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Meet the beautiful and super rad Megan, one of our muses for the Spring 2014 Spiritual Gangster collection. Born in Arizona, Megan shares her time between sunny California and New York. We caught up with the AZ native and talked all things Beyonce and tropical vacations.


Scottsdale, Arizona


Astrological Sign: 



Current musical obsession (either song or band):

I wouldn't say I'm specifically obsessed with any particular band at the moment. My music interests encompass a wide variety of styles from indie rock like Alt-J and classic rock n’ roll like The Rolling Stones to electronic funk music to folk to hip hop. But, when all else fails, Beyonce is my girl.


Do you have a spirit animal? If not, what do you think it would be?

Something in the feline species maybe. I like their demeanor.



How would you describe your signature look?

I wouldn't say I have one signature look … I've got more of an endless evolving style.  I dress as I feel that day. 


Do you have any tattoos? If not, what would you get?

None yet. I feel there's  almost something unique about not having one nowadays. But eventually I will probably get one that marks one of those life defining moments.


Are you a gold or silver girl?



Sun or moon? 

LA sunshine 

NYC moonlight


What can’t you live without….

My family. Some good tunes. God. Yelp. Uber. Sunshine



Best vacation you’ve ever gone on….

Last minute, my two best friends and I decided to go to Cabo San Lucas for a 4 day weekend. Whoever the genius was to book the ticket, booked it for two months ahead of the day we wanted to go. Bikinis packed and ready for sun we asked what the next flight out was for a similar itinerary.  We wound up on the big island of Hawaii planning as we went. We decided to go all out while we were and by renting convertibles, staying at the Four Seasons and booking zip lining adventures. It was very spontaneous and incredibly memorable.


Describe your perfect day :

Could be many scenarios but one day that could very well be considered perfect would be waking up early but well-rested by the alarm of the sunlight.  Drinking a cup of coffee, with whom ever my future Prince Charming husband may be in a tropical setting somewhere with family nearby. The day would then be filled with active nature adventure activities - jet skis and waterfall hiking or something along those lines.


Describe yourself in 3 words: 

Eccentric, eclectic and electric ;)



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