and let lesser things go. With the Sun and Venus in your sign, you look great. You dress well and stylishly. The opposite sex takes notice. Yet, in spite of this, love seems problematic. Saturn in your House of Love for more than a year has been testing relationships - they’re getting stress tested. And, this month, even more so. My feeling is that you might not be paying enough attention to love - you’ve got bigger fish to fry. A very good period to buy clothing or personal accessories - especially until the 18th. You have excellent taste now. Yellow and orange are good colors this month. Good to accessorize with agate, gold and emerald as well. This will enhance your energy on subtle levels. On the 21st the Sun will enter your money house and you enter a yearly earnings peak. A prosperous month. You’re naturally a good sales, marketing and PR person and these talents work well financially this month. Speculations become more favorable from the 18th onwards. Very nice career opportunities are coming after the 21st, but study them more carefully. There’s no rush. Your career planet goes retrograde on the 13th.



Work might seem stressful, unrewarding, a chore, but this is not a time to make changes. There is spiritual growth to be gained by hanging in and doing your best. The spouse, partner or current love seems involved in some mammoth kind of undertaking. This can be stressing the love situation. It doesn’t seem to be your fault. Be patient, things should improve after the 21st. It won’t be perfect, but there will be improvement. Things become much more mellow for you after the 21st. The Sun enters your 1st House and brings financial windfalls. Also more energy and personal magnetism. Health and energy improve. Financial opportunities are coming to you without much personal effort. You look and feel rich this period - you certainly dress this way. From the 18th onwards there is a Grand Trine in the Water signs - your native element. This is a “feel good” kind of period. Intuition is sharp. Moods should be good. There is empathy for others. Where the Sun brings personal magnetism and energy, Venus in your sign (from the 18th onwards) brings beauty and grace. If there are accessories that you need or clothing, this is the time to get them. Venus as your family planet brings good family support - always important to a Cancerien. Health is reasonable this month. You can enhance it further through back and knee massage. Important to keep the vertebrae in right alignment. Thigh massage is always good for you and this month is no different.



The most recent eclipses occurred in March, but this month they get “re-stimulated” by transiting planets. So it is a hectic kind of month with many sudden and disruptive events happening. Happily your health and energy are good and you seem well able to handle these things. Take nothing for granted now. Career is good this month, but you’re earning your success. There are some shakeups there on the 8th or 9th. Parents and bosses seem more temperamental that period too. The Sun has mini-eclipses on the 8th and 9th and 23rd and 24th. Take it easy those periods. Mercury, the Financial Planet, has a mini- eclipse on the 23rd and 24th bringing financial changes and course corrections. (Be careful of overspending those days.) You’re in a prosperous year and so these shakeups are good for you in the long run. In addition to all this eclipse phenomena there’s a Grand Square in the heavens - a stressful kind of configuration. So, roll with the punches. Sit loose to things. Maintain your good humor. Everything will work out. On the 21st, the Sun will enter your 12th House of spirituality. Venus will also be in the 12th House - from the 18th onwards. This too is wonderful for the career. Getting involved in charities and causes will boost the career. Your intuition will also be helpful. Career guidance awaits you with psychics, spiritual channels, guru or minister types. It is likely to come in dreams as well. Foreign lands call to you after the 21st, but it might be better to delay travel until Mars starts moving forward again - next month.



You’re in one of your most successful periods of your year, but boy oh boy, are you earning it. Seldom have you been this busy. Its not just the legitimate things that are keeping you busy either. Its all the side things - the unexpected financial, spiritual and personal crises - that are popping up. You will handle all of this so long as you keep your focus. This is a month of many “mini-eclipses”. Handle them and go right back to your career goals. Health is an issue this month - especially until the 21st. It will be a challenge to find rest and relaxation periods - but somehow you have to. Try to delegate wherever possible. Let go of trivialities. Head and face massage will be good too. Big things are manifesting in your life and the “old furniture” needs to be re-arranged. It can be inconvenient, but the end result is good. Health and energy should improve after the 21st, but still needs watching. Family is important to you but this is a month to focus on your career - as much as possible. Sometimes the solution to a financial problem is to think outside the box - to explore new territory - to take risks. This is the situation from the 13th to the 29th as your Financial Planet goes “out of bounds”. It won’t hurt to take a temporary pause in your financial pursuits from the 19th to the 23rd so you can take stock of things. The love life will improve greatly from the 18th onwards. In the meantime be patient with the beloved.



A busy active kind of month ahead but happily you have the energy and drive to handle it. Much career success is happening, especially from the 18th onwards. This is a very good month for students on the college level or who are applying to college. There is success in the studies. You seem in the mood for study and this is 90% of the victory. Health and energy are excellent until the 21st but afterwards needs more watching. You’re in a prosperous kind of year but this month you’re working harder for it. If you put in the work the earnings will happen. The spouse, partner or current love is helping financially. The opportunities for business kinds of partnerships or joint ventures are coming but they need further study. Don’t jump into things too quickly. The same is true for romance. There are many happy love opportunities - especially from the 18th onwards - but with your love planet retrograde - go slow and study the terrain. Romantic opportunities happen as you pursue your financial goals or with people involved in your finances. Wealth is an important romantic turn on. A lot of your socializing this month seems business related. You enjoy doing business with friends and enjoy socializing with people you do business with. Business and friendship are intertwined. On the 18th Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, enters your 10th House ushering a period of career success. You’re on top of the your world, the most elevated person in your world (or you aspire to this). On the 21st, the Sun enters your 10th House and you enter a yearly career peak. The prestige you seek could entail some financial sacrifice, but it might be worth it. The money will come later on.



Mars entered your sign on May 27 and will be here for the rest of the month. On the one hand this brings happy job opportunities, physical strength and energy and personal fearlessness. On the other hand it can make you too “militaristic” - impatient - in a rush to get things done. This can attract arguments or accidents. So, as the sages say, make haste slowly. You’re in a prosperous year but this month - especially until the 21st - there are more challenges to deal with. This is not the chart of a lottery winner. Earnings come the old fashioned way - through work. You will be surprised how work can produce the good luck you seek. Finances get much easier from the 21st onwards. Health is good but try not to overdo libido. Know when enough is enough. A great month - especially until the 21st - to engage in personal transformation and re-invention. Also very good for detox and weight loss regimes. Foreign traveL seems on the agenda after the 21st - this can be career related. Singles will find romantic opportunity in foreign lands (or with foreigners) from the 18th onwards. School or school functions also bring romantic opportunity. Your taste is to the exotic these days. College level students (or those applying to college) should hear good news after the 21st. There are shakeups in your career and of course
corrections on the 8 , 9 , 23 and 24 . But these seem ultimately good. They prepare the ground for next month when you start to hit a yearly career peak.




 If you can lighten up, stop being so serious, the month ahead can be a wonderful romantic and social month. You have LOTS of opportunity. Your 7th House is chock full of planets - and good ones. The New Moon of the 5th also occurs in the 7th House (and this will be a very strong social and romantic day). But love can’t happen if you’re not receptive to it. It is good that you’re focused on finances now - it needs your focus. There are many challenges happening. Perhaps you feel that too much socializing distracts you. But don’t go overboard. A business partnership - or the opportunity - happens this month. But it needs more study. Don’t jump into anything. Finances get much easier - less hectic - after the 21st. With your Financial Planet retrograde all month, finances should be under review. There will be a lot of water in the Horoscope after the 21st. People are emotionally more sensitive. Go out of your way to respect these sensibilities - it will save much heartache later on. Health needs a lot of watching until the 21st. As always, the most important thing is to maintain high energy levels. Make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health through shoulder and arm massage until the 18th. (You respond well to hand reflexology that period too.) After the 18th make sure to eat right and maintain emotional harmony. Until the 18th it is good to get out in the fresh air and just breathe deeply. After the 18th soaking in the tub, when you feel under the weather, will be a big help.



 For a Capricorn manifesting big and complicated projects is not a big deal. They thrive on  this. So, you seem to enjoy all the stress and challenge that is happening. You were built for this kind of  thing - created for it. You like to do the difficult and demanding things. Your organizational skills will get  you through. There is much turmoil going on in your spiritual life - and perhaps in spiritual or charitable  organizations that you’re involved with. Your spiritual ideals and understandings are getting challenged -  road tested. Only the real and true will survive. The social life is strong this month and having friends in  the right places is surely a help. It is a month for hard work - but what Capricorn ever feared hard work?  If you are unemployed, this is a great period to find a job - you have many, many opportunities. The New Moon of the 5 will bring clarity to the job and health situation. The main headline this month - especially from the 21 onwards - is the love and social life. You enter one of your yearly love and romantic peaks on the 21st. It is time to take a vacation from yourself and focus on others and their needs. A lot of your socializing is career related. And, if you have a special allure for high status kinds of people. You mix with them these days. There are romantic opportunities with them. Power is the great aphrodisiac in your case. Health needs more watching after the 21st. Arm and shoulder massage - and just fresh air - are healing tonics. Illy of the Valley and Lilac are healing aromas and strengthen you on the subtle levels.



A hectic month but a happy one. Even leisure activities can be stressful if one is not careful. More planning is needed. Be more patient in finances this month. The challenges you face are temporary and will clear up after the 21 . But more important than this is the retrograde of your Financial Planet, Neptune, on the 13th. Neptune will now be retrograde for many more months. This won’t stop earnings, but slow things down. Be more careful in your financial conduct. Take the time to check whether your checks are made out correctly (have the right date and person etc) and mailed to the right address. Read the fine print on contracts and agreements. Time to put the financial life under reviews. Over the next 6 or so months the important thing is to gain mental clarity on finance. No need to rush into important purchases or investments. The time is better spent on financial planning and goal setting. The financial intuition is super, but needs more verification. You need to interpret the message properly. Health is good this month and you seem very focused here - especially from the 21st onwards. You seem more willing to eat right and get involved in healthy life styles. Love is OK until the 21st but after that becomes more challenging. Right now you seem to be marking time. The love life will really sparkle next month.



You need to guard your health this month. Energy levels are not what they should be and this is the primal root cause of all health problems. Yes, the month ahead is busy. The demands of the family (and the career) are great. Handle them but make sure to get enough sleep and enough rest. High energy is the magical elixir that will cure what ails you. A nap might do you more good than a visit to the health professional. Emotional health seems very important this month. Until the 21st your Health Planet will be in your 4th House, which shows the emotions. After the 21st it moves into Cancer which is also involved with the emotions. Meditation will help you maintain emotional harmony. If there are discords with the family restore harmony as quickly as possible. Eating right seems unusually important this month. This should be checked with professionals. The good news - health and energy will improve after the 21st. It is far from perfect, but much improved. The love life will also improve after the 21st. You seem moody - overly so - in love. It all depends on your mood. Maintaining emotional harmony will not only improve your physical health, but the love life as well. Your financial planet is still retrograde this month (it starts to move forward only on the 29th). Nevertheless the month ahead is prosperous - especially after the 21st. Avoid making major purchases or investments this month. Wait for Mars to go forward.

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  • MsJheri: June 01, 2016

    I read this every month. It might mean nothing to some but it means something to me. Peace is attainable. So is love. Thanks Spiritual Gangster!

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