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Meet the radiant and vivacious Seane Corn. When she's not busy traveling the world teaching at yoga festivals, teaching for Off the Mat, Into the World, and radiating love and light to all she meets, Seane loves spending time with her cats, her family, and entertaining the idea of how to be a better cook. We sat down with Seane to get a behind the scenes look at her philosophies on how to live a full life. 

How did you become involved with Spiritual Gangster?

      I’ve known Spiritual Gangster owner Ian, since 1995, when he was a student of mine. He and Vanessa are dear friends of mine. I know the family on a very personal level, so becoming involved with Spiritual Gangster was a no-brainer.

You truly honor your soul, and it’s infectious! What little things do you do daily to help keep in balance and honor your intuition.

       I pray. I pray when I’m feeling out of balance, if I begin to second guess myself, or if I feel myself having low self esteem.  We often times get in the way of ourselves, of our own intuition, and praying helps me gain clarity, strength, and the ability to see myself through a different lens.



How did you get into yoga? Did you know immediately that it was what you wanted to do with you life, or was it more of a journey?

            The latter. I started yoga at a young age, at 19. But it wasn’t until I started working at YogaWorks in Los Angeles that I really began to see that teaching yoga was what I wanted to do with my life.


You do a lot of  wonderful work through your philanthropy Off the Mat, Into the World. What advice can you give others in making a positive impact on the world

            First and foremost, we must see a real shift of consciousness in our own souls. Through being committed to getting out of our own way and continuing to progress forward to a place of inner change. It always depends on where you are in your own life’s shadow, but to help the world, we must first raise our own inner and personal consciousness. The commitment to be engaged with ourselves, truly engaged, is key.



What is something you want to master in 2014?

            -Cooking. Because I travel so much for my work, There are some really unfortunate food choices out there when you're traveling, especially with a restricted diet. I’m a vegetarian, so learning to cook simple and healthy meals, and cook them well, is on my to-do list.


Do you feel more connected to the sun or the moon?

            The sun. It is such an activator, energizer, and it’s constantly active. That’s who I am, an activator and full of energy. I can stand in the light and am not afraid of getting burned.



Do you have a spirit animal? If not, what would it be?

           I am an absolute cat lover. My life goal is to become one of those crazy cat ladies with 18 cats. I’ve always had a great love and felt very connected to cats, so if I had to pick, it would be a feline. My two lovely cats, Daisy and Grace, would love this.


Practicing an attitude of gratitude is so important for living a full life. What are three things you are grateful for today?

            My family first and foremost. My spirituality and yoga community. And for Mother Earth, and all the abundance she shares with us. 



For more about Off the Mat, Into the World, check out Seane's website here

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