January is a time of change for you Aries! Anything can happen at any time, so turn this time to your advantage. This month combines hectic energy with the sweet reward of success, making for a high-energy month filled with lots of opportunities. Your energy is very attractive to others, making you popular this month. But make sure to look before you leap in matters of love and finances. Make sure to take time to focus on your health, and get plenty of rest during January.
Sometimes its good to feel a lack of direction. It forces you to gain clarity on your goals. That is the case for the month of January, Taurus. The month ahead is a successful one, with advances in your career, resulting from excellent health and energy.You need to be more choosy in love, focusing on quality rather than quantity. You may find yourself gravitating towards traditional kinds of people these days. But there are love opportunities in foreign lands or with foreigners, at educational or religious type functions. Spread your wings and see where the world takes you.

Finances are at the forefront of your New Year, Gemini. You may feel like you’re working harder then normal, but have no fear, the year ahead is a prosperous one. Finances are a bit stressed until the 20th. You’re earning but working harder than usual for it. The challenges are all short term issues.. Love awaits you as you pursue your normal financial goals and with people who are involved in your finances. Wealth is the primary romantic turn on these days. Be on the look out for a lucrative business partnership or joint venture in the coming months. Keep going strong, Gemini, for you succeed at work the old fashioned way - through earned effort and being the best at what you do. 



You’re as prosperous and lovely as ever Cancer! Being in the midst of one of your yearly love and social peaks, be sure to avoid making any drastic decisions. The year ahead is prosperous and happy, but in the short term, until the 20th, be more careful of your energy and try to rest and relax more. The main defense against disease is high energy levels. So make sure to take time from your busy schedule of socializing to rest and take care of your body. You’re great at combining business and friendships Cancer, and this month, your skill at combining the two is highlighted. Use this to your advantage, and you’ll make lasting connections, both socially and financially, this month. 




You are in the midst of a serious work oriented period. This is good. There are times when we need to do those boring menial tasks. Getting these taken care of will free you for the social whirl that begins on the 20th.. Love has been erratic for the past year, Leo -  especially since last month. But there will be much improvement towards the end of the month. Your popularity with friends will help you stay focused in business and health.



You are in a happy, party kind of month right now! Even though you love working Virgo, take this time to enjoy yourself! Trust that the work sector will re-enter your house, and you will be back to business as usual. In the mean time, take time to invest in your health and the finer things in life. The two Financial Planets in your chart - Venus and Jupiter - are both retrograde all month, meaning that speculations and financial risk taking are not favorable right now. There are always improvements that can be made to the financial life and now is the time to review this. Later when clarity is attained and doubts are resolved you can put these plans into action Love has been happy this past year and is happy right now. The important thing for you is to have a good spiritual connection with the beloved. If you are unattached attend a charity function, poetry reading or spiritual seminar.




This is your year of balance, Libra. Finances are feeling tight right now, not as a punishment, but as a way to educate you. It is time to get this area of your life in order, and becoming financially healthier. If finances feel tight there is cosmic agenda behind it. This is not about punishment or deprivation. It’s time to eliminate waste or unnecessary expenses, Time to reorganize, and Shift things around a bit. Try to get the most out of what you already have. If you do, you’ll find that you have all the resources that you need.



It may seem like a dark time right now, Scorpio, but it’s okay to lighten up! A lot of positive things are developing behind the scenes, and you’ll start to see them in future months when your Financial Planet starts moving forward again. Love too might seem slow this month but you’ll see improvement next month, so hang in there Cupid.  This is a wonderful month for expanding your knowledge base, both learning something new or for teaching what you know. Your family is your mission this month, so give the home and family your attention, they really need you. Be sure to be extra kind to mother figures, as well as focusing on your health and energy levels. 




You are in one of your most prosperous periods! Keep the focus in your financial sector, and you are in line with the Universe (always a good place to be). With good health and energy, all kinds of things become possible for you this month, Sagittarius. Love awaits you outside your normal boundaries, so try something new during January! You gravitate to those who are easy to talk to, where there is a free flow of ideas. Love opportunities happen at lectures or seminars - in educational type settings. So get out there and learn something new!




It nice to have things your way and not worry about people pleasing. Its that kind of month. You know what’s best for you and this is the course you should follow. Let others adapt to you, and follow your heart, Capricorn. Most of the planets are moving forward this month and many of you are having birthdays. So this is an excellent time to launch new products or venture. Your wonderful physical appearance and charisma adds to your allure. This is a great month to take care of the needs of your body and image; to buy new clothes or jewelry or accessories; to get the body and image in the shape that you want. 




You will need to exercise that strong sense of inner love this month, Aquarius. With strong demands from your career, try focusing on your emotional needs this month. Spending more time with the family will help you stay grounded during more trying times at work. Find your point of emotional harmony and function from there. Take some time to digest past experiences. Overall, this is a happy month Aquarius, health is good, the physical appearance shines. You exude charisma and “star quality” and love pursues you with little or no effort on your part. If you are already in a relationship the beloved is more attentive and devoted. If you are unattached someone is coming to you. Be more patient with the beloved, for he or she is more temperamental and could be experiencing dramatic kinds of events. Your spiritual understanding of how things work is a huge factor in earnings. Wealth has to come through you before it comes to you.



With Neptune in your own sign for the past two years many of you are hardly touching ground. The spiritual influences are so strong that it’s a struggle to stay in the body. You’re on a natural high, This is an excellent month for spiritual type breakthroughs - for revelation. No need to go to the clubs or parties, to find love. Love awaits you in spiritual settings - at the yoga studio, the meditation seminar, the prayer circle or at charitable type events. You’re in a prosperous year, but this month you’re working harder for earnings than usual. There’s a lot of drama - ups and downs -financial surprises – this month. But you will make it through, Pisces! 




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