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As the world goes into hibernation, our busy lives slow down and we are called to look at each area of our lives; romantic, personal, professional, spirituality, and emotional. December is a time to look back on all the work you have done this year, and celebrate the great progress you've achieved! If you're not as happy with a certain part of your life, December is also the month to set up a strategy to improve yourself for the new year. Here's to a prosperous and present month of December! Namaste.  


Big enterprises are afoot, Aries, as Venus makes a very important and rare beginning appearance in your house.  So get ready for a big month for love and money, as both will be under review before the 21st.  You’re going to need all your energy for your career and projects, so make sure to take time for your self and pay attention to your health this month. The month ahead looks very successful for you Aries in your career and in love, but you will earn every bit of it. So strap on your work boots and enjoy the process of hard work. As the dynamic Aries that you are, you are socially popular this month, but don’t rush into anything serious, especially after the 21st.



This month is all about bringing the right order to the area of love in your life, Taurus. Health and energy are good the whole month but especially from the 21st onwards. You have all the energy you need to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Many Taurus’s are involved in personal transformation - giving birth to your ideal self. These projects, especially projects of the romantic nature will go well all month.



Late last month you entered into one of the strongest love and social periods of your year and your popularity increases even further this month! You’re going out of your way for others and putting them ahead of yourself, which makes others really appreciate your friendship. Enjoy the social whirlwind this holiday season brings you, but don’t force any major changes. Just enjoy the prosperity cycle you’re experiencing. Be ready for some financial inspiration, as some clarity in this area of your life will surface this month.




Lady luck sits besides you, Cancer. You’re cycle of prosperity will increase even more in 2014, when Jupiter enters your money house. And this month you’re earning your money the old fashioned way - through hard work and determination. The good news is that the work is there, and you will be busy the first of the year. Your love life is good all month but especially from the 21st onwards. But watch your energy this month, especially from the 21st onwards. The good news is that health is important to you, and you’ll be sure to pay special attention to your physical and emotional health.



You are in a party period in a party time of the year, and boy do Leos know how to party! By the 21st though, you seem to have your fill and are ready to get more serious about life; work, health, and relationships. Details are very important to you this month Leo, so make sure to pay close attention to the little things. Love is a soap opera this month, filled with twists, turns, ups, downs, on again and off agains - just the way you like things. It might not be easy, but it’s certainly exciting. But there is much inner growth happening behind the scenes, Leo, and with the New Year this growth will be visible and tangible.



You are a creative and financial powerhouse this month Virgo! Not to mention that your Love Planet has proven to be good this holiday season, and will continue to be so. Your financial judgment is conservative this month, which will help you to pay off debts and become more financially stable and secure. If you are looking to make aggressive financial decisions, make sure to first slow down and do your homework; your Financial Planet suggest a need for more caution. Allow your inner creative spirit to let loose after the 21st, and see where this creative power takes you!




This month is all about staying focused on your priorities Libra, and not wasting energy on trivial details. Make sure to schedule alone time to nurture your body and soul; maybe a spa day, message, or pedicure is in order to help soothe any anxieties. You are a lovable creature, Libra, and you need no help pursuing affection, for love pursues you! But be wary of how reliable this kind of love is. This month, family takes the front seat in your life. Let your career take a break and allow the support of your family to sustain you through any difficulties.



You must learn how to be more patient and temperamental with family members and coworkers this month, Scorpio. Sometimes you can come off as cold or stand off-ish, even though this is not your intention. For your career, your good professional reputation is very important this month, so be sure to guard it with honesty and integrity. Make sure to pay attention to your health, although it will be overall good for the month of December. If you’re feeling sluggish, try a detox or a new work out regime to get yourself back in tip-top shape.



A happy go lucky, not a care in the world, kind of month awaits you, Sagittarius. Sure there are a few challenges, but the harmonious things are much stronger. You have help in overcoming any challenge that might arise. Happy career opportunities are coming to you this month, for you are seen as successful by others and your personal appearance shines! You radiate with charisma, star quality, self-confidence and independence. Your Love Planet is spending a lot of time in your house, Sagittarius, which means love is pursuing you. Those already in relationships will find the beloved more attentive and devoted than usual. After the 24th love opportunities come as you pursue your financial goals. Even though all these wonderful things are happening outside of you, within you, just where you are, is the source of all wealth.




Your spiritual wellbeing is your number one priority this month, Capricorn. We know how important a physical detox can be, just as a spiritual detox is crucial. A clear mind will lead to a healthy body, and any health ailments will improve with it. Ever since Jupiter entered your 7th House of love, you have been in a happy love cycle. Love is positive, attentive, and healthy for months to come. Your Horoscope shows an allurement with spiritual idealistic type people. If you are still unattached go to spiritual type events – or charitable ones - this is where the love is.



The past year has been prosperous for you Aquarius, and this trend will continue in the month of December. Your Financial Planet is urging you to learn all you can about the spiritual dimensions of wealth. Spiritually speaking, wealth is wherever you are, not some far off place. Embrace the wealth of where you are in this moment, and work towards your financial goals while remaining grounded in the present moment. Love is not at the forefront of your being this month, but real love will happen next year as Jupiter enters your 7th house.  In the meantime, engage in group activities of the spiritual and charitable kind to meet love interests this month.



You’re a career mogul this month Pisces! With your career booming, you’re having one of the strongest career periods of your year. In love, you have been jumping into relationships too quickly, since you’re still a love at first sight kind person, though this will lessen later in the month. Your Love Planet will spend most of the month in your 10th House of career. Thus romantic opportunities happen as you pursue career goals or with people involved in your career….Maybe an office romance is in your future? Keep tabs on your health, and make sure to take time for yourself to decompress this month. 

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