You might know David Romanelli as the face behind YeahDave!, a social community dedicated to moving it’s followers into a direction of positive enlightenment. David’s power of positivity has been featured in Yoga Journal, O Magazine, Food & Wine, and Origin. He focuses on embracing every moment and opportunity we are given, and truly being grateful for the little things in life. Spiritual Gangster sat down with David to talk about all things yoga, family, food and his next big thing!



Spiritual Gangster: Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, we wanted to talk to you about Yoga for Foodies, and the idea behind this concept.

David: I’ve found that chefs and yoga teachers share a very common purpose, that is to open students to sensory ecstasy; yoga through physicality and mediation, and chef’s through taste and smell. Slow Food, and Yoga for Foodies are both based on really slowing down and being present for the beautiful experience of sharing a meal.


SG: What is your number one rule for happiness?

David: A lot of people think that health is the foundation of happiness,; that you have to have the perfect body and the cleanest diet in order to be happy. But I believe that instead, happiness is the foundation of health. A question I ask a lot of my students is “Are you enjoying your life”. It’s surprising how many people hesitate and really have to think about their answer. YeahDave! is all about enjoying life, by drinking a good glass of wine, a piece of exotic chocolate, and just making peace with yourself.


SG: How are the experiences of food and yoga similar?

David: When I go to a new city and first get off the plane in a new place, I feel ungrounded and it’s often hard to feel connected with the space around me. But then I teach or attend a yoga class, and my soul becomes connected to the people of that new city through the sense of community of yoga, which makes me feel grounded and centered. Yoga, like food, connects us with people we don’t even know; this connection is the magic that unites yoga and food.



SG: What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

David: Thanksgiving, like yoga, is about connecting and supporting your community; may that be friends, family, or fellow yogis. It’s about feeling grateful for your life, and also assessing areas in our lives that aren’t as fulfilling, and asking each other how we can support one another and help each other get to a place of peace and fulfillment. And of course, Thanksgiving is about sharing good food with the people you love.


SG: What’s next for YeahDave!?

David: Today through Friday, Elena Bower and I will be hosting a Feast of Gratitude meditation workshop on Positively Positive. Each day we will explore a different facet of gratitude through simple meditation, which is perfect for this time of year.

Check out David’s Feast of Gratitude meditations here


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