This pose, in which the legs are split forward and back, is named for the fictional character Hanuman’s leap from India to Sri Lanka. It is wonderful for stretching the thighs, hamstrings, and groins. As well as stimulating the abdominal organs and muscles. There are many variations for this pose, and should be practiced in gradual stages to avoid over stressing muscles. 


 1.)Kneel on the floor. Step your right foot forward about a foot in front of your left knee, and rotate your right thigh outwardly.


2.) With an exhale, tilt your torso forward, and pressing your fingertips to the floor. Slide your left knee back slowly and gradually, while straightening the knee.  

 3.)Push the right heel away from your torso, and gradually turn the leg. Carefully descend the front of the left thigh and the back of the right leg to the floor. Be sure that your center is aligned.


 4.)Be sure to check to see that the back leg is not angled and extends straight out of the hip. Now bring the hands into Salutation Seal, or stretch the arms straight up toward the ceiling.



 You can stay in this pose for anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute.


To come out, press your hands to the floor, turn the front leg out slightly, and slowly return the front heel and the back knee to their starting positions. Then reverse the legs and repeat for the same length of time.


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