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May 2016 Horoscopes


This is a month to learn patience - especially until the 9th. You like things in a hurry, but with 50% of the planets retrograde (the maximum for the year) until the 9th, things won’t work out that way. Patience is a form of knowledge - knowing what’s actually happening. The retrograde activity is even stronger than it appears, since the Lord of your Horoscope, Mars is retrograde all month. So, slow things down. Avoid short cuts (they’re illusions), handle the details of your life perfectly. This will minimize delays and glitches. This is a strong financial month - one of the strongest in your year. In spite of all the delays prosperity is happening. Finance and love, ruled by Venus, moves ahead normally. Until the 24th Venus is part of a beautiful grand trine in earth signs - a rare and very fortunate aspect. The 2nd, 4th 10th and 11th are especially good financial days (also good for love). Social connections always play a role in your finances, but this month more so. Cultivate the social skills and wealth will increase. Speculations are favorable from the 2nd to the 4th. A business partnership or joint venture is likely this month - the opportunity will come. Mars stands still (in latitude) from the 7th to the 14th. He pauses in the heavens. A pause in your affairs will be a healthy thing. Health is good. Avoid making any dramatic changes to the diet or health regime until the 22nd. Study things more. Neck and shoulder massage is very beneficial.



Things are slowing down in the world, but this is the way you like things. Patient by nature, 50% of the planets retrograde, is not a bother. The month ahead is happy and prosperous. Health and energy are super. Though overlooked, good health is a form of wealth. You’re not spending on medical bills. It is a month where you have things your way. The world gives in to you. You look good. The Sun in your sign gives you star quality and Venus there gives style and grace. The opposite sex is attracted. Love is happy this month and singles have plenty of romantic opportunity. The 13th and 14th are especially good for love. On the 20th the Sun enters the money house and on the 24th Venus joins him. You are in one of your yearly financial peaks. Even the retrograde of your Financial Planet until the 22nd will not stop your prosperity - perhaps it slows it down a bit, but that’s all. Avoid major purchases or investments until after the 22nd. In the meantime you can review the financial life and see where improvements can be made. The Sun in your money house from the 20th onwards shows good family support. You would tend to spend more on the home too. Venus in the money house from the 24th onwards shows luck in speculations and someone who spends on themselves. This is an excellent month for job seekers - especially from the 6th to the 8th and on the 13th and 14th.



Be careful what you wish for now, you’re likely to get it. Personal desires need to be thought through better until the 22nd. It is good that you’re in a strong spiritual period this month. Light will cure all complexities. With light it is both safe and desirable to go for what you want. Without it, getting what you want can be a great learning experience. You seem ready to embark on some really large project - something major. These things are always complicated - always challenging. Be patient though, there are many planets retrograde this month and there can be many delays. On the 20th as the Sun moves into your sign energy improves, but still needs to be watched. You’ve got your hands full, you can’t afford to be wasting energy. Love is still challenging this month. This doesn’t mean that your relationship has to break up - only that more work and effort is needed to keep it together. You’re brimming with ideas this month - especially after the 20th. The mentality is sharp and keen. You express yourself well - especially from the 22nd onwards. Venus in your sign gives beauty and glamor to the image. The opposite sex is attracted, but love is still problematic. Very good to buy clothing or accessories this month (especially after the 24th). Your taste is super. You’re working hard from the 20th onwards but make time for some fun too. The 22nd to the 25th brings both financial good and romantic opportunity.



Your financial planet is still part of most fortunate Grand Trine in Earth until the 20th and this signals prosperity. The whole period is good but the 2nd to the 4th is especially good. The 6th to the 8th brings luck in speculations, but only speculate under intuition. The cosmos has many ways to prosper you. On the 20th the Sun will move into your spiritual 12th House. Thus the financial intuition becomes important. Financial guidance will come in dreams, through psychics, seers, spiritual channels and minister types. Good judgement and common sense are always important, but the intuition seems more important. Intuition is always eminently logical when seen in hindsight. You’re coming off an excellent career month, now its time to take a break. First off, your career planet, Mars, is retrograde. Second, he “pauses” in the heavens for a few days (in latitude) and then resumes his motion. So it is in your career - a pause and then resumption. Your Love Planet is still retrograde all month and after the 20th receives very stressful aspects. You just need to work harder on your present relationship. You and the beloved could be involved in some big - mammoth - kind of project. This could have you both on edge. The New Moon of the 6th occurs in your 11th House. Thus clarity about friendship issues and high tech will come as the month progresses. Everything you need to make a right decision will come to you naturally and normally. Health is basically good - though love problems could impact on it.




Like last month this is a prosperous period. Mercury, your Financial Planet, is in a beautiful Grand Trine all month. However, he is still retrograde until the 22nd. Not a time for speculating or rash financial moves. Better not to make major purchases of investments until the 22nd, but if you must research them more carefully. The retrograde might slow things down, but it won’t stop your prosperity. The 22nd to the 25th is an especially strong financial period. Students at the college level might do better in their studies if they take a break for a while - from the 7th to the 14th. The Lord of the 9th House is pausing in the heavens and then resumes if current direction. It is a pause that refreshes. If you’re going to travel the 2nd to the 4th seems especially good. But allow more time getting to and from your destination. Things at the job seems hectic this month - hectic and turbulent. Your could be making changes to your health regime too. Health needs watching until the 20th. Regular back and thigh rubs will do wonders. Health will improve after the 20th, but things still look hectic. People you work with are involved in a big project and want you included. You’re in a very strong career period until the 20th. Much success is happening. Raises and promotions (overt or covert) can happen (though there can be some delays involved). After the 20th the focus shifts to friends and to online kinds of activities.




If you can manage to maintain high energy levels, the month ahead should be both prosperous and successful. This is the rub. On the 20th you enter one of your yearly career peaks. You seem very successful - but also very busy. You or your company are involved in some major - and very complicated - project. These things are always stressful. So, make sure you get enough rest. Cut out the inessentials from your life. Give your energy only to what is important. Tough decisions have to be made. Until the 20th life is happy go lucky. Prosperity is strong and comes easily (the 10th and 11th brings a nice payday and it seems good for speculations too). The financial judgment is sound. Many of you will be traveling. College level students are succeeding. Religious and philosophical insights come. After the 24th your Financial Planet moves into your 10th House of career. This often shows pay raises or promotions. You have the financial favor of elders, bosses and authority figures. Your good professional reputation is like money in the bank. Guard it carefully. There is business related travel this month. Health and energy is enhanced by ankle, calf, head and face massage. Exercise is also very helpful - getting into the body will leave you more refreshed for mental activities. Love is problematic this month. Neptune, your love planet, is very stressed out all month, but especially after the 20th. It is likely that the problems are not your fault. The beloved can be having a challenging time and this impacts on your relationship. Be more patient here.




Your love planet, Mars, has pauses in the heavens (he basically stands still - in his latitudinal motion) from the 7th to the 14th. He is retrograde in terms of longitude. So this is a good period to pull pack a bit on the social life - the stillness will lead to better actions. No need to leap into anything drastically. The spouse, partner or current love is having a banner financial month and you are very much involved here. He or she seems generous with you. This is still a great month - until the 24th - for weight loss or detox regimes. Also good for projects involving personal transformation and reinvention. This is a busy and hectic month, but you have the energy to handle everything thrown at you. Health is good. Finance also look good. The 2nd to the 4th, the 10th and 11th, the 13th and 14th all seem like nice paydays. On the 24th the Lord of your Horoscope, Venus, moves into your 9th House. Happy travel opportunities come - group travel seems best. Students at the college level are successful in their studies (though they have to work harder than usual). A good period for serious study - study of religion and philosophy. Your Financial Planet has been in your 4th House for many years now. This shows good family support and someone who spends on the home and family. It favors earning money from home. Family connections are still very important financially. Pluto, your Financial Planet, is still retrograde so do more homework on major purchases or investments.




Overall energy might not be up to its usual standard, but in spite of this many nice things are happening. Your 7th House if chock full of benefic planets. You’re in one of the best love and social periods of your year - especially until the 20th. Romantic opportunities for singles are not only plentiful, but of high quality as well. You mix with the high and mighty this month. There are romantic (and social opportunities) with bosses and people of high social and professional status. Singles are allured to the power people. Social connections are helping the career too. This is a month to attend or host the right kind of parties or gatherings. Likeability plays a huge role in the career and can swing the balance in your favor. The month ahead is also very prosperous (especially until the 20th). Your Financial Planet, Jupiter, is receiving very nice aspects (the 2nd to the 4th and the 9th to the 11th are especially good - nice paydays.) Jupiter will start moving forward on the 9th - another financial positive. Financial confidence and judgement are very much improved now. If you have used the retrograde (since the beginning of the year) positively - to review your finances and make plans for improvement) you can now put these plans into motion. The 9th to the 11th is not only good financially but socially and romantically as well. Singles are likely to meet a special someone. Health and energy will greatly improve after the 20th.




It’s a good thing that you’re very focused on health issues this month. It will pay off now and especially later on - after the 20th. You’re involved in a rare and stressful Grand Square from the 20th onwards. This shows your involvement in some big - really big - project. Something very complex. These things are always stressful, so more rest and relaxation is necessary. Sure, do the work necessary, but make sure to get some rest too. Neck and throat massage is powerful until the 24th. Make sure that tension doesn’t build up in the neck. After the 24th, the arms and shoulders become important. Massage them regularly. Air purity is important from the 24th onwards. This is a successful month. Jupiter, as has been the case all year, is in your 10th House of career showing personal elevation and prominence. Not only that but he receives fabulous aspects from the short term planets. There is likely to be career related travel early in the month. Educational opportunities involved with the career also come. Students at the college level succeed early in the month. Job seekers have great aspects all month but especially from the 9th to the 11th. The only issue with career is the retrograde of Mercury (until the 22nd). Career moves and opportunities need more study and homework - things are not as they seem. You’re a person who loves leisure and fun. But with Mars stationary in the heavens (in latitude) from the 7th to the 12th a pause might be in order. Mars, like last month, will be in your sign for most of the month (until the 28th). Yes, you’re busy and there’s lots to do, but avoid rush and hurry. Achieve, but methodically.




A vice, say the sages, is merely a virtue misused or overused. Your virtues - your discipline, soberness and seriousness, can actually hold you back this month. Lighten up a bit. Have some fun. Do the things that you enjoy. You will find, to your surprise, that your ambitions are furthered of their own accord. Alternation is heaven’s first law. You will get back to your work ethic after the 20th, have no fear. But for now do the things that you love to do. Follow your passion. This is the kind of month where you meet an important contact as you’re at the ballpark or golf course or theater. Sometimes this shows entertaining the clients or others important to your career. Many planets are retrograde this month. Until the 9th 50% are retrograde. So, many projects are stuck right now - you might as well have some fun. After the 24th, your career planet moves into the 6th House. Enough entertaining the clients. Now you succeed the hard way, through a good work ethic. Those of you looking for jobs after the 24th have good fortune. Parents and elders seem helpful. Health is basically good and you can enhance it further through neck massage. Avoid making drastic changes to the health regime until after the 22nd. Miracle therapies might not be as miraculous as they seem. This is not an especially strong romantic month - though there are plenty of opportunities for love affairs of a non-serious nature. However it is a good social month - a good month for friendships and group activities.



You’re in the “midnight hour” of your year - the magical midnight hour where all kinds of miraculous things happen behind the scenes. This is an excellent career year in general, but this month focus more on the home, family and your emotional wellness. These are the areas, when handled right, that make future career success possible. The 4th House is considered the “foundation” upon which the career rests. This is a month to work on your outer objectives by internal rather than external means - through meditation, visualization, through getting into the “feeling” of being where you want to be. A few moments of interior realization will do more for your career than hours of hard labor. A very good month to beautify or redecorate the home. Good for buying objects of beauty for the home too. Health needs more watching this month - especially until the 20th. Nothing seriously wrong but overall energy is not what it should be. This will change after the 20th. Health, energy and stamina will be much improved. Finances get stressful from the 20th onwards. Be careful of overspending. The financial intuition - usually sharp - needs more verification. Love is close to home this month. No need to travel far and wide. There is more entertaining from home and more socializing with family members. There is a tendency to meet up with old flames this month. Generally this is for the purpose of healing and resolving old issues. The 2nd to the 4th seems especially good for love.



Your Financial Planet behaves a little strangely this month. Not only is he retrograde (moving backwards in the heavens) but he will pause for a week (in his latitudinal motion). So, it is good to put your finances under review this month and perhaps take a short pause here until things clarify. Earnings will still come and you will cover your costs, but things happen more slowly than usual. Sometimes we need to take our mind off of a subject and let a higher power handle things. 2016 has been an excellent year for love. This month is also very good, but a bit more complicated. Your Love Planet, Mercury, is retrograde until the 22nd. So there are plenty of opportunities, but a lack of clarity and direction. Jupiter (the planet energizing your 7th House of love) has been retrograde since the beginning of the year. He will start to move forward on the 9th. This not only helps the love life, but the career as well. Career matters are getting clearer and you have more confidence. You’re meeting people socially who can help your career. Having said this, this is not your best career month. Your 4th House becomes very strong from the 20th onwards and it is good to focus on the home and family. Good emotional health is especially important from the 20th onwards. Health needs more watching. Make sure you get enough rest. Give the arms and shoulders regular massages. Don’t let tension collect in the shoulders.




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