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April Horoscopes 2016


This is the kind of month where you can have everything you want. The only problem is that you’re not sure of what it is you want. Mars going retrograde on the 17th muddies the waters. Pray for wisdom to know what should and shouldn’t be desired. When clarity comes, its safe to go for it. Its basically a happy month. You’re in a yearly (one of them) personal pleasure peaks. Life is on your terms. Venus’ move into your sign on the 5th brings love and prosperity. Nothing much you need to do either. It comes to you. If you’re in a relationship the beloved is unusually attentive, putting your interest ahead of his or her own. If you’re not in a relationship, someone is pursuing you ardently. The 11th and 12th are especially good romantic and financial days. Health and energy are good too. You have the energy to achieve any goal you set your mind to - but again you have to know what you want. Job seekers have good fortune this month, but after the 7th do more homework about these offers. Children and children figures in your life are also having a good romantic month - especially if they are of appropriate age. The 9th, 10th, 22nd and 23rd are especially good romantic days for them. The 22nd and 23rd brings sudden social and financial opportunity to you - something that happens out of the blue - something unexpected. On the 19th the Sun enters your money house and your prosperity continues.



Your love life has been good ever since Jupiter moved into Virgo in August of last year. This is the case in the month ahead too. Only with Pluto going retrograde on the 18th and Jupiter retrograde all month, no need to rush into anything. Go slow in love. Let love develop as it will. Review the love life and see where improvements can be made. When Pluto moves forward in a few months, you’ll be able to act on your plans. In the meantime enjoy the love life for what it is, without projecting too much on to it. You have a lot of opportunities - especially after the 19th. There are happy career experiences and opportunities on the 9th, 10th, 22nd and 23rd. Parents or parent figures in your life are having a good social and romantic period. Until the 19th you’re in a strong spiritual kind of period. The dream life and ESP faculties will be very active. Spiritual breakthroughs are there for those of you who want them. And, it should be mentioned, that one second of a spiritual insight is worth many years of hard labor. Your Financial Planet in your spiritual 12th House until the 6th shows good financial intuition - the short cut to prosperity. Mercury’s move into your sign on the 6th shows prosperity too. Financial opportunity seeks you out. Financial windfalls come. Try to make important purchases and financial decisions before the 28th when Mercury goes retrograde. Family seems especially devoted to you from the 19th onwards.



Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, moves more cautiously this month and so should you. With many planets in Aries this month (especially until the 19th) the tendency is to rush, rush, rush. Sometimes slower is faster in the long run. Love is stormy this month. Mars and Saturn in your 7th House is testing your relationships. The beloved doesn’t seem in the best of moods. Perhaps he or she is too involved in business concerns and is stressed over this. There is a feeling of frustration there. Try not to make matters worse than they need to be. Stay in good spiritual state and minimize the negativity. Though romance is problematic, the overall social life is good. You seem very involved with friends, organizations and professional associations. Those of you interested in science or astrology will make good progress this month - you’ll expand your knowledge. Children and children figures in your life are having a great social month. If they are or appropriate age, there is romance too. Health needs watching this month. As always, the most important thing is to maintain high energy. Rest when tired. Schedule more massages or other spiritual type therapies. Detox regimes are good too. On the 6th Mercury enters your spiritual 12th House and the Sun follows on the 19th. No matter what you face, spirit can handle it if you call and allow it to operate. Answers will come in dreams or through psychics, astrologers, spiritual channels or minister types. Stay alert.




A hyperactive and hyper successful month. The demands of the career overpower almost everything else in your life. Superiors appreciate your work ethic. Health and energy is the problem. Succeed by all means, but don’t allow yourself to get over tired. Take breaks. Work rhythmically. Delegate where possible. Focus on the really important things and let lesser things go. You don’t need to worry about ignoring the family, they seem very supportive and involved. They are succeeding too. The month ahead is prosperous. With your Financial Planet in the 10th House until the 19th (and receiving nice aspects) pay raises can happen - either overtly or in hidden ways. Your good professional reputation brings all kinds of financial opportunities. The authorities in your life - bosses, elders, parents and even the government - seem supportive of financial goals. The Financial Planet in Aries until the 19th can make you a bit of a risk taker. You can be an impulse buyer and spender. Try to give more thought before you leap. Prosperity will be even stronger after the 19th as the Sun starts to make a Grand Trine, with Jupiter and Pluto. Money comes suddenly and unexpectedly on the 9th and the 10th. Sudden expenses can also come, but you will have the wherewithal to handle them. Love seems happy and active this month, but don’t rush into anything. Your Love Planet is retrograde. Enjoy the love for what it is, without projecting too much into it. Let love develop as it will. A business type partnership or joint venture can also happen until the 19th - but go slowly and do your home work.



With your 9th House ultra powerful this month, the urge to travel is very strong. But, the two planets that rule foreign travel in your chart - , Jupiter, the generic ruler and Mars, the actual ruler - are both retrograde. So more caution is advised. Best to take journeys before the 17th. If you must travel afterwards allow more time to get to your destination. The month ahead is happy and successful. Health is good (especially until the 19th) and you have superabundant energy. With energy your horizons expand. Things that seemed impossible are now eminently possible. The love and social life is also more active - and happier - than usual. Your Love Planet is getting plenty of positive stimulation. Singles find happy romantic opportunity on the 9th, 10th, 22nd and 23rd. You’re in a very prosperous year overall and this month even more so - especially after the 6th. You have good family support and the support and encouragement of bosses and elders. Pay raises could happen at work too. Guard your professional reputation as earnings depend on it. Your Financial Planet, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 28th, so make important purchases, investments or financial decisions before then. This is a successful month. The career is red hot. On the 19th you enter one of your yearly career peaks. You’re above everyone in your world - in charge - calling the shots. Others look up to you. Children and children figures in your life are prospering, but lack direction. They need to spend some time gaining mental clarity.



Health needs watching this month. Next month even more so. Do your best to maintain high energy levels - this is the 1st defense against disease. Head, face, ankle and scalp massage will be a big help too. The love life could be a lot better. There’s love in your life, but there seems much conflict involved. Passions are high. Try not to make matters worse by being negative. There will be some negativity to be sure, but you can either maximize or minimize it. Choose to minimize it. The domestic situation is bitter-sweet. On the one hand family seems devoted to you, on the other there are under currents of conflict. Perhaps there is construction or heavy duty repairs going on in the home and this tends to be stressful. Keep in mind, you’re never given more than you can handle. There are some important financial changes happening on the 7th, 8th, 22nd and 23rd, but prosperity is good. The year ahead is prosperous. The spouse, partner or current love is having a super financial month and seems generous. A good month to pay down debt or make it - according to your need. If you have good ideas it’s a good time to approach outside investors. You’ve had a tendency to put on the pounds of late, but this month is good for slimming down. Health and energy will improve from the 19th onwards - but still needs watching. Travel is high on your agenda from the 19th onwards. Students at the college level should do better in their studies.



You’re in one of your best love and social months of your year this month. Always socially popular this month you’re even more so. People feel your interest in them and your unselfishness. Though marriage is highly unlikely, the social whirl seems like a lot of fun - and very exciting. There is more party going and social events happening. Many romantic opportunities for singles too. The only issue is the stability of these things. Your Love Planet, Mars, goes retrograde on the 17th - another reason to go slow in love and to just enjoy things for what they are. Romance and social opportunity is in the neighborhood. No need to travel far and wide looking for it. There is romantic opportunity at school, lectures or educational type functions. The 11th and 12th seem especially good romantic days. Health is delicate until the 19th so don’t burn the candle at both ends. Rest when tired. Have your feet rubbed. If you feel under the weather see a spiritual type healer. Health and energy will improve after the 19th. Earnings start to soar after the 19th too. Friends and neighbors seem supportive. If you have important financial decisions to make do it before the 18th, when Pluto starts to retrograde. This has been a prosperous year and prosperity will continue in coming months. A powerful 8th House (from the 19th onwards) shows roaring libido. A more sexually active kind of period. But its also good for projects involving personal transformation and reinvention.



Saturn in your money house for over a year shows that you’ve been taking on extra financial responsibilities. Although you’re prospering this year, you might not feel like you are. But you have help this month. Mars in your money house shows energy. You’re working harder and gaining wealth through sheer hard work. If you employ others, employees are a big factor in earnings. A company is only as good as its employees. This is a work oriented month in general. Job seekers have good fortune this month - in fact the problem could be too many, rather than too few, opportunities. The planets involved in your financial life are retrograde this month. Jupiter is retrograde all month. Saturn, the occupant of your money house likewise. Mars, the other occupant of your money house, goes retrograde on the 17th. This won’t stop earnings only slow things down a bit. Perhaps a good thing. Do more homework before making important purchases or investments. Review the financial life to see where improvements can be made and then put them into effect when the Financial Planets start to move forward again. Your Love Planet spends most of the month in Aries. This tends to impulsiveness in love. It’s a “love at first sight” kind of position. Love opportunities happen at the workplace or as you pursue your health and fitness goals. Health professionals are especially alluring this month. Your career planet moves into your 7th House on the 19th. This shows that high status people are romantic turn ons. It shows mixing with these kinds of people too. A lot of your social activity seems career related.



A happy go lucky kind of month with a few challenges thrown in just to keep things interesting. Your 5th House of fun, creativity and children is the strongest this month. So its time to enjoy life. You’ve been a bit too serious lately (and with good reason). Time to lighten up. Solutions come easier when the mind is relaxed and lets go of problems. Mars and Saturn are both in your sign. This gives energy, discipline and organization - but it can make you either too hot or too cold. Too cautious when you need to be acting and too aggressive when you need to be cautious. Its not the best kind of aspects for love either. Watch the temper. Work to project love and warmth to others. The love life will improve after the 6th. The 15th and the 16th are especially good for love. There is prosperity happening too - especially until the 19th. The only problem is the retrograde of your Financial Planet, Saturn. Earnings will happen but more slowly. Be more careful of financial details and make sure all transactions are in order. Little things - putting the wrong zip code on an envelope or the wrong date on a check - can cause all kinds of ridiculous delays. A sudden travel opportunity comes on the 9th or 10th. Disturbances at the work place on the 7th-8th and 22nd-23rd seem short term. You’re in a successful career year, but good to have some fun now, as we mentioned. It will improve your health as well.



Though overall your health is good, until the 19th give it more attention. Overall energy is not up to its usual standard. Rest when tired. Schedule more massages. Keep the focus on your priorities and let lesser things go. This is a short term blip. By the 19th health and energy will improve. In the meantime enhance the health with scalp and face massage until the 6th and with neck massage afterwards. This is a home and family month. Though you are always ambitious, this month your mission is your family - to be there for them. Now is the time to build up the psychological forces that will create career success down the road. Its like a good night’s sleep. An excellent month for doing needed repairs in the home. Also good for beautifying the home - for re-painting, re-decorating, or buying objects of beauty for the home. With Venus in your 4th House from the 5th onwards you have excellent taste in these matters. Though career is in a bit of lull, finances will be good. Your financial planet gets plenty of positive stimulation - especially on the 7th, 9th, 10th, 22nd and 23rd. The 7th, 9th and 10th are good for paying down debt or borrowing - depending on your need. Also good for attracting investors to your projects. The New Moon of the 7th brings happy romantic opportunity for singles. The Sun’s move into your 5th House on the 19th initiates one of your yearly personal pleasure periods. Good to spend time with the kids or the children figures in your life. Good to have some fun.



The career is hugely successful this year, but this month pay more attention to the domestic life and the family. This under rated sector is what makes career success possible. In many cases it motivates success. The planetary power below the horizon of your chart shows that the planets are moving away from the career and towards the family and so should you. You’re coming off a very strong financial month and most likely short term financial goals are more or less achieved. Now it is time to read, study, teach and otherwise expand the knowledge base - to develop the mental side of the nature. Later in the month, from the 19th onwards, you can (and will) develop your emotional side. This is an excellent month for students, writers, teachers, journalists and sales people. Your mental and communication skills are very much enhanced - and this spells success. Love seems happy this month too - especially on the 9th, 10th, 22nd and 23rd. (The New Moon of the 7th occurs right on the Lord of your chart - a happy day in general and also good for love.) Love is close to home this month - in the neighborhood and perhaps with neighbors. Until the 10th love pursues you - not much you need to do. After the 19th you’re socializing more from home. Family and family connections are playing a huge role in love. Be sure to rest and relax more after the 19th. Overall health is good, but energy is not up to its usual standard.




The month ahead is prosperous - one of the best in your year. 40% and sometimes 50% of the planets are in, or moving through, your money house. The New Moon of the 7th also occurs there. This is a lot of financial energy and this will translate to higher earnings and happy income opportunities. This is not the chart of a lottery winner, but of someone who earns it the old fashioned way - through work and shrewd moves. The financial intuition is better than usual. Your Financial Planet, Mars, will go retrograde on the 17th, so make important purchases or investments before then. You will still prosper during Mars’ retrograde but perhaps a bit more slowly. Mars and Saturn are both in your 10th House of career. So you’re working hard and earning success and promotions through sheer merit. Health needs more watching. The most important thing is to maintain high energy levels - this is the first defense against disease. Scalp and face massage enhances health until the 19th. After the 19th the neck and throat become important. Watch for tension in the neck and release it through massage and stretching exercises. You’re in a very happy love and social period this year. The month ahead is a great social month - especially from the 6th to the 28th. Love is in the neighborhood, at school, lectures or seminars. You gravitate to people who have the gift of gab - who are easy to talk to. The 15th and 16th are especially good romantic days.


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