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There is something magical about blending the love of music with the love of yoga. That kind of magic is what makes Alex Woodrow, bassist for the Band Our Last Night, an inspiring Spiritual Gangster. Alex is the inspiration for our Pose of the day, and we wanted to share more about this seriously cool dude.

Name: Alex Woodrow


Nickname: Woody


Hometown: Hollis, NH


Current musical obsession:

"Change Your Life" by Iggy Azalea and The Neighborhood's new cd "I Love You." in its entirety. 


Do you have a spirit animal? 

I have six. Two of my favorites are the Snowy Owl and the Bat, both represent rebirth and transformation. Ironically I learned of them right after we fulfilled our record contract and began a new chapter in our bands existence.


How long have you been in a band for?

Going on 10 years now.


How has yoga influenced your life as a touring artist?

Yoga has given me consistency and flexibility both mentally and physically. It has made me a more comfortable person wherever I am. Yoga has reminded me to always have fun, treat every experience as an exploration and not to take myself too seriously. 


What can't you live without?

My family and music. 


Best vacation:

My best vacation was a week cruise in the caribbean. Filled with zip-lining, para sailing, amazing beaches and great food.


Describe your perfect day:

Yoga, sushi, playing a show, a limo with best friends, classin' it up in suits and dancing….I'm a firm believer in the quality of life wearing a suit and the dance moves that come with it.


How did you start your journey to become a yoga instructor?

My journey began when my mom convinced me to take a vinyasa class with her 3 years ago. Been hooked ever since…so thanks Mom! :) I began my instructing journey in August searching for a training that would work with my tour schedule. I took Tara Stiles weekend intensive which changed my life as well as my yoga practice. A short time after, I began my 200hr training at CorePower Yoga in Cambridge, MA. I've met some of the greatest people in my life there and it has become my home away from home.   


What do you plan to do with your training?

I want to guide yoga classes while on tour for fans and the people I tour with.    



Most influential yoga teachers/mentors in your life:

Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor at Strala Yoga NYC, everyone in the CorePower Boston family and my parents.


Favorite Yoga Pose and why:

Hard to pick just one! Dancers pose has always been one of my favorites due to the focus it requires but I also love inversions…anything that gets my head below my heart. I love the clarity and rejuvenation going up side down gives me. 


Describe yourself in 3 words:

Friendly, Honest and Explorative


What does spiritual gangster mean to you?

To me it means acknowledging we are all connected, that we are all unique in our experience and unified through our existence right now.



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  • N.Bourgoin Granpa: August 13, 2015

    Very proud of you grandson

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