Half lotus toe pose is a great way to strengthen your legs and abdominal muscles, as well as heightening your body awareness and pushing your mental and physical limits. A major key to the toe pose is maintaining correct body alignment and posture.


1.)   Begin in Tadasana, then shift your weight onto your left leg, while bending your right knee towards your chest.


2.)   Raise your right foot, bringing your right heel to rest on the front of your left thigh.


3.)  Allow your right knee to drop down, and bring both hands to the center of your chest in prayer position.


4.) Slowly fold forward, bending at the hips, and engaging your core muscles.


5.)  Keeping your standing leg straight, release your hands and place your fingertips on the floor in front of you.


6.)  Slowly bend your standing leg and bring your hips as close to the floor as possible. Ideally, the thigh of your standing leg should come parallel to the floor


7.)  Rest your butt on the heel of your standing foot, allowing the weight to be equally distributed.      


8.)  Gaze at a single spot on the floor four feet in front of you, which will help you keep centered and internally balanced.


9.)  While still engaging your abdominals, bring your left hand to the center of your chest in half prayer position. Finally, bring your right hand to meet your left, pressing your palms together.


10.) This pose can be held from anywhere between 10 and 90 seconds. 




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